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I've been roleplaying for some time now but the actual time I started
I do not know. I would not say I'm the best at roleplaying, but I understand
grammar, spelling and how to write interesting posts which I guess people would class as
'semi lit'. I am committed to my roleplays however I do at times get distracted and need to
be reminded of replying sometimes - but who doesn't?
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London, England
Writing, story telling. Horses, Playing the guitar (badly!), classic cars, art and general socializing.
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18 Apr 2008
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The Road Trip

Straight out of High school, a group of friends decide to go on a road trip together...going where ever the wind takes them.

Battle of the Somme

You are a British or French soldier fighting in the Battle of the Somme, 1st of July to the 18th of November 1916.

The Great Escape: The second Chapter

A continue on from the Original roleplay: The Great Escape

The Bootleggers

You're part of a mob during the 1920's in America, making as much money as you can during Prohibition. The law is after you and you will do what ever it takes to stay out of jail...

World at War

World war three has broken out, and you are a soldier fighting to protect your country...

The Mystery of Ryde House

You are a ghost hunter inside one of the most mysterious and supposedly haunted buildings in England and you are there to find out what went on in that building.

We'll meet again

After World War 2, you return to your home trying to get back to the way your life was before...

Ridgewood Manor

The horrors of this is old Manor house are concealed inside the four walls you now stare at.

The Cosa Nostra

Join the Corleone family or the Esposito family in their fight for power in the city of New York - arranging crimes and doing their best to stay out of prison

The Great Escape

For a small group of people living in a corrupted orphanage that has slipped under the government's radar. They have had enough of suffering and decide to try and break out into the wide world and find their own way in life...

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Love animals? A story of the struggles of horses in the Victorian Era, or the ignorance of their masters...

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