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Why would you need to know this.
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In the code.
College, and the wonders that brings. Major: Video Game Programming
rping, computers, dogs
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0- 0-2010
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Mass Effect, Stars Without Number
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Completed Stories

The Order of the Seven Seals Completed

When a powerful evil arose, it was banished. Millennia have passed and it is up to a new team of arcane warriors to thwart the evil, and ensure peace.

Universes Created

The Void: The Realm Sphere

Alira, the second realm. Normally a peaceful world of the creations of the Voidwalkers, it has become the demons' target. It is time for all to guard the power of one voidrunner's realm sphere.

Magelords Reboot

In a world where magic is passed through the blood and families of sorcerers rule as God-kings, a new arcane science will rise to challenge the old order.

Natura Magica

In Malgur magic is not a power of focus or knowledge, but a power of materials. Be wary which rock you step on.

Of Claw and Sword

Now you stand awake in a world of man and man-like beasts, but as with all intellegent life, war is here.

Echo 13

The planet of Echo 13 has been found to be rich in resources. This means that the corporations that rule the milky-way will be fighting for this new planet.

The Veil

1000 years ago, a group of men and women went into the Veil seeking a place away from the rest of the world. Now, hailing darkness as the opposite part of light on the Scale of Eternal Balance, they have been attack multiple times by the Knights of Light.

Factions Rise, Nations Fall

Once this world was united. Once. That time is far from over, as various factions have taken hold of an island, or group of islands, and do as they please. (Make a faction, and then make its path.)

E Series

A is for assault, D for defense, and G for general. There is no documentation on any 'E series' clone. [WIP]


You are a thaumaturge, or miracle worker. You have been invited to the Thaumaturgy Guild, a prestigious college of fellow thaumaturgists. What will you learn about miracles?

The Volf Chronicles 1: Cyborg Dragon

You read the posting board and spot this article: "Hiring help for finding the Cyborg Dragon. I have already found the entrance to his labyrinth. Contact Adion Volf, cyborg unit AG-13 for more information."

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"There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension. I am Sovereign." Sovereign, Mass Effect