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" Brb. *disappears until the next day* Hello there, my name is Cheese. Sorry for writing the most beautiful piece of work on RPG, I'll try to shorten it next time. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been here for eight months. MY husband got his head stuck in a toaster. Goatmergencies, whoops! Haha, I remember the gallant days of youth, tipping cows and riding chickens to school. *writes something incredible* Whoops, that wasn't supposed to happen. Punch drunk. Guten tag, Sausage, and other German things. Nonnono! Don't compliment me! Well, in all honesty by day I am a woman with a family and a farm. But by night I am a black kid with a mean streak. No pun intended. gifs! My theory about being Lauren constantly terrifies Sempai. I am Lauren. We are one. Join us. So the boys overthrew the government today. That's why I haven't been here in 10 years. Had to serve as leader of the free world and all. "
^ Who I am (via my lovely friends), in a nut shell. ;)

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Food Animal / Livestock Inspector. Vet Technician / Assistant, and Receptionist.
My boys, Jess, DD and Kurk. My family. My friends. My life, that silly heart keeps on beating. Doctor Who. The "Oh Shiny!" reflex I have. Starwars. Chick flicks. Fireflies. That sudden feeling, no matter what, that everything is going to turn out okay. Serenity/Firefly. Chocolate. When it's 11:11 and I make a silly little wish. Codex Alera. Most animals, especially the horses/dogs/cats/goats. Harry Potter. Country music blaring out my pickup truck. Star Trek.
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Birthstone Spirits
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A kind of Summer Camp where demigods train in battle and test their powers and skills to the max, readying them for whatever will threaten their lives.


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