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World of Nexus Closed

Nexus, a planet that was settled only several hundred years ago, filled with species of all kinds, and a strange stone. Originally owned by Earth until the settlers cut the home planet off, and began surviving on their own. (in progress of being created)

Aftermath - Future Years Closed

After Earth was destroyed, most of the human race managed to escape...though it seems that for some, it would have been better to be left for dead instead of stuck in the empty, lifeless space.

Pokémon Gijinka: Dallea Region Closed

Pokémon Gijinka had been myths, made up, stories told to children before bed; no one had ever believed they were real...but there is always some truth inside a legend.

Fire Horizon's Void of Creativity Closed

Basically, just a place where I try out character skeletons, formats for different things, etc. Testing grounds, I guess. Yep, thanks.

The Awakening: A New Generation Closed

Welcome to Furushira Academy, a school built only two decades ago, inside Japan. What makes this place so special, you ask? Well, that would be the unnatural abilities of the students and staff!

Vīvere Open

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