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Batman: Gotham in Ruins Open

All the Villains have escaped Arkham, formed a group of Criminals, and left Gotham in ruins. Civilians are now desperately trying to escape the city, but when they try, they are murdered. The remaining are part of a rebellion to overthrow the Criminals.

An Ancient Danger in the Near Future Open

It is 2019. The world has evolved. Security is stronger, weapons are more advanced, and the Police and Military have taken down every threat that has arisen within the past five years. Except this one. CLOSED

Transformers: The Ruins of Cybertron Open

A few Humans and Robot have traveled back to Cybertron, only to find, they are not alone.

Intertwining Dimensions Open

You choose one character from any video game and you play as them.

A New Generation Open

We, are a new generation of Takers. We steal, we take, and we don't take no for an answer. CLOSED

Assassin's Creed: The Decendants Open

It is 2012 and the Templars once again are threatening the Assassins order.

Wars Open

They call it war. But for me, its sadness. Some call it war. But for me, its a choice.

Heaven and Hell Open

Heaven and Hell have been at war for many years. Lucifer and the Lord have bickered. Angels and Demons have fought. But no matter how much they fight or bicker, the war must go on. But now the two sides have recruited the humans.

Brink Open

The Resistance against the Police force. Get ready. Fanfic.

California Open

A group of teenagers rent out a house on a beach in California for the summer.