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Universes Created

Time Travel in the Old West

Two modern day civilians time travel to the time of the old west. At first everything seems as if everything went according to plan. Soon they find out they're trapped in the old west with no way of getting home.

Our Deadly Little Secrets

Wealth. Murder. Betrayal. What it all boils down to is, who had the guts to murder the wife to the wealthiest man in the southern states?

Welcome to South Beach

You have been accepted into South Beach College. You're able to experience the thrill of being in college, attending the famous college parties, and even have the luxury of being walking distance from the beach. The school is also haunted, be warned.

Journey to Adulthood

Everyone lives in this apartment building together. Some older, some just starting their journey of adulthood. Will you be able to get along with everyone?

We're As Real As Can Be

The place where all fairy tales, myths, and legends are real and live out their lives. Who will you be in this world?

Chernobyl Trip

A couple groups of friends decided to take a trip to Chernobyl, lead by an extreme tour guide. But what happens when the tour guide suddenly disappears?

EiraKitten's Litterbox

My thoughts and ideas. Yes, it's another storage.

Hembrook Academy for Twins

Your parents sent you to this school for various different reasons. Be it to get rid of you or because you wanted to be here. Welcome to the exclusive academy for twins.

Memory Loss and Strangers

An abandoned island, strangers, and no memory as to how you arrived or who you are. Who can you trust?

Forever Charmed

New Charmed Ones have come into town and are now living in the Halliwell's manor. The Triad is back and more powerful than ever.

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