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14 Feb 2007
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dungeons and dragons
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Completed Stories

Glee Completed

Finn and the others have graduated and now Will Schuester needs a new team for his glee club

Universes Created


the goddess of nature and two gods are fighting its up to the half bloods to bring peace

digimon digitl monsters

the first seven digidestined have moved on with their live and now seven new kids must take their place

Cause of Death

In the city of San Francisco Agent Natara Williams and Mal Fallon must work together to help cleanse the city from Genevieve Collin's children, but this time they have the help of a new profiler and a new detective can they stop these children?

Demi-gods: Another summer at Camp Half Blood

welcome to camp half blood here you will learn how to survive as a demigod

Crime Scene Investigation: A new Team

so many murders happen in the streets of las vegas and the crime lab needs some new blood to handle it all

Teen Heroes

a great evil has risen to destroy the world now you must work together and fight against people you've never met to take it down

Mutiny Aboard The Wormwood

you have been captured by the infamous pirate captain Flint Harrigan and are now being forced to be a slave on his ship, until he deems you and your fellow captives worthy to be of being offical crew members

The Olympians: the next generation

camp Half Blood is gone and in it's place is an orphanage where the heroes train

Glee -after high school-

this takes place after my previous roleplay you dont need to have been in it to play

True Blood 2

The prince of the Vampire realm has moved to the human world in an attempt to end fighting between hunters and vampires but what if that prince fell in love with the daughter of the hunter leader.

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