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xXxCryptic-AngelxXx member of RPG for 8 years

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Hey guys! I'm Emily. I'm a college student who is currently taking a semester off after getting my AA to take a break before going back to school to be a nurse. In my freetime (i.e. lately) I read, write, art (as in painting, crafting, drawing,etc.) , slay some dragons (D&D) and goof off. When I'm not doing that, I'm working retail..

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florida, USA
college student
reading, writing, art, music, roleplay, blogging, photography, the supernatural, dungeons and dragons
Began Role Playing:
29 Oct 2006
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Don't necessarily have one.
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
high fantasy hands down

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Universes Created

House of Cards

Strange things have been happening in the town of Ashwood. Good thing the ladies of The Delancey House for Gifted Woman are here to help. With their psychic abilities, no crime is unsolvable. [Full]

The Shadow Children

"When the Peace of Valie is threatened by The Red Lady, the kingdom's only hope is a group of orphans who live in the shadows of the surrounding forest. The Shadow Children."

The Bandits of the Lunar Crest

The Kingdom of Kloud's is in an uproar when the beloved queen dies and is replaced with a woman sworn to distroy the kingdom. How far will the people go to save the kingdom they love?

Secrets of Limbo

A private RP about a curse and a wedding gone wrong has left a ship, The Dreamer, to float the seas and party for all eternity, trapping souls within. Three couples have a week to break the curse before everything resets and they're tapped in a loop.

Cryptic's Sandbox

This is my sandbox. For world building primarily.

School of Dreams

A 1x1 between SleepingInTheGardens and me

Quest for the Everstone

The Everstone has shattered and magic has vanished from the world. Those brave enough to collect them and fight the dark creatures that roam, are granted a wish. What would you wish for?

Age of Anarchy

1 x 1 between icat and xXxCryptic-AngelxXx

The Lost Treasure of Arimathea

A treasure of untold riches. A clue to its whereabouts. A dangerous journey. Countless men have lost their lives in search of the treasure, but will the crew of the Stardust be the first to hold its riches?

The Solarflare

A 1 x 1 x 1 private RP about space pirates




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