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riding horses, playing softball, volleyball
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Universes Created

Lake Moscow Summer Camp

This is a fun and great summer camp where there are co-ed cabbins, lots of people, and a lots of fun. At this camp you can meet new people, new relationships, new friendships and enjoy the wilderness.

Beach house vacation in Paradise!

Welcome to paradise at my fantastic, beautiful, beach house where you can let your imagination run wild! Whatever you think of can and will be added to the story! well with a few acceptions lol

Great End to Summer

Twins Hazel and Tristan Myers are having an end of the summer party the last week of summer as a farwell party for everyone who is going into college and moving away.

Playmonth Boarding School

Come join this Academy full of drama, friendships, enemys, relationships, fights, and no parents! Anything can happen

Barmont Academy for girls

This Academy has always been for girls until one day boys show up. This academy is never the same again, now girls are dressing up more and wearing make up and doing their hair and trying to impress boys. At the Academy anythig can happen.

18th Birthday Bash

Its twins Josie and Tommy's 18th birthday!! and your all invited to their beach house!!! Theres going to be drama, relationships, and friendships! Make it your own!!

Moscow High School

Come join the drama, relationships, breakups, and friendships at a high school where anything can happen and there are also Co-ed dorms

Maystrom High School Please Join!!!

Come join the drama, relationships, breakups, and friendships at a high school where anything can happen

Road Trip!!!!

A group of friends set out on a road trip to Miami!!!

California Beach House

You are invited to my California beach house!!! You are invited to stay for a month at this fantastic 2 story vacation house right on the beach of California. At this beach house you can do whatever you want.

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