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well I'm really nice and sweet but at first i may seem shy and not talk much but i warm up after a bit. i only know some Japanese but I'm learning more!!! ^-^ sometimes i will be crazy and hyper depending on my mood but really i just love to be myself! i love to be around people but prefer not to be the center of attention. my favorite color is black, blue, and lime green I'm very creative and tend to fall off topic a lot...umm anime omigosh i love it sooo much and reading manga!!
i love Asia too much and you may call me Misa Misa, or just plain Misa (thats not my real name but its a nickname for my real identity). i cant spell at all im no good at it so dont expect me too be perfect. and well thats it!! ^-^
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I'm in wonderland having a tea party
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Our universe

((characters needed)) were the end of the world waits is the little town of lost souls. the world has ended and this is your second chance to prove that you can make peace, but if you don't change you can create the nightmare for this town.


((3 spots open!)) models feel like they are being watched then they get text messages and phone calls and figures out their windows. when one of their closest friends are found dead panic fills the modeling air.

Ghost Hotel


Haruhi Suzumiya: New World

based on the anime haruhi suzumiya ((in need of characters!!!))

Forgotten Memories

((characters needed))when the world restarted the world forgot everything. a group of teens start to remember what happened and why everyone restarted. but the government doesn't want anyone to remember so the created DREAM LAND.


when a princesses of the mermaids leaves to go onto land the kingdom sends their highest knights to chase after them. will they instead fins love with humans or mermaids or make their kingdom fall?

I Wont Let You Shed a Tear

in a small town in japan strange things begin to happen at the high school and in the main part of town. it began with a girl named Saki she went missing for a few days and was found dead whos next?

Silence is Golden

we are the silence, your nightmares, your love, sometimes, most times we are your enemy, but we hide our wickedness behind everything... you don't know us as well as you thought, but speak you will about us... we can end you

Cherry Blossoms or Girls in Kimonos

((need boys!)) in another world called Destiny it is the year of cherry blossoms were girls at the age of 18 to 19 find their true love. certain girls wear kimonos to show that they help with the festival of flowers at the shrine.

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