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A person who used to rp frequently on this site, focused on school atm, may rp again soon.
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Student, aspiring Storyboard Artist.
Performing Arts, Drawing, Steven Universe, Ava's Demon
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Dragon Age: Inquisition
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No real preference :)

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More Than One Witch

20 years later and Kiki's got a new adventure. Now that there's more orders and witches, Kiki's decided to get young witches to help her, but not everyone likes the idea of more than one witch, especially not the witch high council...

A Quiet Little Park Bench

A private 1x1 roleplay between ladygeekiness and rariszoo.

Slightly Aflame

a private 1x1 between myself and hesitantcloud

Universe Jumpers

This is a 1x2 roleplay for me, Nami L'Chi and Riverstyx.

Maximum Capacity

Another storage oh Boi waddup


One of the best deals in the world for a house, and your landlady is awesome. But there's one hitch. You'll probably hate your housemates.


Cyberstuck is a role play all about people who are stuck in their computers and the internet. But it isn't just people on their computers in there...

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Harley opened the club doors, swinging her mallet, and she looked around the room. She felt in a mischievous mood, so she decided to show off a bit. Taking a running leap, she jumped onto a table, and did a flip backwards, landing on a chandelier. After swinging a bit, she jumped and slammed her mallet into the ground, spinning on it for a while before landing on her feet, picking up her mallet behind her. She immediately started to do successive forward walkovers, barely touching the ground, then she soared through the air, landed on the bar in a one handed handstand with a mallet in the other, then gracefully sat down on the bar stool behind her.

Not even slightly out of breath, Harley pulled out a ten dollar bill, and slid it across the bar slowly to the bartender. She then spoke in a Brooklyn drawl, smirking as she did so. "The usual for me thanks sweetie, and add a bit of tequila would ya?" She winked and blew the tender a kiss and he rushed off to get her her drink. Harley crossed her legs and swung the top one a bit, waiting patiently for her order. She sighted Kingpin across the bar and grinned, waving brightly. "Hiya Kingpin! How you doin'?" She lowered her hand to pick up her drink, and sipped at the straw, waiting for Kingpin to come to her instead.


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