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i am shamelessly passionate and enthusiastic. talk to me and plot with me, send me memes about our characters.
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Two weeks ago, a boy was killed at a party. Since then, the entire teenage population of Mountain Brook has come under suspicion. As appearances fall apart and secrets are revealed, one question is on everyone's lips- who would kill to keep their secrets?

The Wounded World

The heroes have fallen, and our existence is still threatened. For the first time in history, the villains must become the heroes.

Say Anything

The authorities here are hopeless. You want justice? You've got to go out and get it yourself. Or, if that's not an option, come talk to us. Who are we? We are Say Anything. We are vigilantes for hire.


In a city that's no stranger to crime, a new threat has emerged. And this time, it's targeting the police themselves.

a dangerous night

(1x1 between myself and Simple_Imperfections)

The Edge of Tonight

A month ago, a boy was killed at a party. The investigation dug up some secrets- but now, somebody else is threatening to reveal the rest. The pride and the secrets of Mountain Brook are now at stake.

Dear Old Storage

Other potential titles for this storage space included "No One Mourns The Storage" and "Cell Block Storage."

Fresh Poison

Two weeks ago, a boy was killed at a party. Since then, the entire teenage population of Mountain Brook has come under suspicion. As appearances fall apart and secrets are revealed, one question is on everyone's lips- who would kill to keep their secrets?

in pursuit of a dream

1x1 between iCat and The Writer's Voice

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xxx"and we’ll never be royals,
xxxit doesn’t run in our blood,
xxxthat lux just ain’t for us
xxxwe crave a different kind of buzz."

For the first time in... well, a long time, things were starting to look up for Wendy once again. They hadn’t been sure how the gender swapped Hamlet would be received. But in advance of it’s release, three months away, people were already talking about it. Which meant that Wendy’s name was also getting attention. The press junket was coming up, and soon, people were going to know her face and her name. Her agent was optimistic that she’d start getting more and more jobs once the film itself was released. But in the meantime, Wendy was still trying to juggle her two part time jobs and her acting career.

And yet she’d still managed to find a free night to come see an old friend play a big gig. And, well, help pack up afterwards. She hadn’t been sure if she would have actually made the gig, so she hadn’t made any promises. But she’d managed to get the morning shift at the coffee shop and swap her shift at the theatre with a friend. So, a nap, coffee, and pill later she was ready for the gig. As usual, the universe didn’t want to make her life easy, and even though she was cycling there, she still got stuck in traffic. Having mentally sworn out a few cops and dumping her bike by the side of the bar, she made it in just as they started.

They were good. Sure, the inexperience showed in their nerves and the occasional technical glitch, but they had talent. And Wendy beamed with pride, applauding and cheering as they finished, already making her way to the side stage to congratulate Ashleigh as she came off. “Hey! You were amazing, oh my gosh!” She said as she climbed onto the stage. She rolled her eyes at the comment about her schedule. “And it’s only going to get worse,” she muttered, nearly more to herself than anything. Then she grinned at the handsome guitarist beside Ashleigh. God. He really was pretty.

She laughed a little at Ashleigh’s introduction of her. “If you could please tell that to any casting agents you know of, that would be great, thanks. I also moonlight as an usher and barista,” she added with a wink as she started unplugging speakers and coiling cable. “And tech girl, it appears,” she added. “But hi, Jean, it’s lovely to meet you. Both of you were incredible, you should have agents and label reps fighting over you in no time.”

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Lysander had tucked himself into a corner of a carriage with some other Ravenclaws, all of them with their heads buried in books. It was the way Lysander liked it. Quiet. Relaxed. No awkward questions, no awkward small talk, no talking about their summer. No talking about his trip to Malaysia in search of some rare creature that may or may not even exist. No talking about his weird family. Period. He'd been happy on those travels, happy as they'd sat around the campfire, drank Butterbeer, and told stories. But now, the closer he got to Hogwarts, the higher his walls seemed to climb again.

But he at least had something to look forward to. Quidditch, for one. But at that moment in time, Lys was craving the haze of drugs, the numb euphoria, the knowledge that in that moment, nobody gave a shit about him, about his stories, about who he was. And that was wonderful. With the parties came his friends, too. The people who he could really be himself around. He'd seen them once or twice the past summer, but it wasn't the same. When your family just decided to drop around to the Potters for tea, it was a matter of pretending that they were all civil young men and women who had never even seen an illicit substance. If he had trouble flirting with James while sober, he had three times as much when it came to talking to him when his family was around.

He looked up as the castle came into view. It was a strange feeling, a feeling of being nearly home. He wouldn't be really home. Not yet. Not until he was in the Shack, surrounded by his friends, his chosen family.

The Sorting Ceremony seemed to drag. The Hat's song seemed longer than normal. The feast seemed to last a lifetime. But eventually, it was time. Sneaking out had become second nature to him, he'd done it so many times. The deceptive appearance of the Shack never failed to impress him. Because it was as silent and as empty as it had always been from the outside. But the minute he opened that door, the moment he stepped inside, he was lost in the sound, in that atmosphere. By the time that Teddy arrived, the Moondew had hit, and Lys was free. He was home. He made his way towards Teddy and slung an arm around his shoulder. "Teddy!" he yelled. "What have you got?" He asked, looking at the supply in front of them.


These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume.

-Romeo and Juliet