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kathrin » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by kathrin as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Chase

Chase, located in Temana

as part of Deathwing

I don't bite...hehehe, what am i saying?

Character Portrait: Derek / Ian Crown

Derek / Ian Crown, located in London, England

as part of Jekyll and Hyde

Good: " The fear is only in your mind" Bad: " You like me? Good. You don't like me? Go to hell!

Character Portrait: Meredith Bloom

Meredith Bloom, located in The Observatory

as part of The Observatory

"I'm not insane, just too tired to think..."

Character Portrait: Jennifer Marcellus

Jennifer Marcellus, located in Remedy Prison

as part of Penalty

I'm not a criminal, am I?

Character Portrait: Kathryn Kish Vellareen

Kathryn Kish Vellareen, located in Insane Asylum

as part of Caroline's Mansion

???everyone is against me.And this world is the same...???

Character Portrait: Anne Rucks

Anne Rucks, located in Mill Wood Insane Asylum

as part of Mill Wood Insane Asylum

"I can make you to do crazy things,so don't annoy me to much!"

Character Portrait: Kira Becks

Kira Becks, located in Demon valley

as part of Dragon Hunters of the Demon Valley St.

"You can't forget me.It is a rule."

Character Portrait: Alexander Luna

Alexander Luna, located in Foxcroft

as part of Mannequin Factory

I'm not a bad boy...or i am?

Character Portrait: Damien Tucker Luna

Damien Tucker Luna, located in Hainius

as part of Marked: For Better or for Worse

???They say that the full moon makes everyone a little crazy...But it is not available for me...

Character Portrait: Allyson Alliotto

Allyson Alliotto, located in Château De Amour

as part of And Without Love?

"I am waiting for someone special, someone like you

Character Portrait: Kathryn Mayer

Kathryn Mayer, located in Bullworth Academy

as part of High School Never Ends: Semester1: Fall

”If you are one of these freaks, you should dissapear.Fast.”

Character Portrait: Ian Crown

Ian Crown, located in Tardis

as part of The Children of the Tardis

”I am not scared of death...”

Character Portrait: Kathrin Cannon

Kathrin Cannon, located in Stone Gate, New York

as part of Revenge, Sweet Revenge: Reborn

”I feel different..Is this just because I am dead??

Character Portrait: Meredith Fermond

Meredith Fermond, located in Limbo

as part of Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

"I'm dead? That's weird, but interesting as well..

Character Portrait: Shadow Graves

Shadow Graves, located in Silverstream Village

as part of Odd Werewolves

???This life it is not so do what you want.???

Character Portrait: Kathryn Graves

Kathryn Graves, located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada

as part of Dofrey Asylum: Handed Over

I am just a memory...( i will uptade her later..)

Character Portrait: Allyson Aliotto( I will finish her later)

Allyson Aliotto( I will finish her later), located in Fort Covevale

as part of Let Me Love You.

"The distance made us just friends.I am affraid to approached again..."-girl 3;

Character Portrait: "Kish" Kathrin Verluna

"Kish" Kathrin Verluna, located in Geraldine Manor

as part of Immortality

"I am an animal, but I am not heartless.Can you like me for who I really am?"

Character Portrait: Jack Freen

Jack Freen, located in Warped Tour.

as part of Lies & Alibis

”Even if its just a bet, something changed...

Character Portrait: Kish Kitsune

Kish Kitsune, located in New York City, 2019

as part of The Zeals

”If I am supposed to die, I will do that with style.”

Character Portrait: Ariana Beveckel

Ariana Beveckel, located in Camelot

as part of What Sorcery Is This?!

"Maybe I am bad, but i still have a heart..."

Character Portrait: Aiden Graves

Aiden Graves, located in U.S in 2193

as part of Fate's Games

”I am not insane, just to tired to think..”

Character Portrait: Ashley Graves

Ashley Graves, located in Los Angeles, California

as part of Skins: The Party Never Dies

"I am not lazy to think..., Hehe!

Character Portrait: Ashley Pride

Ashley Pride, located in Majique Island

as part of Deadly Sins

”Well, let.s face it.I am a freak.Can you still like me?

Character Portrait: Michelle Mackibee

Michelle Mackibee, located in A town in Wisconsin

as part of Restoration Project

???I am drowning in my own fears???

Character Portrait: Ian Bloom

Ian Bloom, located in Britain

as part of The Lie

I'm the bad boy, or the skull, so don't bother to fight against me.

Character Portrait: Aiden Silvestry

Aiden Silvestry, located in Antarctica

as part of Exposure: The Hunt

if you are hurt..... don't worry, i'm here!

Character Portrait: Daniela Freedman

Daniela Freedman, located in The Game of Life

as part of Sucked In

I play my life by my rules...

Character Portrait: Jake Bloom

Jake Bloom, located in New Jeresy

as part of A Fork in the Road

The best friend

Character Portrait: Damon Knight

Damon Knight, located in The Earth

as part of I Love You

I am confused...

Character Portrait: Kathrin Crusader

Kathrin Crusader, located in Kylem

as part of Kylem: The Seven Kingdoms

19 years old vampire

Character Portrait: Kathrin Luna

Kathrin Luna, located in torchwood

as part of Mooom! My brothers have fangs!

"It's so hard to keep a secret so big.."

Character Portrait: Kathrin Luna

Kathrin Luna, located in WaterLava School of Misfits

as part of Exspression

she is an attractive wizard, who is very curious.

Character Portrait: Kathrin Luna

Kathrin Luna, located in torchwood camp

as part of The bloody camp

a cute blonde girl

Character Portrait: Kathrin Luna

Kathrin Luna, located in Earth

as part of Conundrum of Chaos

"Humans? I don't like them!"

Character Portrait: Shadow Lodwoock

Shadow Lodwoock, located in Earth

as part of Breaking the Prophecy

Am I good or bad?...

Character Portrait: Liam Bloom

Liam Bloom, located in The Grounds

as part of Save Me: The Forbidden

I'm confused...but i love her so much..

Character Portrait: Meredith Crown

Meredith Crown, located in Arizona Mental Hospital

as part of Slender Man Lives! I am Not Insane!

"I hear things that can kill you.."

Character Portrait: Kathrin Lulabey

Kathrin Lulabey, located in torchwood sanatory

as part of A Death Mistake

an attractive witch, who is very curious;

Character Portrait: Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs, located in The Game of Life

as part of Sucked In


Character Portrait: Meredith Crown

Meredith Crown, located in Training Grounds

as part of Carnes High: Monster School

"Oh, I'm not insane, just to tired to think..."

Character Portrait: Meredith Bloom

Meredith Bloom, located in Buffulo , New York

as part of The Reawakened

"I'm a witch so don't mess with me."

Character Portrait: Liam Doxin

Liam Doxin, located in Tortunga

as part of Notice me... Please...

I'm the boss here, sis!

Character Portrait: Elisabeth Rae

Elisabeth Rae, located in Ontario Mills Mall

as part of MallRats

19| Mallrat.

Character Portrait: Melisa Bloom

Melisa Bloom, located in Tredator

as part of Relocation Program

Oh, why am I here?...

Character Portrait: Damien Redder

Damien Redder, located in The Abandoned City

as part of Darkness Prevails

???If you are a ghost, I will tell you the truth: You have to dissapear...???