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Final Destination: The Wings of Chaos Open

The rules of death are changed after an intervention, not because people were rescued from a mass freak accident... but because someone else died when someone was saved. More people are endangered as they try to save themselves.

The Darkling Open

A vigilante goes on a self-destructive pursuit of "justice" that incites a war between himself, gangs, the law, and the people of New York. Those who know him try to help him before he falls too far from sanity.

Red Dead Retribution Open

Set in 1896, the story revolves around a group of various individuals going after a high bounty gang in El Paso, each for their own reasons. Based on the "Red Dead" game series from Rockstar.

Red Dead Revelations Open

Based on the "Red Dead" series by Rockstar Games, the RP will focus on various individuals during 1896 as they all search for a band of wanted killers for their own reasons.

Blood of Revelations Open

A group of survivors fight against incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins to prevent the world from falling into the total darkness and destruction of the Apocalypse. Fight for the people, yourself, or God.

The Warriors Open

Based on the movie "The Warriors," a New York gang must make it back to their turf on Coney Island while on the run from every gang and cop after being framed for the murder of a zealot.

Nothing to Fear... Open

A roleplay that focuses on the psychological aspects when faced by problems that comes with regression. Imagine psychological Saw.