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I like cookies? Roleplaying? Yaoi? Heh.... >w> Stalking your Mom.
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Universes Created

The Monster High Teacher Alliance

Monster teachers making an alliance to plan for next years classes. But romance and friendship cover the teachers as they get to know one another.(NO MORE GIRLS ONLY GUYS FOR THE REST OF THE PEOPLE! Also its only anime.)

The Demon War : Take Two!

The time is here for all the female demons to fight for happiness! Will true love end this deadly war? Or will all the female demons be wiped out and one remaining?

Stranded on the Unknown

Im stranded on a odd island? Whats next big mythical creatures trying to eat me?! Oh...... Then what? (SURVIVAL) (anime only)

The Legendary Warriors

Will the Legendary warriors be able to defeat the mysterious dark creature before she takes their Kingdom of Light? Time is ticking and death awaits.

The Party Kidnapping

You and a friend are kidnapped.

The Kaoki High Hostess Club

A twist of the Ouran Host Club. You will be female hostesses, comforting the guys with all their needs. There are guy spots as well. Take a look at the at the roles. Their may be new love and new enemies. Find now! (NO SPOTS LEFT!)

A Neko's Dream

Seven male and female neko's are invited on a vacation in Hawaii. They are all from Japan so things are a bit different for them. The neko's don't know each other at all. So romance and friendship may happen. :)

Fujymoko Academy:Our Other Form

In this rich academy there are a group of kids in a special group. They all have secret powers. They just say a few words *poof* They are in a totally different form. These forms have different everything. Looks, personality,so on. What drama will await?

The New Angel Academy!

A.A (Angel academy) Is a School for young angels. God's top angel decided to make an academy for young kids that have died. So they can have the life they haven't had yet. The angels are now teens and the top angel decided to make a high school for them.

Summer is Here: Summer Love

Summer is here for the high school students and they want to party and have fun. A group of high schoolers go to a mysterious party and meet up with other teenagers and friendship may show up. Even love. But something is weird about these people.

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