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... ...Mars.... ....
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01 Feb 2000
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wolfquest multiplayer
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Universes Created

Wolves of Beta Creek

you are born a wolf in the forest of Zeni. you will face hunters, predators, and rivals. your job is to survive in the forest, create a pack of your own and survive. Now the forest has a new enemy. bulldozers are taring down the forest.

Wolves on the Run

The humans have now infiltrated the world of the wild wolves. now only few remain. it is there job now is to protect what is rightfully theirs. these few wolves will then become legends as they fend off humans, and become heroes known as guardians.

The Bound Memory

You wake up at a strange place. You have no memory of who you are and who you are destined to be and the only cure to your amnesia is over 100,000 miles away over the most brutal lands...

No Rest

You are owned as a slave for your owner. Taken from your family you have no friends, no education, and no rest. Looking to the sky in hopes there might be hope for you still...

Project Hybrid

What if a scientific breakthrough occurs involving powerful mutagens and animal DNA? Well, hybrids are born. What if the government got a hold of these hybrids? The perfect weapons are created. What if, they escaped?...

Immortal Traipse

Years ago, people worshiped strong deities that protected and provided the human race for years to come. But when a power hungry human summons these beasts, they are accidentally let loose on planet Earth. What will come of you in this wild new planet?

Winter Oddyssey

The supply of elk is running low and the brutal icy land only gets more tretcherous. Humans start to take over the lives of the innocent. The only thing to do now is either run or fight...And the only thing to rely on is the powers bestowed ontoyou...

Present Tide

Shi are a mystical group of humans with the ability to control time. But after a savage battle with their ruler, humans now fear Shi and soon they are lost. Now, in year 2012, their ruler returns and the only ones who can stop him are the forgotten.

Bridge in the Shards

A Jewel of power has broke from the unknown. The shards are scattered around that mountain range and whom ever finds one will be gifted with extraordinary powers unlike no other. But in the wrong grasp it could mean death to all...

Peril Wolves

What if it was someones job to make everyones lives miserable? Would you fight it, and risk getting killed, let it slide, and risk getting killed, or join them?




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