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im a pretty laid back guy thou i do get frustrated from time to time big fan of all anime and manga with one or two i don't really care for but will still watch them my hobby right now is writting novels in the hopes that one day i can publish one.
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Universes Created

Life on a starship

seperated from their fleet they pirate their way through enemy space trying survive (need one more character

Dueling souls

two rival dojos fighting for control of the city but the hearts of the fighters might not follow will the fighting end

Music is the Key to Power

I made this one a while back and hoping it will do better this time. music allows people to have superpowers

The Lie We Call Death

Every religion and faith all have some glorious vision of the afterlife. Whether it be a heaven or hell, everyone believes the after life is eternal. Unfortunately the only part they got right was the eternal bit.

Sons of the Taint

The peaceful nation of Lune has struck out with force never seen before. Destroying everything in their path bringing the other nations together to hold the line. Bonds will be formed on the battle field. But will the line hold against the power of Lune

The facts of life

You have no Idea where you are all you do know is you don't want to stay. (2 slots open)

The sacred tree of Yggdrasill

Only those known as the sons of the wolf can save the world and discover why the Tree of all things is slowly dying.

The marriage of the prince

the shy prince of the most powerful kingdom must be married on his eighteenth birthday. Girls from all over and from all backgrounds have come to try and win his heart but do they truly want to be with him or do they just want the power he holds.

Hope Will Never Die

the world is dying can you stop it

Tainted Shadows part one

Those kidnapped by the shadows must survive their dark, cold prison. But is everyones what they seem.

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