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I LOVE reading. Give me any book, as long as it is fiction I will read it in a few days from cover to cover no matter the length. A few (I stress few because I love too many books.) of my favorite series are The House of Night, The Inheritance Cycle, A Series of Unfortunate Events (yes I am one of the few who have actually read ALL 13 books), and the Divergent series.

I love drawing, I used to sit in my classes and let the pencil move. Then *poof* I have an excellent drawing instead of the notes I was supposed to be taking. (It typically turned into a Dragon. ^-^

I also like writting (who here doesn't? And if you don't, what the heck are you doin' on this site?). I prefer the fanstasy genre because of all the mysteriousness (yes I know it's not an actual word. But it is now ^-^) in it. But I also like Sci-fi fantasy because I like to imagine what would be possible in real life and not just in the fairy tales.
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New Mexico in the great U.S. of A.
None currently, just finished high school. Go 2014 Seniors! I plan to go into medical.
I absolutely love reading, writting and drawing. If I could I would do all three at the same time.
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16 Mar 2011
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Sci-fi Fantasy

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The Lab

Finished, but read the last page and info section so you have info for the sequal. Check out 'The Outside' if you want to be apart.

The Outside

They were locked up like animals, forced to be changed into something they never thought was possible. Can't be continued, but read if you wish! {^-^}

Escape to the Outside

They were taken, or made. Forced to change into something they didn't believe possible. Now that they have a chance to be free, will they be able to? Or will they be thrown into a new kind of Hell? Still accepting

Street Rats

They had been in every civilization, in every age. Street rats, the homeless, the orphans, those who steal to survive. How will your life unfold in this seemingly advanced world?

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"Sometimes when I say I'm fine I'd like someone to wrap their arms around me, look me in the eyes, pour their soul into me, and demand to know whats wrong"
.:[Author unkown]:.

Sick of crying, tired of trying,
Yes I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying.
.:[Credit to: Shattered233]:.

Everybody is always so f***ing 'Fine'
But we are not. Sometimes, we are hurt and bruised and nearly comepletely shattered.
And this, sir, is not what one calls fine.
.:[Author unknown]:.