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Once upon a time, my life was hell. Oh, wait, it still is...
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pft! Occupation? Who am I? Chuck Norris?
Music, Books, Movies, Duck Dynasty
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Universes Created

Stolen State of Mind

Eloise and her brothers were kidnapped in 2009 while on holiday in London. Her best and only friend Grant found her brothers three years later. They said she was dead. But now he's found her, and everything is on the line.

The Tale of Hercules

You know Hercules? Son of Zeus? A mortal that became a god but turned it down? He's real, and his story's just about to start. Come and join him.

Elevator Music

One normal girl, one world famous boy band, one jealous ex girlfriend, and one apartment building. When all these ingredients are thrown together, it's a recipe for disaster. But hey, what's love without a little chaos?

The Blue Door Building

In a three story apartment building with one apartment per floor, there live eight people with eight very different stories. None of these people are very alike at all. The only thing they seem to have in common is their blue front door...

Fix You

When the school freak show, Tessa Lee, commits suicide, no one really cares. No one, except star soccer player Cameron Porter, the most popular- and richest- guy in school. When Mr. Death comes into the story, nothing is as it seems.

Where are we?

Six teens wake up in a strange place with no idea of how they got there or what's going on. All they know is there is something out there, something that given the chance, it will kill them...(LITERATE ROLEPLAYERS ONLY PLEASE & Male spots open!)

Super Hero High School

It's time to go back to school again, which for these students means it's time to start their first year at Super Hero High School

Broken Heartstrings

Teens from all walks of life, some know each other while others are strangers. Soon, they all end up at a hole in the wall music store on NYC, and their lives will never be the same. A shop, a band, a record deal, love, and maybe something more...

Fairytale Academy

All the stars of your Disney fantasies are real, and they're here at Fairytale Academy. Princes, Princesses, Pirates, etc. The question is though, what are they doing here, and why can't they leave?

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