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-believes the earth is round
Why does any of this matter? because I wanted to spite the people who think otherwise
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Universes Created

Word souls

Dark souls meets puzzle solving

The Millennium War

A war spanning a millennia raged among the gods against a dark deity, humanity survived this war unscathed but monsters now spawn, only through a gift from the gods do they thrive today.

Warp of prehistory

1x1 between Sifsand and Abraxis_Axis though more people may join eventually

The ocean hunters

A world where society has taken to living on the water

The lost world of Ishedar

Hidden away by anomalous causes, a pair of researchers venture into a previously unseen island. What they find will be beyond anything the earth has seen before.

The Dragons Legacy

A medieval world where magic has advanced tech by hundreds of years and dragons along with other wild beasts runs wild.

The Hunters Dream

Monsters and cryptids alike are known to the public, the hunters are the solution to when they threaten mankind....a hunters dream.

Hunters of monsters

A world where nature is home to monsters, yet society is thriving. When the monsters come and attack its up to the hunters to come to the rescue

Last Remnant

The world is in turmoil, mages are social pariah while the kings and Church have enslaved the countryside to its wims.

New Pangea

Life had been left without the intervention of humanity for millions of years and has evolved. The last remnants of humanity are now awakening from cryo-stasis in this new world.

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1.00 INK received for post #2797232, located in Dracos Valley:

"Alright then, if you'd like." He held up his hand toward the sky and electricity crackled along his arm, a thundercloud would form above them and lightning would strike near the great horned beasts. Startled and afraid, they ran for the hills.

0.50 INK received for post #2797202, located in Dracos Valley:

Just behind Lira was the bellowing of the ceratopsians, coming to the lake for a drink. They easily dwarf her in size, and their formidable horns could impale any who dared aggrevate them. She would not be alone with them for long though, another person was by the lake nearby.

In come Milo, a man with dirty blonde hair and what could best be described is a raggedy mages robe in a mottled brown color. He came to gather water from the lake to drink, unaware of her prescence.

0.50 INK received for post #2797225, located in Dracos Valley:

Luck would be on her side, the horned animals ignored her in favor of the lake. They came to drink like every other creature, they leaned in and used their beaks to hydrate themselves.

Milo heard the commotion nearby, he had been trapped here for about a week and made due. What caught his eye however was the little wolf girl who appeared terrified of her surroundings.

0.50 INK received for post #2797228, located in Dracos Valley:

A smile would be on his face, seeing her terrified. A little girl alone in a dangerous wilderness and she's scared of the plant eaters, how adorable. He proceeds to walk to her along the bank of the lake.

"You've nothing to fear of these guys, they're actually quite friendly." He spoke to her, letting her know he was there.

0.50 INK received for post #2797230, located in Dracos Valley:

"Would you like for me to make them leave?" He tried to hold back his laugh, seeing her so utterly terrified. He held up his finger and electricity crackled along it.