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I've been writing on this site for years now. I don't bite, usually, so feel free to interact! I work full- time and am starting a family, but I'll always enjoy writing!

Oh, and just to make sure there is no confusion, I am a woman.
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Wherever my imagination takes me.
Medical Laboratory Scientist. Feel free to ask me questions about it!
Roleplaying obviously. Reading. Other stuffs ;D
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Skyrim is fun O.O Elden Ring is fab
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Whatever looks good.

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The trip to the dinner hall was shorter than Acacia had thought it would be. She would need quite a bit more time to become used to the layout of the castle, of course, but she was unsure whether they would have the time until the coronation for themselves or if they would be helping somehow. She hoped they would have at least some time to explore for themselves as well as something to do. Acacia was never one for merely sitting still.

She thought back to her encounter with Travain and began to wonder if she had made a fool of herself. It was obvious she had made the conversation somewhat awkward, and she wondered if she should have said more and what she could have said differently. However, she did not regret the conversation itself. It was nice to feel that someone understood her situation with her parents. She wondered if Travain felt the same way. On the other hand, she wondered almost guiltily if she would have even begun talking to him if she had not been running from Tal.

When they arrived at the hall, Acacia gave Getra a small nod and went inside. She sat in the first chair she came to, happy to see several others already seated. After giving a small wave, she busied herself with observing the decorations and layout of the room. She soon noticed a few people she did not know, and assumed they were nobles and courtiers from the way they were dressed. She tried to figure out who they might be, but she had paid little attention before to who was who when it came to the nobles. Perhaps she would meet them later?

She rapidly became bored with speculating on the nobles identities and taking in the room, and began searching through her pockets for something interesting. She happened upon a small metal puzzle and pulled it out for a moment. She had not worked on this particular one before, so she began fidgeting with it under the table. She had just finished taking the pieces apart when she heard someone sit beside her. Acacia looked over with interest that quickly turned to surprise and dismay when she realized it was Tal.

Acacia hastily turned her head as she replaced the unfinished puzzle in a pocket and out of sight. She tried to look as though she had not noticed him. She knew that Tal probably saw her look but kept on with the charade, feeling foolish. She did not understand why he wanted to sit by her, and hoped he would not bring up what happened earlier. She fought down a blush, quickly becoming embarrassed.

She inwardly cringed when he spoke, asking what she thought of the castle. Acacia realized he had not specifically said her name, so he was not necessarily just talking to her, right? She wondered if he would end up leaving her alone if she did not respond. She could not really think of much to say in any case, and just being near him made her slightly uncomfortable, though she knew it was irrational. She almost flinched again when he said her name, leaving her without a good excuse.

“Oh, sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” She hesitantly looked at his face with an overly cheerful smile. He repeated his question and she paused for a moment before answering, “Ah, well. Its fine, I guess. Very… big. Nice….” She gave a small nod and a smile; however, inwardly she berated herself. ‘Big? Nice? That is all you could come up with to answer him. What a great conversationalist. Probably feels like he is talking to a four year old.’

At his response, Acacia nearly laughed. She was glad he at least had a good sense of humor about the situation, but she did not know how much longer she could stand the awkward conversation. Luckily, she was saved from further embarrassment by the entrance of Rydas and Senalae.

Acacia was glad to hear the warmth in Sena’s voice. She obviously had experience entertaining guests. She raised her glass and took a deep sip before returning her interest to Rydas. She was intrigued by his instruction to stay after the meal, wondering what exactly he had in mind. He introduced Azevrec, and Acacia was caught off guard when he introduced him as the head of the church of Deud. This man, if she understood correctly, was Akdov’s successor. She listened with great bemusement, eager to learn what a prayer to Deud would sound like. When the man briefly addressed Rydas, Acacia gave into temptation and pulled out a small book and charcoal to write the prayer. It was somewhat poetic, but not as ostentatious as some could be, or, thankfully, as long.

Her stomach began to rumble as she thought about the plentiful, delicious food they would soon eat. However, she was surprised when Azevrec continued speaking. He really did remind her of Akdov in the way he spoke frankly without care for how it would affect others. Acacia was by no means surprised at the shock and anger on Sena’s face. It must have been quite insulting to her for him to beg for money at a celebratory dinner. Rydas skillfully smoothed the situation over and Acacia laughed along with him, glad to be joined by a few others.

Finally, it was time to eat. Acacia darted a glance at Tal, but he paid little attention to her. She was happily ate and joined in the general conversation. Though the mystery of the Rydas’s announcement hung at the back of her mind, it really was nice to be together again. After a time, the meal ended and Rydas spoke again, finally telling them what he had in store for them. They would be entrusted with the items of legend.

Acacia’s gaze wandered over the various guests at the table, some familiar and others not. She processed their reactions, trying to decipher what they were thinking though her own thoughts were buzzing. She pulled out her book again, writing a couple hasty sentences before putting it away.

Amid the buzzing, Cord came up to Acacia and kneeled beside her. Acacia gave her a genuine smile. She had wondered what trouble the golden-haired woman could have gotten into, but she was not concerned by her short absence. To Cord’s questioning statement, Acacia effortlessly replied, “A wonted echo for truth, my Muse. Nevermore removed from the heart. Settle contiguous, loquacious one. Among, so inside a manner affable. Only hear and know.” She motioned to a chair beside her with a grin. Speaking in this manner had become easy for her, and she greatly enjoyed it. However, she motioned to Rydas and the objects, hoping Cord would be able to understand what was happening.


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