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tayah12 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by tayah12 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Frankie Giovanni

Frankie Giovanni, located in Belladonna

as part of City Of The Dead

You know there is a word I could use to describe you, but I'm afraid you won't like it.

Character Portrait: Matt Shell

Matt Shell, located in Ryde House

as part of The Mystery of Ryde House

"I can see ghosts, they call it a 'gift'. More like a freakin' curse!"

Character Portrait: Sam 'Red' Dawson

Sam 'Red' Dawson, located in England

as part of We'll meet again

-Still Editing-

Character Portrait: Trey Hunter

Trey Hunter, located in America

as part of Summer Of Broken Friendship & Love

A carefree inconsiderate guy with a passion for music and all things fueled with petrol.

Character Portrait: Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher, located in America

as part of The Road Trip

Yes that's very nice...but where are the girls?

Character Portrait: Ice

Ice, located in Cimarron Stables

as part of The Cimarron Horses

Still Editing

Character Portrait: Amir

Amir, located in Plains

as part of Beginning Anew II

I'm there for my country and there for the Wanderers and will defend them for what my life is worth, but evil and cheating I will not tolerate.

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Summers

Elizabeth Summers, located in North Plain

as part of Running With the Herd

Still Editing

Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone

Frankie Corleone, located in New York

as part of The Cosa Nostra

"If I hear about you making anymore mistakes I will personally make sure you live to regret it."

Character Portrait: Keme

Keme, located in Monte

as part of Beginning Anew II

Don't tell me that I need to watch my step. I've been there done that, don't worry! I won't get caught!

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills, located in Countryside

as part of The Great Escape: The second Chapter

Anyone know where you can get a guitar around here?

Character Portrait: Tommy O'neil

Tommy O'neil, located in RMS Titanic 1912

as part of The RMS Titanic

You seem tense...Have a drink!

Character Portrait: Connor 'Voodoo' Walker

Connor 'Voodoo' Walker, located in Takur Ghar

as part of British Elite Special Forces: The S.A.S

Drink another beer, and thats an order Private!

Character Portrait: Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith, located in France

as part of Battle of the Somme

I'll be home soon mum, I promise.

Character Portrait: Private Archie surfleet

Private Archie surfleet, located in France

as part of Battle of the Somme

The day this war ends will be the day hell freezes over. In that case - never.

Character Portrait: Richie Mason

Richie Mason, located in Wild west.

as part of The Bandits

Whoever said horses were dumb, were dumb.

Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone

Frankie Corleone, located in New York 1920's

as part of The Bootleggers

There is no way that I am getting in a car with those fella's Tony!

Character Portrait: Matt O'neil

Matt O'neil, located in The world, 2015

as part of World at War

Oh how I love the smell of gun oil and victory in the morning...

Character Portrait: Walter Jacobs

Walter Jacobs, located in Chicago

as part of Just Singin' the blues...

I'm not as stupid as you think I am.

Character Portrait: Matt Shell

Matt Shell, located in Ridgewood Manor

as part of Ridgewood Manor

What on earth possessed me to come here?

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills, located in Apple Meadows Orphanage

as part of The Great Escape

I can't do this anymore

Character Portrait: Tommy Wilkinson

Tommy Wilkinson, located in America 1946

as part of The Girl I Left Behind

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, - Winston Churchill on the Royal Air Force