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Im an absoulute anime maniac and i love to draw aswell i've been rp'ing in many different online rp's for about 4 or 5 years now and i would like to hope this site will help me get better :P
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Completed Stories

Beasts of Burden Completed

(COMPLETED) Patients at OKARI mental hospitals have been used for medical experiments for decades. A new study has been conducting which infuses a human's DNA with an animal's. However the experiment took turns for the worse when the patients escaped.

Universes Created

Camp half blood:New life

Its been over 50 years since the demigods have left camp half blood, percy died on a mission and new children are being born from the gods what can go wrong? (Need the son of Poseidon and Zeus XD)

The Dragon within

When you thought being in highschool was enough with school work and trying to be popular. It turns out your one of those dragon kids, a kid that has a dragon soul inside him.

Teenage assassin

When you find out your not who you think you are and end up being shipped across country what are you going to do? (Two guys needed :P)

Love between Light and Dark.

Private Rp between Myself and LordItsuki. Unless you have my permission to join.

The Assassins In us.

A group of teenagers find out they have been lied to there whole lives, they find out they had been involved in some genetic trials when they were younger to create the worlds best assassins.

Is it meant to be?

two sets of siblings pair of girl sibling and pair of boy siblings belong to a music industry and have been rivals for most of their life but now everything is going to change (read inside for more details)

The Supernatural Me

(Can't really explain it so if intrested look inside)

Glendan Academy

In a post-apocalyptic polluted earth overrun with mutated beasts called Filth Monsters, humanity is forced to live in fear, and learn to use weapons called DITE and harnessing the power of Kei to defend themselves.

The Adventure of our life

(Title may be misleading) "Meeting the stupid girl today. At this stupid school! How i hate it all!"

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