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~Living-Dead Doll~ member of RPG for 9 years

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I like these types of rps:
Anime, fantasy (not so much sci-fi), lore based fantasy, romance, and movie/book based/ Fan Fiction!!, Medieval, Disney run offs with a twist, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, the Labyrinth (with David Bowie), and more.
I also do onexones!! PM me for more info. ^^
*NOTE: I double but usually play a girl character if I don't double.*

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~Living-Dead Doll~
No where special
Anime, romance, crafts, video games, music, roleplaying, writing, fiction, horror, and lots of other stuff.
Began Role Playing:
15 Nov 2000
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Universes Created

Shattered Wonderland

What if you got so high you got stuck in a completely different world? What if there was no way out and if you died there, your body actually died too? What if, when you look in the mirror, you no longer see who you really are?

Falling Again

(Remake) When an angel leaves Heaven to be with his love, he finds out things aren't that simple. Now there are lives on the line and he must make the right decisions to keep his loved ones alive!

Left 4 Dead- Before the Infection

When the Green Flu breaks out there are only 4 survivors who must try to find safety. But what about the people who became the special infected? What about their lives before the outbreak and how did the infection slowly change them? This is their story.

Making Peace

When the world is torn apart, 4 nations must send in the next in line for the throne in hopes of them falling in love and making peace throughout the land. However, the ones being forced into this have other things in mind and might just make thing worse.

School for the Gifted and Wicked

No one lives forever, and even if they do, they don't want to be the one to save the world forever. So the Avengers/X-men/and several villains helped make a school for the second generation.

Camp of the Fear Dubh

7 college kids decide to go camping deep in the woods. Things seem fine the first few nights. However after a round of ghost stories, the next morning Jason is missing and weird things start happening. Could his story of the Slendermen be real?

Adventures in a Digital World

Six teens are suddenly sucked into a portal that sends them to a different dimension full of monsters and hardship. Will they ever be able to make it home and why were they ever brought to this place? ((Still ACCEPTING!!))

Heart of the Asylum

The Asylum is a place of horror and death. Now, you are trapped there with some monster lurking around! Will you survive, or will you parish like so many others?

New Adventures in a Digital World

Four teens are suddenly sucked into a portal that sends them to a different dimension full of monsters and hardship. Will they ever be able to make it home and why were they ever brought to this place? ((Restart))

Pokemon A Private Adventure

A Private 1 x 1




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