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My music will tell you more about me than my words ever could
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Music, insanity
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12 Apr 2011
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Universes Created

One Night With the Prince

When Tessa Reeves wins a trip to the small but amazing country of Luna Isle, she never expected to get mixed up in a royal competition. But now here she is, stuck in a competition for Prince Marcus's hand in marriage- and she may be winning!

To This Day

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will make me hate myself.

Alpha + Human= ?

Werewolf pack Starlight is headed by eighteen year old alpha Patrick Goodman. Patrick has everything he could ever need- except his mate. Enter human Amity Roth, who is abused and hated by her father. What'll happen? Who knows...

She, He, Her, Him, We, They, Them, Us

Four teens. One has a drug addiction. One is on the verge of suicide. One is empty inside. One is insane. Not one of the teens really knows the other, until a chain reaction is set off when a certain person saves another certain person from death.

The Lovelies are Broken

When the Lovelies twins move to the small town of Bruiser, South Carolina, everything is not what it seems. As strange things start to happen, one thing soon becomes clear: The Lovelies are Broken

Sweetwood Hospital for the Mentally Unstable

Once upon a time Philip Sweetwood turned his family estate in the English country side into a mental hospital to help mentally unstable teens like his daughter Eliza May. Now it is home to mentally unstable teens from rich families that can't handle them.

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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.