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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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The senseless mumble guided her to his location, coupled with him popping out from cover to aim his weapon at her. Her lack of caution was not exactly born from spouts of draconic arrogance, but more-so her own precious naivety. Walking with an aura of the upmost nonchalance, she entertained her own stubborn curiosity, ignoring the man's increasingly louder pleas and cries in favor of a continuous stroll that would seemingly not stop for nothing.

Similar to how he was studying her, Sibylle's intrusive eyes laid focused on him. His outwards appearance didn't scream abnormal, and he certainly didn't move like a trained warrior. Her instincts told her to dig deeper, but her own stubbornness seemed to tell her to dispose of the normie and attend to other matters. Her own seemingly casual bloodlust manifesting as she aimlessly continued her saunter over to the cornered man. Turning a blind eye to the giant-slaying that was occurring behind her, she eventually met the distance until she was well into breathing distance. Bringing her hand up and out, her motions made clear her intention to punch him into a coma.

However, she seemingly stopped in her tracks at the mention of a single word. One ingredient she had plucked out of a sentence of smooth charisma. Human speech was not lost on her, so it was only natural that she clung onto the meaning. A single utterance of the word "girl". Was he referring to her? It certainly was a time of great unfamiliarity. Showcasing her limited spectrum of emotions as it was made apparent that his panicked attempts to compliment her have seemingly broken through and yielded results better than he could have ever imagined.

As quickly as it came, her bloodlust drained as quickly as beckoned. Her previously simple but stoic expression growing soft at the mere mention of a single word. She had never been called a girl, more accustomed to being referred to as a beast or simply an "it". Furthermore, the compliment did well to confuse her, unmoving as she let her simplistic mind work in an effort to process the charmer's words.

At this point, it was unclear how they stood at the moment, up until an unnamed warrior leapt from a top the rock and brought his sword down in an attempt to slice them both clean in two.

Surely, she could move quick to dodge, but it seemed that she wanted to protect the source of flattery for a few moments longer. Leaping into the air, she knocked aside the attack and subsequently the weapon before bringing her claw around the assailants neck. She flew higher before letting go and turning her body, utilizing her strong tail to smash the poor perpetrator back down onto the earth. After the spectacle, she flew back down to meet Art, hovering a few feet in the air and bringing her hand on his head. Here she spoke her first words since her arrival.

"Don't die." Soft, almost monotone, her voice sounded soothing to the ears, a contrast to her almost horrifying abilities. After her display, she flew back into the air, taking a more defensive position as opposed to flying out. While not directly apparent, it seemed that the fickle dragon was interested in protecting him.

0.25 INK received for post #2817508, located in The Tower:

Her curious orbs blinked twice, the simplistic dragon at least having the scattered awareness that her descent resulted in her stumbling upon an ensuing conversation she neither understood nor cared for. Still, the smell of the Ten Families was particularly pungent with their newfound ally. No matter his history, Sibylle felt the need to keep the man at claws length until he had the chance to prove his intentions.

Her body twitched from instinct as Art strode up to pat her shoulder, the next few pats not drumming up nearly the same jerking response. She could not explain why, but she couldn't help but feel at ease around the orange-locked man. Whether it was an beast's caution to a figure most unassuming or her sensing a kind soul or the ability to cultivate one. Whether the case may be, she could feel a spark from him and despite her simplistic nature, she uncharacteristically wished to see it flourish. She couldn't explain this feeling..but nonetheless, she always trusted her instincts. Sibylle took a deep breath as she noticed her studied gaze on Art had persisted for far too long, focusing her attention on Therion for a few sharp moments before finally relaxing her shoulders. As her arms finally fell to her sides, her tough crimson scales begun to dissipate into raining cinders. Shrunken wings, a smaller swaying tail and two large devil-like horns were the remnants of her draconic features as she shifted back to her base form.

"Sibylle." With a soft voice, she answered his call to introductions. As a slave, all she had was her own name, though she had not had much experience remembering it when her lifestyle changed to resemble that of a beast.

Her stoic expression seemed to shift at Artellis' ramblings, cracking a demure smile as soon as he finished. Whether her shift was due to his small joke, or the fact that he was undermining himself was unfortunately unclear, regardless, Sibylle returned his shoulder-tapping gesture from earlier by patting him lightly on the head once more. Her soft..somewhat demeaning pets acting as a silent reassurance in response to him feeling the need to mention that he would try to not "slow them down".

The same couldn't be said about Therion, however. Every moment her gaze met his, her eyes scrutinized into an almost childlike glare. Her mouth forming a pout at the prospect of being forced to ally herself with a Regular that smelled of royalty. Art's words alone were keeping her in line but it was clear that the dragon hated the prince for something that was well outside his control. Still, her now present lack of claws made apparent that her hatred would only manifest in petty glances and loud exaggerated huffs.

At the beck of what seemed like strategic conversation, Sibylle crossed her arms to show her aversion to contributing. However, her expectant glances with the group's sharpshooter explicitly showed that her vote was with him.