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Universes Created

MiddleStone Hospital

This is where it all started. At Middlestone Hospital. This is where patients meet and fall in love. Where doctors and nurses fall for co-workers and patients. Where friendships and relationships are built between the unsung heroes and the ill folk.

What is love?

1x1 between katisacat and me :)

How It All Changed

I suck at decriptions, so just look inside for info :)

Because of the storm

A teenage girl and her family move into another family's house due to her home being torn down. She discovers that her biggest enemy lives there, and she finds herself falling in love with him, and he finds himself falling for her too. More info inside.

The Unfound

1x1 between museman and I

Once Upon A Club

After seven years of searching, she finally finds him again, and it changes everyone's lives forever. More info inside, description totally sucks :P

Forest Of Love

This is a forest where people who feel they don't belong go. This is the place everyone goes to escape society. This is where our family began. This is the forest in which we have all chosen to live. This is our home.

Marked With Your Love

On the day of your 16th birthday, you will wake up with a tattoo on your wrist, and only one other person has an identical tattoo, your soul mate. This marking on your wrist controls you. It controls how you meet your soul mate.

The Twisted Tale Of A Teenage Life

It's about 13 teenagers with a bit of romance and a bit of drama and some humor.

Underground Academy

A human school with a Vampire school underneath. Humans attend the above ground school, yet they have no idea that vampires are right under their feet. Literally!

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