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wednesdaysun member of RPG for 9 years

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Hullo. I go by Lee. I've been here for a while, although I've recently returned from a few years' absence from RPG. I came back to keep my writer's block in check and to stay creative whilst I'm suffering through professional school.
Shh, the author stats lie: I've done mostly PBPs throughout my stay here, I haven't joined a considerable amount of RPs on the Tab system, and recently, I've been purging old, unnecessary characters and universes so that may account for the measly numbers. I normally do a minimum of 300-350 words per post, although I've been trying to work my way up to 500. (Also, I couldn't be bothered to make a new account to clear that up. Welp.)

Don't hesitate to shoot off a PM if you're up for a 1x1 or small-group RP, if you have questions and would like to know more, or just so. I don't bite.

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28 Aug 2009
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A private roleplay between juliebarnes and wednesdaysun.

La Poubelle

Fr., fem., n.: rubbish; rubbish bin — roleplay storage (main page, character, post layouts; face claims; references; etc.)


It has been ten years since the outbreak of the vampiric infection. Less than 2% of the population on Earth has remained human. Now, whoever's left prays for the cure that'll save them from the impeding extinction of the human race.

Cast A Spell On Me

Two siblings wander into an abandoned barn at midnight on a Halloween dare, and end up finding out that there's more to this visit than just a scare.

The Storyteller

A peaceful secret order in jeopardy of being exposed and exploited for personal gain. A ruthless scion hungry for acceptance. An unwitting journalist. A grand chase.

Not in Our Books

[1x1] Exes uniting? Unwilling matches made? Spanners in the works? Merry wars and skirmishes of wit abound.




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