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jericho193 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by jericho193 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Revan Steele

Revan Steele, located in Earth

as part of Dawn of the Ancients: The Awakening

Id rather work in the desert

Character Portrait: Jack Dukes

Jack Dukes, located in Post Apocalyptic Earth

as part of The Uninfected: Reboot

"Shoot first, ask later!"

Character Portrait: Jaya "The Bogeyman"Perang

Jaya "The Bogeyman"Perang, located in Nassau, and the Surrounding Waters

as part of By Blood or By Gold: Pirates of Nassau

"I am no child's tale, I am the real nightmare."

Character Portrait: Kai Rainwalker

Kai Rainwalker, located in Laurea, New York

as part of Laurel

"Maybe I'll learn something here"

Character Portrait: Jaxon Knight

Jaxon Knight, located in Newton City, USA

as part of The Hunted Ones

Take a chill pill

Character Portrait: Justice Lyons

Justice Lyons, located in 372 training facility

as part of Division 372

"Just put me in the field!"

Character Portrait: Revan Steele

Revan Steele, located in Miami, Florida

as part of Rise of the Night

I've always wanted to party in Mexico

Character Portrait: Jarek Hunt

Jarek Hunt, located in District of Columbia, VA

as part of The Humanly

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

Character Portrait: Art Cortez

Art Cortez, located in Uknown Island, Bermuda Triangle

as part of Bermuda Triangle

"Back to the whole fighting for survival thing"

Character Portrait: Jason Umbra

Jason Umbra, located in International

as part of Hit List

Spectre || The Elite Spy

Character Portrait: Leo Eternali

Leo Eternali, located in Earth

as part of The Heirs

"Molon Labe" -King Leonidas I

Character Portrait: Jack Dukes

Jack Dukes, located in Post apocalyptic Earth

as part of The Uninfected

Former Army Ranger

Character Portrait: Adam Bestia

Adam Bestia, located in Crimson Grove

as part of As Real As Can Be

"I'd suggest you leave."

Character Portrait: Casssius Knight

Casssius Knight, located in New Cresthill

as part of New Cresthill

"Sometimes all the world needs is another monster."

Character Portrait: Jeremiah Storms

Jeremiah Storms, located in Emperia City

as part of The Catalysts

Knock Knock! Payment Due!

Character Portrait: Jarek Blood

Jarek Blood, located in Untied States Of America

as part of A War Unspoken For

"Fight back or die trying."

Character Portrait: Jericho Winters

Jericho Winters, located in Modern-day zombie apocalypse.

as part of Dead Morning America

" I don't have time to bleed."

Character Portrait: Jagger Steele

Jagger Steele, located in Sycott

as part of When the War Began

Well there goes the neighborhood

Character Portrait: Jag Lyons

Jag Lyons, located in The House, Miami, Florida

as part of Never Have I Ever

Life is too short to be normal

Character Portrait: Johnanthan Connor

Johnanthan Connor, located in Antarctica

as part of Exposure: The Hunt

2x2 then subtract 25 then multipy it by 57.2..... Eh screw it! This is what C4 is made for!

Character Portrait: Jarek Antilles

Jarek Antilles, located in Bellingstone, PA

as part of Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

"Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do." (WIP)

Character Portrait: Revan Ordo

Revan Ordo, located in The Milky Way Galaxy

as part of One Small Lightyear....

"Why can't women be like guns? At least you can put a silencer on a gun!" WIP

Character Portrait: Revan Steele

Revan Steele, located in Obsidian

as part of Rise of the Night: The Awakening

Once more into the breech...

Character Portrait: Jack Cassius

Jack Cassius, located in Metro City

as part of EIDOLON

"Running from the past won't fix anything, it just holds you down"

Character Portrait: Jack Yeager

Jack Yeager, located in Appalachian Mountains

as part of Before Dusk Breaks

"What in the Sam Hill have I gotten myself into?" (WIP)

Character Portrait: The Storm Syndicate

The Storm Syndicate, located in The Galaxy

as part of The resource war

"Deep Space is where the money is" *WIP*

Character Portrait: Cassius Priest

Cassius Priest, located in Maylen

as part of Their Little Secret

Somebody needs to watch over this town

Character Portrait: Lt. Jack Steele

Lt. Jack Steele, located in Mass Effect Milky Way

as part of Mass Effect: Fear

N7 Delta Force Commando

Character Portrait: John Reaper

John Reaper, located in The Milky Way

as part of Contractors

"Freedom isnt free"

Character Portrait: John Storms

John Storms, located in Siberia

as part of Into Darkness

Damn varmints...

Character Portrait: John Storms

John Storms, located in The Iron Keep

as part of Into the Darkness

I'm gonna kill all them varmints

Character Portrait: Siegfried Schtauffen

Siegfried Schtauffen, located in The Island

as part of Bermuda Island

To live... That is my redemption

Character Portrait: Captain Scott Mitchell

Captain Scott Mitchell, located in Fusion World

as part of Video Games: When Worlds Collide

Just a simple man fighting for the good ole USA, but this isn't Ohio anymore...

Character Portrait: Jericho Blaze

Jericho Blaze, located in The Universe

as part of Heaven and Hell

A Special Forces soldier who fights for the forces of light.

Character Portrait: Jericho Yaegers

Jericho Yaegers, located in Vorsak

as part of Distant Evil

The odd man out... Can he keep up?

Character Portrait: Jarek Winters

Jarek Winters, located in Terra Nova

as part of Terra Nova: Nightfall

After years of searching he's finally found home

Character Portrait: Jag Ahadiel

Jag Ahadiel, located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada

as part of Dofrey Asylum

Why can't I just burn?

Character Portrait: Jager Kaiser

Jager Kaiser, located in Shivik

as part of Scarkim

Fire not only destroys but it can also create.

Character Portrait: Jack Arthur Sentry

Jack Arthur Sentry, located in Future USA

as part of Project Zero: New Beginnings

"This country used to stand for equality, Im just fighting to get it back."

Character Portrait: Jericho C. Lyons

Jericho C. Lyons, located in Post apocalyptic future

as part of The 5th of November

Merc that comes home to find almost nothing left

Character Portrait: Leo Caliber

Leo Caliber, located in Etlaris

as part of The Heirs of The Sorceress

Allow me to introduce myself

Character Portrait: Art Leon

Art Leon, located in Eagle Bend

as part of The Magnificent Seven

"Revenge will be the death of me... Ok, well actually the death of them.."

Character Portrait: Jack "Frost" Winters

Jack "Frost" Winters, located in New York's State Mall

as part of Halley's Virus

Leave it to the Russians to create an epidemic...

Character Portrait: Bane Ragnos

Bane Ragnos, located in The World

as part of Agents of C.P.I.A

"Haven't had my pint of blood today..."