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Labrats Open

You were dead, but somehow you managed to wake up and continue life for a week, or two, depending on how fast the government found you. Then, you were taken to be a labrat

Escaping is impossible Open

This is a private roleplay with me (tornadofan2) and delfiler. Be my guest and read along though.

Wolf of Dawn Open

Completely surrounded by mountains as high as five thousand metres, there lies a big patch of land full lush forests and magical creatures. This place is non-touched by human hands and no human has ever come across this land. It is well hidden, even thoug

Raveleijn Open

The family Woudenberg moved from the city to an old inn on the edge of a forest in Limburg. The children discover that they have a great adventure in the woods. Ravens and a mysterious female voice lead them to a mysterious old city gate...

The Extras Game Open

You are an illegal child and the only way to earn your right to freedom is to win The Game.

Brat Camp: Turn-About Ranch Open

Troubled teens are brought to Turn-About Ranch, where they'll be taught how to behave.

A Dinosaur's Tale Open

Dinosaurs were discovered a few years ago, and ever since, we have been studying them. But, what will you do if you are there? WIP

World of Wacraft Open

One Guild, Horde and Alliance together, are to prevent the war and to stop it, and make peace between the races. Guild members against the world, no one knows what will happen.

Chasing the Sun Closed

Bitten by a Vampire, your death is faked but what will you do next? Find the Vampire that bit you, or try to return back to the normal world to see the Sun again?

A Legend's Pride Closed

Two children, a army bigger then that their father could handle.. Win or lose?

Pirates of the Caribbean: The next Generation Open

A 17 year old is now captain of the Black Pearl.. But will she be able to be just like her father and sail the seas?