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im a pretty laid back guy thou i do get frustrated from time to time big fan of all anime and manga with one or two i don't really care for but will still watch them my hobby right now is writting novels in the hopes that one day i can publish one.
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The facts of life

You have no Idea where you are all you do know is you don't want to stay. (2 slots open)

Fading secrets

three immortals living together but two hide a dark secret from the other

Hell's war

Heaven and Hell have taken you from your home to be apart of a war that was not yours will you fight for the side that brought you into it or for the other the choices are your the board has been set which side will win if any

Criss-Cross Love Triangle

Love is a confusing thing especially in a love triangle and double if your in highschool. It can be funny to watch from the outside but can hurt if your caught up in it. (always accepting)

Danger lies in the truth

Remake of danger in secrets written by Zitacamron95 (2 rp needed)

Hell's rage

a reboot of my story Judgement of hell seven humans were chosen for each side in the war of heaven and hell

Duels of the Soul

two rival dojos fighting for control of the city but the hearts of the fighters might not follow will the fighting end

Tainted Shadows part one

Those kidnapped by the shadows must survive their dark, cold prison. But is everyones what they seem.

Stolen peace

your life is about to change how will you handle it

The Hope of Tomorrow REBOOT

A new world is born from the ashes of a great war. Now and oppressive Federation of Islands seeks control over what has been reborn. Yet alone Pirate ship stands in their way.

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