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holothewisewolf » Universes

RWBY: a new threat Open

It seems that somebody has been stirring up trouble between the kingdoms. Unfortunately we don't know who it is yet but we do know that they are incredibly difficult to beat. They've assembled quite the group of unlikable characters.

Fairy Tale: The new guild. Open

Rumors have spring up of a aspiring new guild that seems similar to fairy tale in how it treats it's members. They have been rising fast but keeping it off trouble until one day a few other guilds began to notice their fast ascent.

Pokemon: a new region Open

A group of trainers have been assembled to make a new region. The area will contain new gyms yet to gain leaders but most of all new adventures.

Naruto: Another World Open

Years after the events of the anime when the original characters have all died a new generation of shinobi rise to protect their very way of life. However new life always has a cost the question is, Who's paying?

Sharpened Shadows and Broken Lives part 1 Open

Are you a holder of the Ka'kari or are you trying to steal one away. death finds those who move and think slow so lets see what your fate is.

Heroes Of Hyrule Part One: Finding a hero Open

Hyrule is falling into a period of darkness and only you can help find a hero to save it.

ODST: The lost squad Open

Will you survive the surface?

The lost days Closed

Two young people meet in college and things just sorta take off.

Ceyea: Blackfile Open

The mission is classified.

Dead Space Survival Open

In the year 2512 three years after the comms failure on the USG Ishimura. A team uncovers another marker and as is the marker's main goal it starts to try for convergence.

Fallout the last delivery. Open

Private only me and miyer.

The NAGT National Academy for Gifted Teens Open

The world is full of those with special abilities and lives and as a result they slowly started to vanish. But it was only due to the fact that they were sent to a school for heroes. A place that trained the likes of robin hood and Alexander the great.

Sword Art Unlimited Open

The madness has begun again just as it began the helmets had a backup function to remove fluke wins. As you began to wake up you feel a slight shock before you're down again back in the game you had worked hard to escape and you're back where you started.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Squad Seven Open

You are all at level two clearance until a woman with level 9 clearance puts you into her team then clearance slowly flies out the window.

Willows And Rollens Open

This is a private rp between me and a friend.

The land of Riders. Open

After many centuries of fighting and battle somebody built a team to keep the peace.

Camp Halfblood Open

The gods are again being deceived into a near war while forces are plotting the fall of Olympus behind the scenes.

Land of the gods. Open

You have many gifts to your faithful companions.

Children of the Sun Open

Django was the original solar boy but since the power of the Immortals is increasing they had a large number of solar children and Gun Del Sol's made.

Pokemon:Beginings Open

It's your RP you decide.

Naruto: Forgotten days of restlessness Open

They tried to destroy the Jinchuriki but in stead they sparked another ninja war and plenty of forces are at play.

The FoxHound :Chapter One Assembly Open

A whole 25 years after the fall of Liquid and Solid Snake Big Boss is dead and the world again needs saving though war was a thing of the past five extraordinary soldiers will follow in Snake's footsteps.

Project Icarus Open

humanity has made a large space colony and used it to save itself from extinction. However life in space has put out some minor mutations that non-mutants are afraid of.

The wild side of town Open

A gang may run the street but there are some that they don't intimidate.

Halo: UNSC Poseidon Open

The UNSC Poseidon was on a routine trip far behind enemy lines when they were forced to crash land their infinity class war ship on a flood world near instillation 2.

Faction's before Blood Open

Wars have come and gone but our factions stand strong.

Resident Evil: devastation Open

Years after the Raccoon city incident a city was infected and a couple of B.O.W's took control of the city causing a group of survivors to fight their way out while Neo Umbrella races to get their cure out of the city.

Soul Eater: Consumed Open

years after the events of soul eater the characters grandchildren must face a group of witches from helping a particular young boy from using his magic on the DWMA many think the DWMA should destroy the boy but the choice is yours if you can find him.

Full Metal Alchemist: Part 1 Wolf's Alchemy. Open

Years after the death of Alphonse and Edward Elric died a new Alchemist stirs up issues against some Homunculus.

Spice and Wolf 2: Part 1 Reunions and Ruin Open

after the events of spice and wolf

Haven Mental Institution Open

A mental institution for the gifted.

Lies Exposed Open

Hi Silver

Dragon Ball another universe. Open

In another universe more sayians survived the planet's destruction and spread out running far and wide from frieza's wrath.

Underworld: Destruction Open

This was what happened during the second purge.

Can You Survive? Open

Meteors hit the earth destroying everything or so most thought but some survived some soldiers but not all is as it was well you'll see.

Lands of Zenoria Open

In the Lands of Zenoria many fates await inhabitants some death others love the fate is yours find it. [Private Roleplay]

Who's number one? Open

Much to all of their confusion many characters you create want their own game and find out to get it they must be number one on a list of killers, Cons, and assassins.

Megaman: Net Navi destruction. Open

Years after Lan and Lan's son have passed away The WWW navis have returned to finish what their masters started by using Cross fusion.

Naruto: Another story Open

Generations after Naruto Sippuden a new generation of ninja has the tailed demons locked inside them and the new ninjas are in for a rude Awakening as Another War is brewing a Squad fresh out of the Academy must try to stop it.

Kingdom Hearts: Drowning in darkness Open

Slowly the light in peoples hearts started to go out without explanation and another keyblade war is brewing.

Fallout Survival Open

you have been hired by a man to investigate some strange areas those areas are the following: Dunwitch building DC Sierra Madre Nevada point lookout Maryland and finally Alaska.

rebelion of Zenerack (Private Roleplay) Open

in a town there was a riot the local military destroyed the town's population but blamed the neighboring town a town that had never even seen a weapon in years the massacre sparked a rebelion.

Spice and Wolf 2 Open

after being returned home by Lawrence Horo was later kidnapped by slave traders and sold at a a local pagan town to a traveling merchant.

Underworld:Destruction Open

Taking place during the time Selene was frozen and the second purge was occuring.

Rebels of Zerox Open

In a world of creatures with humanity fighting for dominance over the other intelligent races but a rebel army known as the シャドウファング A.K.A the Shadow Fang.

The 105th Hunger Games Open

Though the rules now require four tributes per district due to the riot in district 11 all must offer up four tributes per year two boys and two girls however a couple from the same district can win or not.

Halo battle for harvest Open

At harvest many were lost but remembered they are and remain.

Star fox: War renewed Open

It seems Andross has returned again but this time with big guns

The Fraternity Open

it's a fraternity for killers who curve bullets and kill those fate wants dead that's right we're back.

Pokemon: A new journey Open

we are now following the journey of trainers from Altomare city home to Latios and Latias

Liota Land of Demons Open

Many villages are plagued by demons and monsters so groups of highly trained warriors commonly called "prayers" because of the seriousness of the combat they participate in is so dangerous and because they are the answer to many prayers.

Pokemon:Dangers arise Closed

"A large group of legendary pokemon have begun disappearing and new trainers must begin their journeys into the dangerous world of pokemon."

Dragon ball: Your story Open

When Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr are adults a group of pure blood saiyans arrive this is their story

Code Lyoko: trouble rebooted Open

Code Lyoko is back online and someone needs to shut it down again

Halo: First strike Open

The Covenant have just made the first attack on the Amanda spark a UNSC Halcyon-class light cruiser that has two teams of spartans wolf alpha and hawk beta you are assigned to one.

Naruto: Your Destiny Open

Read introduction for details

Kuzue and Zephej's private place. Closed

Adult me and tonks's private rp.

Avatar: One Hundred Years of Pain Open

you live during the time when Aang was missing.


what if every relationship was like scott's in the evil ex type of way you know

Battle for the damned Open

You are a mythical being fighting either for or against mankind what side your on you choose.

holos return Open

a spice and wolf spinoff