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Used to roleplay on this site under the username lizardheartstring, but due to technical problems (or maybe just karma), I had to start fresh and make a new account.

Anyways, hi. I'm Katy, as you probably could have guessed by the username. Contrary to popular belief, I am not actually a ladybug. In fact, I'm just a crazy, ordinary teenage girl with an imagination as big as the Mediterranean Sea, and logic the size of a fly. In other words, life is a movie, and I'm the camera man documenting it all.

I try to find realism in fantasy, hope in desperation, and the tarnished inside of the pure. Writing is just how I go about it.

Besides this site, you can also find me on wattpad, where I like to write stories in my spare time. (Also known as the time I don't have.)
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outfit | #8B008B
I should've known
I'd leave alone
Just goes to show
That the blood you bleed
Is just the blood you owe.
-"No Time to Die," Billie Eilish
Ready for the party, Gemma pressed her finger to the buzzer below Jamie's and waited for a response.
"Yeah?" boomed a gruff voice over the intercom.
"Hey, Jamie Blackburn said you could buzz me in?"
"Oh yeah. Holdup..."

Before Gemma could say 'thank you,' the electrical hum of the unlocked door blared. She quickly stepped through, noticing the world's tiniest elevator in the lobby just to her left. She squeezed herself in and tapped the button to the sixth floor. The ceiling of this particular elevator was one giant mirror. Craning her neck up, Gemma fixed her poker straight hair and smoothed out the fabric of her mesh shirt. Her eye makeup already looked worn-out. The top of her forehead was a little sweaty, too. She couldn't tell if it was from nerves or the humidity outside. Perhaps she'd get a better understanding once she got to Jamie's place.

The elevator dinged.
As soon as the door opened, she was knocked into the brick wall that was a young man's shoulder blade.
"Oh shit! Sorry 'bout that? You alright?" It was the same voice from the intercom.
Gemma rubbed her own shoulder and looked up. The bearded man, who wore a Wu-Tang tee and sported a buzz cut, was scratching the back of his head in anxiety. He had pale blue eyes, a little red around the edges. She could smell the weed on him.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry." Gemma said.

He gave a short laugh. Maybe he thought she was being cute, maybe he was just being polite. As she sifted past him in the elevator, he leaned against the door's opening. He pointed a finger at her, and the corner of his lip tugged upwards.

"I've seen you somewhere before," he said, "you work at that piercing place in St. Marks?"
Before she could shake her head 'no', he spoke again, something dawning on him.
"'re the girl I buzzed in, right?"
"Sounds like it's fuckin' crazy in Jamie's place."
Gemma smiled. "He's thrown ragers since high school."
With this new information, the man's brows lifted. "Well, I haven't known Blackburn since high school, but I did get invited to this rager. Couple of us chillin' at my place, smokin' and shit. Dunno if you're that kinda girl, but if you need a place to hang and get away from the chaos...mi casa es su casa. Goin' to the bodega now, I'll be back. Number 609."
"Thanks," she said, genuinely pleased by the invite. Parties could get draining after a while.

The man moved away from the elevator door and tilted his head up as it closed.
"Name's Stuey," he said.
"Gemma. Nice to meet you."
She waved him goodbye, and he gave a small nod back. He placed his hands in his jean pockets, and Gemma was surprised to see his cheerful expression flatten just before he was out of view. What a scowl. From that face alone, she could guess why he wasn't celebrating at the other apartment. Stuey was a cordial guy, but probably not the type to play along with Jamie's pretentious tastes.

Finally, she arrived. And she noticed a few things from across the room. Soren Bowers, easy to find in any crowd, was standing behind a lavish bar. She'd probably missed his set. Hopefully he'd be playing again...his music was electrifying. Soren lifted a shot glass and clinked it against Quinlan Rothschild's. Well, nothing had changed there. Quinn looked sharp as ever, his hair now an icy blonde color that put Draco Malfoy to shame. Fitting, considering his upbringing.

And there was Khepri, standing between them. The one, the only. Gemma was most nervous to see her again. Khepri wasn't the forgiving or forgetting type, and she was respected because of that. Gemma stared more. Khepri blended in naturally with the scenery around her, like someone inside a painting. It became her. There was something about her velvet dress and poised smile...Gemma felt the need to fix her posture because of it.

She couldn't see Nathan, but she heard about him from the comments around the room...
"Can you believe that guy punched Jamie?"
"Oh my god, what a dick."
"Why the hell was he invited?"
She'd have to hear his side of the story later. If there was anything she'd learned from seven years of documentary filmmaking, it was that no story, not even well-known ones, were ever one-sided. From high school, she'd known Nathan wasn't easily prone to violence. Perhaps Jamie gave a good reason for the punch.

And then she watched a beautiful blonde woman strut over to a bald guy leaning against the nearest wall.
"Hey. You seen the lady bartender?" she asked.
The man shrugged, "I think she went to the bathroom? Saw Jamie go in after her..."

Well, that explained the elaborate bar setup; Erin was here. Not much of a surprise, considering Soren was in attendance. The two had always been tight. Gemma wondered how she was doing. Hopefully Jamie wasn't holding her hair back while she hugged a toilet in the bathroom. Of all the friends she'd made in high school, Erin was the one who crossed her mind most often. She wondered how Kyle's passing would affect her. It had affected Gemma. That night frequently replayed in nightmares. The screaming, the gunshot, the scrambling of teenaged bodies...she couldn't go into her parents' living room without holding her breath. Her own house felt like a graveyard.

Gemma stood in place for a while, unsure where to go, who to talk to. Maybe she'd grab a drink from Soren once Quinn and Khepri were gone. If only Austin had come, she'd have someone to talk to easily. He was good for that, at least. He was charming when he talked to others. She loved watching strangers' faces light up as she talked about his work, how beautiful his fiancee was. Oh, the way he said that word, fiancee, like it was the synonym of addiction. He could dance well, he could put himself together. Austin was the sexiest man alive in a suit. He made her feel like a goddess in front of others. In a way, she loved being his accessory. She loved it when he showed her off. They had so much together...

Gemma sighed. Perhaps she'd decided to abandon him too quickly. She'd let her emotions get the better of her. Maybe she could fix things. Counselling, perhaps? They were madly in love, after all. They were the power couple among their friends. It was only the last three months of their relationship that turned sour. The other four years had been a fairytale. On his best days, Austin was the life of the party. He was a good man. Maybe it was her fault. All relationships are complicated, right? She wasn't an entirely sinless creature herself.

She took her phone out of her pocket, scrolling down the contact list to 'Austin'...

And then a noise. It wasn't clear due to the party music, but Gemma thought she heard a door slam open. Whack! Gasps as people moved away, forming a hole in the center of the room. Inside that hole was Erin, on the ground. Jamie above her. The side of her face was flaring up, like his had before.
"I am tired of your abuse, Jamie. I've had enough. If you ever fucking touch me again, I will finally go to the police. I'm not scared of you anymore."
Not only did she look angry, but distraught. On the verge of tears. What the fuck was going on? Abuse? Gemma knew he wasn't drunk. No...Jamie had been close to sober when she met him outside. People just stared. Sheer quiet, save for the music. Why wasn't anyone doing anything?

"Erin, it was an accident. I swear! I didn't mean to. You have to believe me."

It was an accident.
I didn't mean to.
You have to believe me.

She couldn't believe the words that left his mouth. From Jamie's lips, they stung like poison. It was like watching a videotape. It was like a mirror, and now she could see clearly. It was an accident. I didn't mean to. Austin's words. You have to believe me. His excuses. Gemma didn't like to admit it to herself, but there was a pattern to every beating. A pattern in the pain, and a pattern to every make-up. It was now, in this moment, she was aware of the circle she'd trapped herself in. It was just like Erin's circle. The happy thoughts faded away. The bruises came back. Her blood started boiling, and something inside her woke up.

Gemma pushed through the horde of people, into the empty space. She grabbed Erin's hand and helped her up. "You okay?" she asked. But Erin couldn't hear.

"That's what you said all those other times before too. I'm done listening to your lies. I'm not your toy to continue using until you're bored and tired of it. I've put up with it enough. If you ever, ever come near me again...I swear...You'll regret it."

Erin brushed past her, heading back towards the direction of the bathroom. People were still silent. Some guests even had their phones out, recording the whole shitshow. It was Gemma and Jamie in the circle now. His eyes were starting to water, but she didn't care. Suddenly, she wasn't looking at one of her closest friends from high school. She was looking at a monster.

"G," he mumbled, practically begging, "you have to believe me."

But Gemma didn't blink. "Y'know, you really 'oughta kill yourself for that."

She didn't recoil or look away. It was what her father did whenever he was furious. The more she glared, the more Jamie seemed to crumble in place. She could hear his heart shatter. After many years, the cord of communion between them snapped. He ran off, and Gemma was left in the center of the circle. Some people clapped. Most wore eyes of disapproval.

Reality set in. She tried to ignore everyone's glares. "Erin!" Gemma cried as she chased after her old friend, who looked like she was going to pass out. Before Gemma could reach her, the bathroom door shut in her face. She knocked once. Twice. "Erin?" But she couldn't hear anything from the other side of the door. She kept her head down, avoiding partygoers' gazes. Gemma joined Soren, Quinn and Khepri by the bar, not saying anything to them. She poured herself a heavy glass of vodka, no mixers, and chugged it all down. The alcohol went straight to her brain. Despite the burn in her throat, the numbness was calming. By morning, everyone will forget this ever happened.

Time seemed to slip through Gemma's fingers. She couldn't tell if it was from the anxiety or the alcohol or both. She spent a solid ten minutes standing alone against a wall. It was all so hard to process. How long had Jamie been hurting Erin? Did Soren know? Did anyone else in the old group know? Why hadn't they said anything? The room felt less claustrophobic as people stopped staring at her like a witch to burn and got back to the party, albeit awkwardly. Gemma watched a group of college-aged girls shake their heads and leave; there'd been enough violence for the night. She saw Erin and Soren bolt through the front door soon after. Maybe this party was meant to be over as soon it started. In fact, maybe this party was never meant to happen in the first place.

Discreetly, Gemma walked over to the door and turned the knob. As soon as she could leave herself, a blood-curdling scream shot through the apartment. "Help! Someone call an ambulance!"

Was that Camilla? Yes - there she was, on the other side of the room. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Gemma jogged over to the hallway where she stood. Camilla was breathing heavily by an open window, a fire escape underneath her. Perhaps it was best to leave her be. Khepri could tend to the situation. She assumed the two were still very close.

Gemma continued down the hall, squishing herself inside a pit of panicked bystanders. She could see the light from Jamie's bedroom, but not his body. "Check his pulse!" she heard someone cry. She caught a glimpse of the carpet floor. Bright red...was that blood? The sight sobered her up. She felt her heart slip into her stomach.

"Jamie's dead," announced a voice. You could hear a pin drop.

No. This can't be happening. Slowly, the people around her began to hyperventilate. Gemma just stood in shock. This was all happening so fast. She felt a tap on her right shoulder. It was the bald guy from before. His arms were crossed, and he looked down at her with a mix of curiosity and disgust.

"Didn't you tell Jamie to kill himself?" he asked.

Several heads turned in her direction.

Oh no. Gemma felt like she was sinking into the floor. Her chest began to tighten. She didn't answer the question. Her instincts took over, and before she knew it she was on the other side of the room. She could feel peoples' eyes shooting daggers into the back of her skull. "She made him commit suicide!" someone shouted. An angry mob of voices rose in agreement. There was a camera flash. Her hands shook in trepidation as she finally reached the knob of the front door, turned it, and left everyone behind.

It was like an earthquake inside her mind. What number was it again? Her balance wavering as she strode down the hallway, Gemma opened the door to apartment 609. She saw a messy living room with a ripped-up couch, some pizza boxes on the floor, and bongs underneath an end table. There wasn't enough oxygen getting to her lungs. Her nose was filled with the smell of burnt weed and sweat.

"Who's there?" said a muffled voice from behind a door, probably inside the bedroom. A chorus of footsteps marched down the hall: four stoner guys and a girl. No Stuey in sight. Surprisingly, they didn't seem disturbed, just concerned. "Miss, are you okay?"

She tried to approach them, but her feet turned to gelatin. Gemma lost her balance and knocked her back against the hardwood floor. The sheer impact forced the last bit of air out of her lungs. Everything felt like it was slipping away. "Dude, she's fucking passing out!" she heard someone say. The last thing she felt before the black was a dozen hands trying to shake her awake.

Kyle, and now Jamie. Two friends dead because of her.