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Universes Created

No Quarter

Up above the villages above, the hills and monster lays the town of Helmfrost. In resent years the village has remand peaces full and quite but now a magic plaugehas struck the town and people are die only six kid were left to get aid from the other towns

a world we made

in 1592 Columbus sailed the water to find the new world. but the truth was that it had been found years before that and had settled... more in side

The Dream of Love

this is a high school for you to dream and love in.

kill and run the dead are walking

this rp in the second generations of the survivors of the zombie apocalypses

Alive but not Human

all over new york Neko’s are kept as pets because they're not human {more in side }

Title: batman: the outsides

Gotham city has imposed a set of law. these’s law will allows the a bounty system to run the way vigilantes will be rewarded for their actions against crime.

Alice: blood of the Damned

Once well i slept, in my dreams i found a twisted, sick, happy world. I had never seen before, that place will never leave my thoughts, dreams or mind again.

going to school alone

people come in to this would alone why would they want to live alone welcome to the one school meant to find you a lover.

below the city

The underground world is on that the light never touches, and many people within the underground never see the light.

Melcam the world with out light

the light fades on the darkest day and the peoples gather to take back there word (im not great at grammar or spelling so please im sorry if your not happy with the way i write.)

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