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【”If anyone asks, I’m blaming the Wrath Demon”】
【Main Room】

While Vivian had truly enjoyed learning more about her mother, once Bezabelle came around, all her attention was stolen away.
“Be back in a while, my dear” said her adorable girlfriend, and Viv looked after her longingly as she walked away. She heard Ino chuckle and quickly looked back at him, but really, he wasn’t that interesting anymore. Bez’s gentle hands, and her soft kisses were…

Distracted, she didn’t really care when Ino stopped talking, seizing her chance to go look for Bez again. Plus, the wrath demon was hanging around, and she wasn’t sure she liked that very much.

Unfortunately, Ino had distracted her from seeing where Bez had gone. She checked the bedrooms, but not finding her there, Vivian ended up in her own room, laying down on the bed with a soft sigh.

It had barely been a day, but boredom was already setting in. She hadn’t brought along anything for personal entertainment, and though she knew some of the other demons had books, Viv wasn’t much of a reader. In her flowing dresses, she couldn’t really work out either – at least, until she truly stopped giving a fuck. Absently, she sat up again and tried to open a portal before her. She knew it was futile, but it still made her heart sink when nothing at all happened.

Portals had been Viv’s escape since she’d been a young girl. They were a deeply innate ability, and as a child, she’d been trained in their use to always get herself home. More determined now, she stood up, running through the steps as though she was a little girl. This time she almost felt something, thought it was to no effect. No portal opened before her.

The demon sat back down on the bed with a deep sigh. It felt wrong to be cut off from a facet of her power, and she’d almost hoped that there’d been an oversight that would allow her to escape. To Viv, portals and Earth had always been about freedom. Did Bezabelle like Earth? They’d met up there, so surely-

It was around this time that she registered the shouting from the main room. Listening closer, she went to the so-called ‘door’, looking out. Ino and Myut stood in the center of the room, holding hands, looking deeply into each others’ eyes. That…was an unexpected development, considering how Myut and Cyr had stared at each other. Maybe Myut was hoping to secure his place through romance? It was risky, but it could work. Not that it was a tactic she’d ever try…

Half-thinking of strategies she could use to ensure her and Bez’s safety, Viv was startled when Eris barrelled out of her room. Shortly, the painting was on the table, paint was spread around it, and the three demons were at work defacing the work of art.

”That’s not a good idea”

The words caught in her throat even as she came closer. Clearly, the trio didn’t care. This was so disrespectful, and under the circumstances, Viv knew she should stop them, but…how?

She was even closer now, and something else was beginning to happen. Viv hadn’t fingerpainted since she was a child, and…now, bored and stressed, she was abruptly missing it, badly.

”Can…can I join?” her voice seemed to surprise her, from the little way she flinched, standing a little straighter.

”Heck yeah,” said Eris, while Myut smiled and nodded, helping her feel more comfortable. Ino looked up with a small smile, apparently deeply invested in what he was doing to the Prince’s face.

With permission secured, she sat down in one of the chairs. Maybe, if she was careful, and didn’t do anything bad, this wouldn’t reflect badly on her. She cast about for inspiration and settled on the Princess’s face.

The Princess was a beautiful woman, her golden hair cascading over her shoulder. Viv stared at it for a while, then at the colours they had. Slowly, then with more gusto, she began to add yellow fingerprints, when decorating around them with colourful fingerprint petals. As she got more into it, she even experimented with different floral designs. It was no masterpiece, but the flowery crown she was constructing for the painted woman was certainly more respectful than the mustache and snake being painted on Abadeer.

She had her own thoughts on that, but she also didn’t feel like questioning the vindictive glee in Ino’s eyes.