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Stolen Company Open

A lonely, bored demon wants a friend. What will happen to a poor, unsuspecting human he finds to his liking?

To Seize a Heart Open

A lonesome demon decides he wants someone to keep him company. Unfortunately, he only knows one way to get what he wants...

Harbor a Cyborg: Instructions not Included! Open

An escaped human experiment finds a blissfully ignorant citizen and seeks refuge. What could possibly go wrong?

The Djinni and the Shahzadi Open

The only heir of a Shah has enough on her plate with suitors and scheming eyes of all those who desire the throne. Add an irritable djinni, and how is she to handle it all?

The Mortals and the Mythical Open

one on one w/ Lyysa

Hunting the Past Open

one on one for stealthpanther & kai

Snatching the royal heart! faerie style Open

A faerie princess has everything she could want, even a knight she secretly admires who seems to enjoy her company. But what if someone..or something, has it's eyes on her?

World's a Stage: Where's the Spotlight? Open

A star, loved and fawned over by all. And yet, why is this fan not clamoring for attention?

The Djinni's Shahzadi Open

The Shah has only a daughter..and every noble and person who is of any status is desperate for the throne, and will do anything to get it. Add an angry djinni, and how is the princess to handle it all?