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lovechanningforever » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by lovechanningforever as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Carta Novae

Carta Novae, located in The Ruins

as part of The Multiverse

Come here girl!

Character Portrait: Evangelaine "Lane" Broke

Evangelaine "Lane" Broke, located in Stillworth Manor

as part of The Stillworth Agreement: Stillworth Manor

Who's got time for tea when the weather is so perfect for hunting?!

Character Portrait: Lady Helene Angeli Kellaway

Lady Helene Angeli Kellaway, located in London, 1818

as part of Daughters of Rosewater

*hands you a shell to listen to* Shhh... listen... can you hear the sea?

Character Portrait: Isabella Turnio

Isabella Turnio, located in United Kingdom

as part of The Necropolis

Sir, dinner is served.

Character Portrait: Craig Ludberg

Craig Ludberg, located in Baylor University

as part of No Regrets

"No thanks, a bottle's enough"

Character Portrait: Cordella Buckley

Cordella Buckley, located in Baylor University

as part of No Regrets

*Takes off clothes and jumps in the freezing pool*

Character Portrait: Claudia Forge

Claudia Forge, located in Round Town, USA

as part of We Still Have One Heart

Love is for everyone but marriage isn't.

Character Portrait: Madeline Fowler

Madeline Fowler, located in Role play IC

as part of Stand By Me

Hi, you can call me Maddie.

Character Portrait: Cordelia Liddle

Cordelia Liddle, located in The Olympian Universe

as part of Champions of the Olympians

You think this is chaotic? You've seen nothing babe. (Eris' Champion)

Character Portrait: Clairelise Huffington

Clairelise Huffington, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Welcome To The Hills

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't such a good thing to be the daughter of an A-Lister Actress.

Character Portrait: Adarra

Adarra, located in Made up places: In Progress

as part of Tale of Six Kings

"A person needs no last name, only a lasting impression"

Character Portrait: Dweyth, the Mud Knight

Dweyth, the Mud Knight, located in Made up places: In Progress

as part of Tale of Six Kings

Death upon you is a dream come true.

Character Portrait: Iva O'Connel

Iva O'Connel, located in Made up places: In Progress

as part of Tale of Six Kings

The world is still full of mysteries, it isn't always what it seems.

Character Portrait: Louella Hamilton

Louella Hamilton, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of This Love Will Be Your Downfall

If you'd just listen to me for one second, I never meant to break your heart- but I had to. It's either you or my parents and I'm done choosing for once.

Character Portrait: Ginevera "Ginger" Miles

Ginevera "Ginger" Miles, located in Sycott

as part of When the War Began

having me around will keep you sane- trust me

Character Portrait: Karolina Lowre

Karolina Lowre, located in International Police and Federal Embassies

as part of Auskunfteien und Untersuchugen: Bureaus

Yes I am an American, got a problem with that?

Character Portrait: Britney Dean Welsch

Britney Dean Welsch, located in Role play IC

as part of Stand By Me

Im going to be popular someday!

Character Portrait: Andrea Lashborgh

Andrea Lashborgh, located in New Orleans

as part of 24 Hours

Pink? Are you fucking kidding me?

Character Portrait: Claudia Klein-Bane

Claudia Klein-Bane, located in earth

as part of Ah, thats my family

"No no no dear, that's Klein-Bane not just Bane. Please do not leave the Klein out, okay? Good."

Character Portrait: Madeline Lowre

Madeline Lowre, located in Hawaii

as part of The Sisterhood of Summer

I'm plus size but that doesn't mean I'm less of a person.

Character Portrait: Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester, located in The Darkest Crevices Of Earth

as part of Getting Rid Of Vampires Once And For All

I've literally been to Hell and back.

Character Portrait: Bellona Ahneta Venator

Bellona Ahneta Venator, located in Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

as part of Magus Grex School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

No- you may not call me Belle or Anne. Call me Bellona- plain and simple.

Character Portrait: Duchess Elizabeth Laverence- Fourneaux

Duchess Elizabeth Laverence- Fourneaux, located in Kingdom Of Ethieven

as part of Stand and Deliver

Are those rubies?! Guards seize him! I specifically asked for Diamonds!!!

Character Portrait: Madeline Gregory

Madeline Gregory, located in Earth

as part of Paranormal Investigation Team

Some call it a curse, I consider it a blessing.

Character Portrait: Katia Chebrikov

Katia Chebrikov, located in Earth

as part of Blossom

A super agent that was trained to protect a safe box at all cost.

Character Portrait: Georgina "George" Laverence

Georgina "George" Laverence, located in Kingdom Of Ethieven

as part of Stand and Deliver

It's George to you Sire, though Monkey is still mightily acceptable.

Character Portrait: Reader James

Reader James, located in Diuinitati

as part of Diuinitati

What are you looking at???

Character Portrait: Scott Celenski

Scott Celenski, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Beverly Hills: 90210

Stands out like a knock off among designer jeans.

Character Portrait: Helena Kroswickowzki

Helena Kroswickowzki, located in New York City

as part of Leave Me Breathless

We think we know everything, but we actually have no idea.

Character Portrait: Lady Silene Jaculus nee Gurges

Lady Silene Jaculus nee Gurges, located in King's Landing

as part of A Game of the Crystal Throne

My Lord husband, I fear for my brother but more for our family.

Character Portrait: Leila

Leila, located in The Home

as part of Hanging on By a Thread

"Why do I even need to go home by 6? It's not like you'd notice my presence even if I was home."

Character Portrait: Celine Grey/ Luna Marvel

Celine Grey/ Luna Marvel, located in Fawcett City

as part of Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Just because my family can afford those stuff doesn't mean I'm spoiled!

Character Portrait: Yvaine

Yvaine, located in London, England

as part of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Every time you wish, a star falls from the sky and searches for the wisher. If they die, your wish comes true.

Character Portrait: Willa Mayfair

Willa Mayfair, located in The Neighborhood

as part of Come Home to Me

How dare you call me child? I'm a lady!

Character Portrait: Samantha Connelly

Samantha Connelly, located in Earth

as part of Paranormal Investigation Team

Are you here because of my neighbor's haunted house? (Temporary Character)

Character Portrait: Miluina

Miluina, located in France, 1342

as part of Le Plaisir Sans L'amour.

On my bosoms your rest, on my lap you'll find solace and between my legs is paradise.

Character Portrait: Wilhelmina Shermen-Watts

Wilhelmina Shermen-Watts, located in Wichita Falls, Oklahoma

as part of The Wichita Falls Murders

Orphaned at the young age of 7 and lives with her aunt while helping around the B&B

Character Portrait: Michael Archangel

Michael Archangel, located in Earth

as part of Paranormal Investigation Team

I'm not really sure if heaven's playing tricks on me or something.

Character Portrait: Rupert Felipe Murdoch VI

Rupert Felipe Murdoch VI, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of This Love Will Be Your Downfall

Lou, this is nonsense! I need you to come with me! Your parents are fuming mad, what have you been thinking?

Character Portrait: Brandon White

Brandon White, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Welcome To The Hills

Just because I don't have the greens doesn't mean I can't make it to the top.

Character Portrait: Zel

Zel, located in The fairy tale driven world

as part of Brought to Life

Hair Raiser? You have no idea!

Character Portrait: Catherine Spillbone

Catherine Spillbone, located in Cillinas

as part of Cillinas - The City of Riches

Where is the council? I have brought the late King's first born son.

Character Portrait: Daenerys Targaryen, Stormborn

Daenerys Targaryen, Stormborn, located in The Great Library

as part of The Great Library

I will take what is mine with Fire and Blood

Character Portrait: Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis, located in Smith Household

as part of House Of Mirrors

Shhhh.... No one has to know.

Character Portrait: Reader James

Reader James, located in Washington Hope

as part of Washington Hope

I was hoping to get my bucket list done.

Character Portrait: Mama San Michiko

Mama San Michiko, located in Kiyosu

as part of Tale of the Clash of Geishas

Okiya owner and a known Geisha during her younger years

Character Portrait: Evangeline "Evie" James

Evangeline "Evie" James, located in Old Red-Fur House

as part of A fairytale curse in life--Love follows

Unless you are a hot and cute guy, don't even bother talking to me.

Character Portrait: Scott Hopkins

Scott Hopkins, located in Arizona

as part of Dreaming of the City

Howdy? You've grown pretty.

Character Portrait: Reader James

Reader James, located in Chicago

as part of Unit 8b

Character Portrait: Stark King

Stark King, located in Hillsboro, Tennessee

as part of The Definition of Change

What the fuck is this place? Is there even electricity here?

Character Portrait: Joliesse "Lee" Porter

Joliesse "Lee" Porter, located in Tree Hill

as part of One Tree Hill: A New Generation

It's pronounce /Joe-lee-ees/

Character Portrait: Louella Antoliolo

Louella Antoliolo, located in R.M.S TITANIC

as part of Titanic: The Ship of Dreams

Who knows what this voyage may bring to a peasant like me?

Character Portrait: Daniel "Dan" Humphrey

Daniel "Dan" Humphrey, located in Upper East Side, Hamptons, Saint Barth, etc.

as part of Gossip Girl

"Coffee and Cigarettes anyone?" Then goes back to his journal to finish his poem.

Character Portrait: Sophia Cartwright

Sophia Cartwright, located in bREADFORD ISLAND

as part of Journal of a Teen

Little Miss Congeniality

Character Portrait: Mathilda Myers

Mathilda Myers, located in Upper East Side, Hamptons, Saint Barth, etc.

as part of Gossip Girl

A new girl in the streets of Manhattan. As ambitious as Jenniffer Humphrey can be. Watch out Lil J

Character Portrait: Moses Wellington III

Moses Wellington III, located in Waverly Academy

as part of The It Girl- New Saga

Senior Polo Captain

Character Portrait: Shirley "Love" Barclay

Shirley "Love" Barclay, located in Fanelli Caf??

as part of The Volstead Act

Daddy, I just got all dolled up for ya! *Wink*

Character Portrait: Chloe Claybar

Chloe Claybar, located in Santa Fe High School

as part of The Prince and The Nerd

*Looks at you from head to toe then checks fingernails as if they are more important than you*

Character Portrait: Georgine Fowler

Georgine Fowler, located in Simsbury, CT

as part of You Again

Hi- Oh hey Jamie! Remember me? I used to be your seatmate.

Character Portrait: Georgina Clayburn

Georgina Clayburn, located in Hogwarts

as part of Hogwarts: Triwizard Games

*nods peacefully and smiles*

Character Portrait: Lady Margarette Somerset

Lady Margarette Somerset, located in 1900's England

as part of Lady Somerset's Match Makers

Lights out ladies. I expect total silence in twenty minutes.

Character Portrait: Petrivo Clausse

Petrivo Clausse, located in International Police and Federal Embassies

as part of Auskunfteien und Untersuchugen: Bureaus

Whet? Yew enzoyed kizzing meh wen I wez a gewd guy eh- being eh bad guy actually iz better, eh?

Character Portrait: Darleen Marie McCormick

Darleen Marie McCormick, located in Bristol

as part of Skins: The Wild Youth

Even the sun sets in paradise...

Character Portrait: Soleil Clayburn

Soleil Clayburn, located in Ashwick

as part of Witches Brew

I know I'll bag the Homecoming Queen title again, trust me.

Character Portrait: Sophia Hedgedilingger

Sophia Hedgedilingger, located in Messiah

as part of Beyond Messiah

Well- whatcha lookin' at? Never seen a girl in pantaloons?

Character Portrait: Samuel Clayburn

Samuel Clayburn, located in Makenzie Prep

as part of What's Your Dirty Lil' Secret?

Why the heck did I get in this mess the first place?

Character Portrait: Agent Cathareigna Burbanks

Agent Cathareigna Burbanks, located in Las Vegas

as part of Three Breaking In

Where were you during this hour and who can attest to that statement?

Character Portrait: Mahina

Mahina, located in The Kingdom of Luno

as part of In The Kingdom of Luno

I've come from a land far far away. Journeyed into this kingdom I've heard so many great things about.

Character Portrait: Gabriella "Ella" Mink

Gabriella "Ella" Mink, located in Chicago, Illinois

as part of The Volstead Act

What can I do fo yah Meydame?

Character Portrait: Amelila

Amelila, located in Spring Waters

as part of The Springs


Character Portrait: Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon, located in Sycott

as part of When the War Began

Wood shop teacher

Character Portrait: Margarette Vernthorn

Margarette Vernthorn, located in Hobart,Texas

as part of Hollywood Vs. The Little People

"What do you mean I have to learn how to be responsible?!"

Character Portrait: Hayaikaze

Hayaikaze, located in Nippon, based on Japananese classic history.

as part of Canine Warriors of Nippon

You wouldn't know what hit you- until I'm miles away.

Character Portrait: Cassandra Keypass

Cassandra Keypass, located in Treaty View High School

as part of Pucker Up!

I can't wait till graduation

Character Portrait: Cinderella "Cindy" Charming

Cinderella "Cindy" Charming, located in Around the world

as part of Fairy Tale Mysteries

Good thing Prince allowed me to take a hobby- just don't tell him about the dangers.