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Music is absolutely my passion in life, my real drive and the thing I am most interested in. I play the ukelele a bit, some of the guitar, and mainly the trombone. I play in a higher level band at school, Jazz Band, and the community band, and always looking for more opportunities to play. Music isn't my only thing though. I also love to draw and write, though I usually never find my drawings or the things I write very good.

I absolutely love Soul Eater, Black Butler, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Hetalia, and I'm always looking for more recommendations on what else to watch as far as anime goes. I fail at drawing anime, though I keep trying, but I love to watch it! Other things I love are scary movies (particularly the Halloween movies or the Nightmare on Elm Street movies), Sweeney Todd, Johnny Depp in general, The Flash, wolves, Sherlock, Perception, House, Disney things, and much much more. I am currently taken by the best person in the world (to me).
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Somewhere in the world.
Currently a sophomore in high school.
Wolves, Music, Roleplaying, Trombone, The Flash, Anime, Alternative Rock, Dragon Age, Animals, Biology, Reading, and much more.
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0- 0-2009
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Dragon Age II
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Fantasy, Anime, Romance, Dark

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Darkness pierces my veins.
It infiltrates my lungs.
It clouds my vision
And my thoughts.
I'm sorry that I'm broken.
But please don't try to fix me.