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" Life is when you realize that you have no control"
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Reading, writing, singing, playing music, and everything and anything.
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06 Apr 2008
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Hospitals, mental wards

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Universes Created

Celestial Voyage: A Joyney To A New World

Many were chosen to board this ship and be placed in the Facility once they land on the planet, as an expirement

Breaking Molds: A Frauded society

You live in a country where everything you do is per-ordained, controlled by a tyrannical government in order to "Keep the peace"

Bald and beautiful; Cancer School

This is a school and hospital for children of all ages with fatal diseases, but mainly cancer.

A Place To Call Home: home for runaways

This is a place for anyone who has run away from their home, for any reason, from anywhere.

Four Gay Men

Two firemen are falling for each other, and two teenagers have been keeping their love a secret for a long time.... How will it all play out?

Tehtered To Perfection

Beauty is hard to find, and these teens have it. This is a modeling school, but the kids are not rich, they have been scouted from everyday places and chosen to live here; trained in modeling and pushed to the breaking point.

The Overflow Complex

The foster care system is overflowing with kids. Those who are not likely to be adopted; ie teens, the mentally ill ex. Are placed here... more like a prison than a care facility.

The course of true love...

"The course of true love never did run smooth" - Shakespeare, A midsummer night's dream. These are the stories of several couple. OPEN

Speed Club

An underground club, where anyone is excepted, as long as they have one thing in common; you have to ride something and ride it fast. Bikes, skateboards, skates, ect.

The Chosen Ones: Island of Seclucion

All of you were chosen to be here for a reason, it is your job to find out what that is.

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