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My name is Jade! I like all kinds of roleplays and love making new characters! If you have any ideas for one on one roleplays, hmu because I love those! c:
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Role playing, listening to music, fanfiction, playing video games, eating, sleeping, watching movies and tv shows, hanging out with my friends and whatnot.
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0- 0-2009
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World of Warcraft
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I will do pretty much all! :)

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Universes Created

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A New Generation

This takes place 16 years after the fall of Sunnydale (2019) where Buffy is dead. The rest of the scoobies are still alive but don't fight anymore. Will the new scoobies save the world? What happens when Spike and Angel join this new crew? (REMAKE)

Jade's Boutique

This is not an rp! This is simply meant for storage purposes, but feel free to look around. I will be making a list of face claims (both anime and real life) and will attempt to make character sheets in the future, so those are available to all!

New Teacher?

1x1 between Lifecharacter and xLevesquex

Lost At Sea

Seven strangers find themselves washed ashore on an island early in the morning. Will they find a way to survive until help (hopefully) comes, or will they be forever Lost At Sea?

Cheesy Romance 1x1's

These are some roleplays that I'd like to try out.

My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

This takes place two years after The Kusakabe family moved into the old house in rural Japan, except now that their mother has recovered and strange things are happening around town, they have no need to stay any longer... (Restarting this rp!)

The Demon and the Princess: 2.0

This is a 1x1 roleplay! The princess is taken but the demon role is now reserved! Description inside.

The Demon and the Princess

1x1 between xLevesque and Mashotu

Fukushima High 2.0

This is my second try at making this roleplay work. IT'S NEW AND IMPROVED! It's got everything an anime high school could ever dream of, so come on down and apply before someone snatches that character you want.

Fukushima High

(TEACHERS ONLY) Here are Fukushima High School, it's just like any other high school. You've got the drama, love, heart breaks, popular kids... You know how it is! So stop looking before someone snatches that cool character you want!

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