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fading-into-eternity » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by fading-into-eternity as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Julian Syms

Julian Syms, located in Alke

as part of Titans of Alke: Blood and Steel

"I'm not looking for approval, I'm looking for respect."

Character Portrait: Andreus Zervas

Andreus Zervas, located in Atlantis

as part of Beyond The Sea

"My own past haunts me, so I live with the pasts and memories of others instead."

Character Portrait: Mingxia Lai

Mingxia Lai, located in The Avatar World

as part of Avatar : A New Beginning

"I am and always will be a soldier, I just need to find my fight."

Character Portrait: Aenella Drumei

Aenella Drumei, located in Kassina

as part of The Call of Destiny

"Since when did we allow evil to become stronger than us?"

Character Portrait: Dantae Magdaleno

Dantae Magdaleno, located in The Kingdom

as part of Denouement

"I will work and stand tall until the day I can care for others and we can live out our lives in safety."

Character Portrait: Miriam Hale

Miriam Hale, located in New Orleans, Louisiana

as part of Bloodshed Within The French Quarter

"We were born to be real, not perfect."

Character Portrait: Meira Drakkar

Meira Drakkar, located in Valiesa

as part of Winter's Bounty

"I will go anywhere as long as it is forward."

Character Portrait: Talia Iwamoto

Talia Iwamoto, located in New East

as part of On the Wings of Change

"I promise that if all else fails, I will always try again."

Character Portrait: Caspian

Caspian, located in Neverland

as part of The Fall of Neverland

[wip] "Constant are the waves that crash against the rocks, constant are my actions to protect them."

Character Portrait: Anita Kapoor

Anita Kapoor, located in Magdalena Academy

as part of Modern Magic and Martinets

"To change the world we must first change ourselves."

Character Portrait: Liliana Newman

Liliana Newman, located in Platinum Manor

as part of Platinum Night

"Change will come no matter what, accept it, or die resisting."

Character Portrait: Charlotte Arkell

Charlotte Arkell, located in New York

as part of The Cold Apocaylpse

"You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself."

Character Portrait: Dmitri

Dmitri, located in "Infinity"

as part of The Infinity Realm


Character Portrait: Noah Lennox

Noah Lennox, located in The Grand Collective

as part of The Grand Collective

"I'm all for being grand, but I don't think this qualifies as a collective."

Character Portrait: Weston Hall

Weston Hall, located in Caciedon

as part of The Poison Jewel

"I may not be the most courageous person, but I can take you anywhere you want to go."

Character Portrait: Nanette "Nan" Williamson

Nanette "Nan" Williamson, located in Canada

as part of The Promise Land

I can't guarantee anything, but I'll do what I can.

Character Portrait: Circe Hammond

Circe Hammond, located in Zevir

as part of GeNeSis: Resurrection of the Legend.

"It will shock you to know that all lightning is mine... literally."

Character Portrait: Arcana Smith

Arcana Smith, located in Linbooru

as part of Black light, White shadow

The world is a strange, busy place. I prefer the world of imagination.

Character Portrait: Scarlet Lozier

Scarlet Lozier, located in A fictional kingdom set in the 1800s

as part of The Madness of Count Nox

"If you die the world will certainly continue to turn."

Character Portrait: Benjamin Conway

Benjamin Conway, located in Kolbs Academy For The Unique

as part of Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique'

"I suppose that life will never be simple."

Character Portrait: Juliette Schwartz

Juliette Schwartz, located in Isle of Ilyamorra

as part of The Cursed Isles of Ilyamorra

"Life is at it's best when it is like water, shaping to the place that it is put in."

Character Portrait: Christian and Lydia Sowles

Christian and Lydia Sowles, located in Earth

as part of The Association

The Generals

Character Portrait: Akari Knox

Akari Knox, located in Wyvern Island

as part of Rise of Courage

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

Character Portrait: Choi Jae-Hyun

Choi Jae-Hyun, located in Caeleste Mansion

as part of Our Time at Caeleste

"I'm just trying to live my own way."

Character Portrait: Character Outline

Character Outline, located in My Mind

as part of My Idea Jar

WIP character for any rp

Character Portrait: Aryā Cole

Aryā Cole, located in Nominum

as part of From the Depths of Lore

"There is no way for me to ever forget."

Character Portrait: Cecil Fuller

Cecil Fuller, located in Cafeteria

as part of A&D Academy

"I have survived the impossible, do not test me."

Character Portrait: Vera Colton

Vera Colton, located in Kharamunz

as part of The Protectors of Kharamunz

"To move on from the past it is essential to help others achieve their own futures."

Character Portrait: Elisheva Vitalievna

Elisheva Vitalievna, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of Remember Me For Centuries

"No one really cares until something dramatic happens."