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wheezymcgee » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by wheezymcgee as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Keith Montana

Keith Montana, located in New Columbia

as part of The Wasted Lands


Character Portrait: Lobo

Lobo, located in The Multiverse

as part of Exiles - A Massive Crossover

Bastiches...... All of them........

Character Portrait: Jimmy Argus

Jimmy Argus, located in The Island

as part of Welcome to The Island

"Take a week off they said........, The trip will be great they said......"

Character Portrait: Matt Becker

Matt Becker, located in MIAMI 1988

as part of Just Like Paradise

"Oh it's on........"

Character Portrait: Carlos  Lopez

Carlos Lopez, located in Detroit, Michigan

as part of Detroit Heroes

My Beloved.....

Character Portrait: Det. Steve McCoy

Det. Steve McCoy, located in Triumph City, USA

as part of Into the Dark

I'm gonna get this son of a .....

Character Portrait: Raymond Simmons

Raymond Simmons, located in Island

as part of Surviving Isolation

Not Again.......

Character Portrait: Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford, located in Massachusetts

as part of A Porter Family Christmas

"Im Not Sure if I'm Ready for this."

Character Portrait: Chad West

Chad West, located in Zombie Apocalypse

as part of It's the End of the World As We Know It

Maybe this is my purpose in life

Character Portrait: James Lambert

James Lambert, located in California

as part of The Cliques In High School

It's High School.......that about sums it up.....

Character Portrait: Dominic Rhodes

Dominic Rhodes, located in Bluffinton, Minnesota

as part of The American Dream

Call me Thanos....

Character Portrait: Hector Slade

Hector Slade, located in The Aterus Continent

as part of The Unlikely Heroes

Just call me Slade,

Character Portrait: Larold Hannigan

Larold Hannigan, located in summer camp

as part of Camp Getaway


Character Portrait: James Stout

James Stout, located in Rockport, MA

as part of 'Tis the Season

Another Christmas with the Essex Family

Character Portrait: James Colt

James Colt, located in FUTURE

as part of Bringing Back Hell

It usually always ends Bloody for hunters..........

Character Portrait: Merrik

Merrik, located in Eredos

as part of Kingdoms at War

Captain of Eriel's troops and Forces

Character Portrait: Stan Zimmer

Stan Zimmer, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Beverly Hills: 90210

Each new day is a fresh start...right?

Character Portrait: Scott Porter

Scott Porter, located in Walt Town

as part of Mishap with Disney

Oh I see.......

Character Portrait: Tyson Mackenroy

Tyson Mackenroy, located in USA

as part of Legend Hunters


Character Portrait: Luke Wallace

Luke Wallace, located in Girls Room/Rooms

as part of Island Paradise

I guess this could be fun.

Character Portrait: Edgar Colt

Edgar Colt, located in NORTH EAST

as part of Hunters: Beginnings

Ive been doin this along time.

Character Portrait: Roy O'Malley

Roy O'Malley, located in The Island

as part of Welcome to The Island


Character Portrait: Edgar Stone

Edgar Stone, located in San Francisco

as part of Leads

Im a little bit confused

Character Portrait: John Wessen

John Wessen, located in Diamond City.

as part of Hunter's Destiny..

I'm tired of this......

Character Portrait: Luke Martin

Luke Martin, located in Splitcreek Graveyard

as part of Way Out West

Why do people do the things that they do?

Character Portrait: Tyson

Tyson, located in Capital Wasteland

as part of The Capital Wasteland Refugees

Ok.... Whos Next?

Character Portrait: Murdoc

Murdoc, located in Ethinal

as part of Darkness Comes Again

Ill make it quick.

Character Portrait: Peter Stumpp

Peter Stumpp, located in Elkhunt Ridge

as part of The Vampire King Comes to Town

Ive done some very bad things.......hehehehe ...also.... theres gonna be alot of blood....

Character Portrait: Ray Simmons

Ray Simmons, located in The Island

as part of Surviving the Island

Not Again...........

Character Portrait: Edgar Livingston

Edgar Livingston, located in The Earth

as part of Playing With DNA

go away...........

Character Portrait: Matthew Leland

Matthew Leland, located in Portland, Oregon

as part of The Teachers

Another School Year...........Yay....