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If you ask me anything about myself, I will probably lie. Like for example, I'm 2 inches tall and I wear the eiffel tower upon my head. My fingers are made out of knives and my feet are made out of wood. I have a pet walrus named Bob that lives in my shower and my pencil has it's own mind. I ate 29 cheesecakes whole one day with my huge mouth. Is that good enough for you?
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Right. Behind. You...... seriously.............. HA HA HA MADE YA LOOK XP
I love singing, dancing ballet, playing my violin, playing the piano, drawing anime, roleplaying
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19 Jun 2007
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Protection: Aiko Island

5 friends find themselves on Aiko Island.... where they meet the Aiko family. A family of mystical humans. Some might fall in love with them... but the fight to stay alive is on...

Flower Garden

Welcome to the realm called Flower Garden... Everyone here has someone who is perfect for them... But... there have been some strange things going on lately...

St. Marie Academy

When an experiment goes wrong, the students at St. Marie Academy have their DNAs altered with the DNAs of animals. What will happen now? (needs more male characters)

Shiver: Loved

In a small town surrounded by the woods.... they have a problem... their problem is wolves... but these aren't normal wolves we're talking about..... (based off the book Shiver)

The War of Judakai

The War of Judakai has been going on for years.... And there is no way to end it.... Some are loyal to their side, while others might betray it....

Home is far Away

What would you do if you had been abused all of your lilfe....? Run away, of course.... But where would you go....? (2 slots open)

Clans Of The Night

There are 6 Vampire Clans in this world, they are the most civil of the vampires. Will the Clan's unite and fight against the hunters or will the Clans fight against eachother and be eliminated?

Secrets of the Night

Three teenagers have been accepted into a school of vampires... What will they find...? Love? Hatred?..... Death?

Ultra Maniac

In a different realm, there is a world called the Magic Kingdom, where witches and wizards live... But when some of them are sent to the real world to train... (more inside!)


Welcome to Cendrillon, a bright, happy world, well, it used to be. (main antagonist slot open, character really needed)

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You can't see me, me
I'm blending in just like a pine tree, tree?
I am unseen, seen, You can't see me cuz I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja~
Hey, what the heck? That's a freakin monkey not a ninja! Who planned this out?! Fine, I'll deal with it
Image I guess epic ninja awesomeness comes with epic cuteness