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ladygeekiness member of RPG for 11 years

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A person who used to rp frequently on this site, focused on school atm, may rp again soon.
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Student, aspiring Storyboard Artist.
Performing Arts, Drawing, Steven Universe, Ava's Demon
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Dragon Age: Inquisition
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No real preference :)

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A Quiet Little Park Bench

A private 1x1 roleplay between ladygeekiness and rariszoo.

Universe Jumpers

This is a 1x2 roleplay for me, Nami L'Chi and Riverstyx.

More Than One Witch

20 years later and Kiki's got a new adventure. Now that there's more orders and witches, Kiki's decided to get young witches to help her, but not everyone likes the idea of more than one witch, especially not the witch high council...

Slightly Aflame

a private 1x1 between myself and hesitantcloud


Cyberstuck is a role play all about people who are stuck in their computers and the internet. But it isn't just people on their computers in there...

Maximum Capacity

Another storage oh Boi waddup


One of the best deals in the world for a house, and your landlady is awesome. But there's one hitch. You'll probably hate your housemates.

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Harley opened the club doors, swinging her mallet, and she looked around the room. She felt in a mischievous mood, so she decided to show off a bit. Taking a running leap, she jumped onto a table, and did a flip backwards, landing on a chandelier. After swinging a bit, she jumped and slammed her mallet into the ground, spinning on it for a while before landing on her feet, picking up her mallet behind her. She immediately started to do successive forward walkovers, barely touching the ground, then she soared through the air, landed on the bar in a one handed handstand with a mallet in the other, then gracefully sat down on the bar stool behind her.

Not even slightly out of breath, Harley pulled out a ten dollar bill, and slid it across the bar slowly to the bartender. She then spoke in a Brooklyn drawl, smirking as she did so. "The usual for me thanks sweetie, and add a bit of tequila would ya?" She winked and blew the tender a kiss and he rushed off to get her her drink. Harley crossed her legs and swung the top one a bit, waiting patiently for her order. She sighted Kingpin across the bar and grinned, waving brightly. "Hiya Kingpin! How you doin'?" She lowered her hand to pick up her drink, and sipped at the straw, waiting for Kingpin to come to her instead.

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'Wooaoaoah!" Molly cried as she tumbled out of a small shuttle on to a rooftop."Stupid stowaway rules." She mumbled. She dusted herself off and wondered where she was. After 'Mama' and 'Papa' escorted her to the spaceport, she had no idea where she would go, so she boarded a random shuttle and now she was here. Wherever here was.
She pulled out her trusty staff and pulled her hood up. She knew she should find somewhere to stay and find out where she was before it got dark.

0.25 INK received for post #2384384, located in Niihama:

Joe sprinted across the rooftops, fully aware of the danger that he might fall all the way from the 3rd sector to the cold hard concrete floor of Niihama city. Using his telekinesis he took random objects to run on when gaps were too big, and threw them at the police man chasing him. "I told you, I didn't steal that handbag!" He yelled back at the angry officer, who appeared to have bionic legs. The police man growled at him, and went faster."No sirree kiddo, that man over there told us how YOU stole that elderly citizen's personal belongings!" Joe sighed, and kept running. That git was obviously going to pay you back for that haggle you idiot, you should have just payed the full 30 dollars and left! He mentally face palmed, and jumped down onto a lower building balcony, that was being used by a mustachioed man.

He threw a dustbin lid at the officer, and retrieved it with his mind and handed it back to the shocked man with a chocolate on the side. "Here you are sir." He then leaped over the other balconies, and turned round the building's corner a yard or so in front of the officer, and hid in a laundry basket. He burrowed deep under the layers of shirts, and watched the officer sprint past him. When it was clear, Joe climbed out and dropped over the edge of the balcony, but not before leaving a chocolate on the window sill. He had discovered recently that his chocolates of gratitude were becoming a Niihama sensation. People had many theories on who left them, but none of them were 'a teenage boy traveling the Multiverse to keep himself safe'. He landed on a window cover, and swung down through the window.

Landing on a shaggy rug, he stood up and looked around. He looked into the shocked expressions of the couple he had just interrupted 'kissing'. "Aheh, guess I should have looked first huh." He grinned sheepishly as they started to scowl. "Um, ok then... I should go now shouldn't I..." With that, he ran through the couple's apartment as they shouted at him. He went into the apartment block hallway, and slid down the stairs handrail with his long fall boots he had built with his friend. My my Joe, your free running skills are getting good! But you haven't meditated for a while, you really should... With that thought, Joe launched himself off the stair railing, and out a window onto another rooftop.Finding a comfortable spot on the rooftop, Joe took a deep breath, and sank into a state of deep thought.

Joe pulled on the long fall boots, and tightened the laces. Molly grinned beside him, and examined them. "They appear to be ok, all the nuts and bolts are tight, and the metal is bending fine, so why don't you go test them out?" She grinned and pointed at the ceiling. Joe nodded and saluted her."Wish me luck!" He grinned and rushed up the stairs. Molly rushed off in the opposite direction and went out the back of the house. Joe climbed out onto their roof and looked over the edge to Molly below. "On 3 ok?" He shouted down to her. "1!" He rocked forward, and back slowly. "2!" Molly grinned, but got a first aid pack ready in case the boots didn't work. "3!!" He jumped off the roof, adrenaline pumping through his veins, and the g force giving him a surge of excitement. Then he landed softly onto the ground below, with nothing but shock and a surprised expression. He and Molly grinned at each other, and high-fived each other. "That was awesome!" Molly grinned at him, and then bent over to pick up the unneeded first aid kit, but Joe did too, and their hands met. Molly blushed, and Joe stuttered a bit. Their hands didn't retract though. "I uh... Ahe..." Joe looked up at Molly, and Molly looked up at him. She looked beautiful under the setting sun. They found them selves leaning closer when Lilee called them from indoors. "Joe! Molly! Come here now, it's urgent!" Molly and Joe pulled their hands away, and rushed indoors.

Lilee and Hax were rushing about the house, and Hax stopped to talk to them. "Guys, me and Lilee have caught warning from a friend that the government have an idea of where we are. We have to leave now, and split up." Joe and Molly stood in shock for a secon. "Split up? You mean like, go our separate ways?" Molly questioned Hax. Hax nodded, and continued to pack his bag. A tear rolled down Molly's face. Joe knew what was going through her head. Knowing that you had just found a family of sorts, and having to leave it. Joe rushed upstairs, and started to pack a bag. He took the necessities, such as clothes and some food to last a while. Then he packed things like a book or two, and a small tool kit.. He then took the hidden blades he and Hax had made together, and strapped them on. Finally, he lifted a pair of shoes and packed them into his bag, in case he ever wanted to take off his long fall boots, which he probably wouldn't. He could hear Molly packing across the hall too, then her running down the stairs. He grabbed something from his chest of drawers, and raced down the stairs. As soon as he got down, Lilee held him in a tight hug. "Your father and I will leave on the train to what ever's soonest to leave, and you and Molly have to split and go wherever you want, and stay safe." She looked at him with tears in her eyes, and picked up her bag. "Good luck my son..." Then she and Hax left out the door and ran off down the street.

Molly turned to Joe, with the saddest face he'd ever seen her make. "Joe..." She burst into tears and flung herself into his arms. Joe held her tight, and cried too. Molly looked up, and her mouth wobbled. Joe pulled out the object from his pocket. "Here, have this to remember me." Molly laughed. "Why would I ever forget you, or Lilee or Hax?" She took the object anyway. "It's a music cube I made for you. It's like a little chest for special things, but if you press this little knot here..." Joe pressed the knot, and the cube began to play a little song. Molly put a hand over her mouth when she heard the song. "It's... Oh Joe!" Joe nodded, and hugged her. The song playing was the song they wrote together. They called it 'Unnamed,' Because it was nothing but music, and they had no name for it. "Thank you Joe, it's beautiful." Molly smiled, and looked at the cube a little longer before putting it in her bag. Joe smiled sadly, and turned to the door. "Well. Goodbye Molly." Joe looked at the floor, and walked to the door. "Joe wait!" Joe turned around in time to see Molly run into his arms and kiss him. Joe's emotions exploded inside him, and his heart melted as a buzz ran through his body. They broke away, and Joe stood there, dazed. When he eventually snapped out of it, he saw Molly walking down the street. "Goodbye!" Joe then walked in the opposite direction, his long fall boots slightly bouncing him along.

When Joe awoke from the meditation, he had a tear on his cheek, and he wiped it away. His ginger hair was slightly tousled from he wind, but he paid no heed to it. It had been almost a year since then, and Molly would now be 17, and he had only turned 17 a few weeks ago. It really reminded him how time flied. He took a deep breath, and stood up. His boots squeaked a little, and some nearby pigeons flew away in fright. Then with that deep breath he smelt smoke. He turned his head and saw the plume of smoke. He looked down, and saw a young girl and a man just walking out of an alleyway. Joe was suspicious at first, but seeing the girl was okay, he relaxed. He was shocked a little when the girl started to smash boxes. There was a backpack next to the fire, and it had a slightly worn wooden cube attached to it. Could it be? No Joe it's probably just some sort of bag tag or charm... Then he lay down and watched the girl sit down with the man, and tell a story. The girl started to tell her life story apparently, and Joe slowly started to realize what he was hearing. It really snapped when the girl described the memory he had just remembered and when she shifted her torso. "Molly! Is that you?!" He leaped down from the building and landed in front of Molly and the stranger, grinning excitedly, ecstatic he might have just found his best friend, and maybe more than friend.


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