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The Last Of Us - Survivors Open

Approximately twenty years ago humanity was wiped out essentially overnight. It spread like wildfire and from within ourselves, our worst nightmares emerged. Now we do everything we can to survive, there is nothing left... Just the Last of Us..

Heroes Rise. Open

Morentis is a land of sword and sorcery. When a great battle develops over the control of Morentis and it's kingdoms, an band of likely and unlikely heroes must stake their claim or fall by the sword or magic.

Blindsight Open

It's been three months surviving a supposed attack upon your city. A virus has crippled it, most of humanity wants to eat you. Suddenly you're mysteriously contacted by "A" who promises to help you survive. For a price.

We Are Still Alive Open

TThe last remnants of the worlds governments are combining to find a cure or at least a solution to the Nizarri Fever Parasite that turns it's hosts and victims into flesh-hungry undead monsters. OPEN AND ACCEPTING CHARACTERS.

Ascension - Escape to the Surface Open

Tenebris has remained tightly locked and secured for 500 years. The last remnants of humanity have thrived in the advanced underground city after a nuclear world war. Now it's doors have opened and you must fight to get to the surface or die.

Fading Light - The Last Darkness Open

You must fight for your life through six months of total darkness against the dredges of humanity and mutated monsters that sprouted when an asteroid collided with the moon in 1932.

The Tale of the Lost Heroes Open

You were always destined for great things, whether you knew it or not... Now you must choose to either save this land or plunge it deeper into darkness.

Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch Open

Epoch has fallen. It has succumbed to the deadly mutagen created by its original inhabitants, and they are leaving their homeworld to pursue and extinguish humanity and restore their civilisation on Earth. You are infected, you will die. Still accepting