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Pokemon: Legacies Open

Some of the best trainers from around the globe are called to a collection of private islands to relax and battle each other. Here you can meet rivals, friends, and more.

Digimon: War Of Light & Darkness Open

Six heroes and one great evil, will the darkness consume heroes it has got it hands on or will Light shine through

PokeMages: A world of Magic and Pokemon Open

In this world Pokemon are a Mage's Familiars. With their magic and style of battle heavy influenced on the Pokemon they choose, each Mage will learn to master their power at the Arceian School of Magic.

Pokemon: Champion's Island Open

The Greastest Masters and Coordinators are called to mysterious island

Welcome To Aria Open

Aria is collection of flowing islands far above to now savage and almost inhabitable ground. Many People live on these nearly 200 floating islands, with many stories to tell. What is Yours?

Bleach: Vaizard Divisions Closed

An alternate Bleach Universe. In this universe the Gotei 13 accepted the idea of Hollowification and even began to use it to strengthen the Shinigami. The rp will be character driven and the plot with be open until one is established by the players.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Rp: The XX Generation Closed

A Reborn Rp that takes place in the far future with the 20th Vongola boss position is up for grabs.