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Hey, I'm Amy, well my names spelled differently, but that ways just weird lol. Sorry. anyways, I love RPing, and meeting new people. Besides RP, music is my life! PM me if you want to know more or if you want to be friends!
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Tamers & Myths

Earth, where we all live. A close minded world, where dragons, gods, and other mythical creatures are simply that. A myth. But, these “Myths” had to be derived from something.

Club Zero

Teens with broken souls find a beacon of hope at Club Zero.

All I Ever Wanted

For these four couples it will be anything but easy. It will be a living hell, will they be able to prove that love is all you need?

A Blood Red Summer

when their Volkswagen Vanagon breaks down in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization the teens come face to face with a sadistic serial killer.

I Send My Best Regaurds From HELL

A post-apocalyptic world where you shouldn’t trust everything and you only get one chance. The world is a scary place now and you have to try and survive.

Requiem for a Hero

A group of gifted teens escape their tortured life and are now on the run, it's them against the world and they must fight back to be free. (Need Male Roles!)

Heartbreak Inc.

Heartbreak Inc. consist of two best friends who were sick of getting their hearts broken time and time again, and they were even sicker of the guys getting away with it. Thus they formed a secret, word of mouth type organization.

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"And I'm alone now,
Me and all I stood for.
We're wandering now.
All in parts and pieces, swim lonely, find your own way out."

(props if you know the lyrics without Google and if your as obsessed as me we just became best friends :D)