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Your Lucid Wings

You run to the spot where you saw that...Shooting star looking thing crash. As you slowly near the sight, you come across...a boy, in tattered clothes, singed hair, beautiful eyes, and...wings.

Boarding a Wicked Fate at Sea

As you board the luxury cruise ship, you think of all the breathtaking sights you will see and what a wonderful time you will have, But fate has another, more Wicked, outcome for you...~Accepting~


All your life, you were never a normal teen. When you were younger you could control beasts of powerful abilities, from deep whithin you, allowing you to take its form. Now the question lies on, what are you going to use them for?~Accepting~

Expressing Yourself

In the far future, knowledge becomes the main priority and art is looked down upon until it becomes outlawed to sing, dance, draw, or express yourself in any other way. But what happens when children of a large city start breaking these laws?

The Bound Memory

You wake up at a strange place. You have no memory of who you are and who you are destined to be and the only cure to your amnesia is over 100,000 miles away over the most brutal lands...

Fears' Strife

Fear...That's what their fighting in...Fear, that with each waking minute of life, their bitter enemy would trigger those stolen symbols of power and in one fell swoop, destroy the entire half of the world.~Accepting~

Soul wolves

you are a mighty wolf. You vowed to protect the universe and anyone in it. Now a new evil has risen and it is your job to defeat it.

Wolves on the Run

The humans have now infiltrated the world of the wild wolves. now only few remain. it is there job now is to protect what is rightfully theirs. these few wolves will then become legends as they fend off humans, and become heroes known as guardians.

Three Lives or Less

Beyond our reach, lies a world ruled by one kingdom. At first sight, everything around you is perfectly harmonious. But as you delve deeper into the kingdoms political heart, you will find more horrid discoveries. Like how currency is the blood of kin.

No Freedom

Every where you look; the rattling of chains. You look around to see your kind dieing of starvation and weakness. You look at the ten feet high electric barbed fence. You can try to escape.

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Cute Saying: If i m Waitng 4 Ur cal,msg or U, it Dosnt Mean dat i Hve Nthing Else To Do, It Jst Means That Nthing Else is More Imprtnt Than U.