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~Lonesome Butterfly~ » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by ~Lonesome Butterfly~ as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Amélie Bai

Amélie Bai, located in Tempus Agency

as part of It's about time

The Young Rogue Time Traveler!

Character Portrait: Yasmin De La Rosa

Yasmin De La Rosa, located in Aires

as part of Birthstone Spirits: The Revival


Character Portrait: Biyu "Bunny" Kwan

Biyu "Bunny" Kwan, located in Violet City

as part of The Superhero Squad

A Guardian with the ability to use Psionics.

Character Portrait: Sophie Kwan

Sophie Kwan, located in The Tower

as part of The Thousandth Floor

The former rich gal who has been knocked off her snobby little pedestal.

Character Portrait: Kyle Donovan

Kyle Donovan, located in Hart Manor

as part of A Stoney Summer

Just another wild and free spirited youth of the counterculture.

Character Portrait: Nathan Cook

Nathan Cook, located in The U.S.

as part of Criminals on the Run

The Identity Thieving Fraudster

Character Portrait: Milah Balasubramanian

Milah Balasubramanian, located in Universe

as part of Viral Outbreak

A pessimistic loner

Character Portrait: Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith, located in Earth <3

as part of I Am Number Four

Number Six

Character Portrait: Francesca Cavalcanti

Francesca Cavalcanti, located in New York

as part of Welcome to Adulthood

A lively club/party promoter searching for the special something, or someone, missing in her life.

Character Portrait: Valentina Putina

Valentina Putina, located in Earth

as part of We Are Rising

The Goddess of Chaos and Destruction

Character Portrait: Adriana Di Pasqua

Adriana Di Pasqua, located in Infinity

as part of I'll Never Leave

The Rebellious Teen

Character Portrait: Ginger Blaire

Ginger Blaire, located in Newton City, USA

as part of The Hunted Ones

The Catty Blonde

Character Portrait: Marie Ambers

Marie Ambers, located in The Colonies

as part of We The People

A loyal Patriot Spy with a deep hate of the Red Coats.

Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine

Valerie "Kitty" Valentine, located in A world much like our own.

as part of SCION

The Sassy Tech Gal.

Character Portrait: Riley J. Mendoza

Riley J. Mendoza, located in Dystopian

as part of The New Team

A laid back kid with a great sense of humor, major passion for music, and a natural gift for Earth bending.

Character Portrait: Jessa Skylaria

Jessa Skylaria, located in Aeternam

as part of Kings & Queens {Remake}

High Priestess in the Holy Kingdom

Character Portrait: The Xeros Twins

The Xeros Twins, located in The New World

as part of Crowns, Empires, Blood and Swords

Haxin and Hayla are the eldest children of the Emperor and Empress of Kalimdor, and hold nearly as much power as their parents over the day-to-day affairs of their nation.

Character Portrait: Rachel Xue

Rachel Xue, located in Montana

as part of Back Again

Rachel was the foreigner everyone loved to tease growing up, but she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and managed to accomplish a lot in her years away from Virginia City.

Character Portrait: Elisa'Marie Babineaux

Elisa'Marie Babineaux, located in Hollywood

as part of You're The Lucky Ones: REMAKE

The Red-Haired Siren

Character Portrait: Kat Farrow

Kat Farrow, located in Divine City

as part of Deadly Correction

Lust; Forever flirtatious and incredibly vivacious.

Character Portrait: Julius Thanos

Julius Thanos, located in Oregon

as part of This Supernatural Love

The Vampire.

Character Portrait: Troy Matthews

Troy Matthews, located in Lake Erie, Ohio

as part of Four

Number One of the Four gifted children from Lakeside, Ohio.

Character Portrait: Tyler Krill

Tyler Krill, located in Earth

as part of Us vs. Them!

The cocky 24 year old First Lieutenant from the Southern California rebel faction.

Character Portrait: Phoenix de Jesús

Phoenix de Jesús, located in Tomorrowland

as part of Tomorrowland

A wild spirit trying to wash her problems away with drugs...

Character Portrait: Shin Hwang

Shin Hwang, located in The Cabin

as part of The Unknowing Elements

A quiet keep-to-himself kind of guy, who also happens to be a water elemental.

Character Portrait: Krystal "Barbie" Kay

Krystal "Barbie" Kay, located in VGHS

as part of Video Game High School

An unexpected & preppy addition to Video Game High! xD

Character Portrait: Penelope Zervos

Penelope Zervos, located in V-D-L-T Academy

as part of Vampire-De-La-Torre

A young vampire curious of the world around her.

Character Portrait: Nizhoni Riversky

Nizhoni Riversky, located in United States of America

as part of The Rising

A woman who rather love than fight, but fights anyhow since it's a necessity to her survival.

Character Portrait: Arabella Putin

Arabella Putin, located in The North

as part of Project Paradise

A lonely woman finding her own way in New Moscow.

Character Portrait: Victoria Xu

Victoria Xu, located in Dining Hall

as part of The Ivory Door

The Historian & Photographer.

Character Portrait: Kiyomi Imaidegawa

Kiyomi Imaidegawa, located in Nobunaga's Territory

as part of Sengoku Era Romance

A young woman with little self worth, living in a place she despises.

Character Portrait: Imi Waters

Imi Waters, located in The three Worlds

as part of A World For Stars

A well studied girl who enjoys a good adventure.

Character Portrait: Starr Gojo

Starr Gojo, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Pacts of Sin

The Human of Wrath...who ironically is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet! =))

Character Portrait: Markus Light (aKa: Zeus)

Markus Light (aKa: Zeus), located in New York City

as part of The Rise of the Titans: Crimson Age

The King of the Gods, living the persona of a rockstar.

Character Portrait: Damien Kyles

Damien Kyles, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of Enchanted

A carefree musician who likes to pretend that his life isnt't missing anything.....or anyone....

Character Portrait: Starr Montgomery

Starr Montgomery, located in Brookdale High School

as part of High School Love Stories

A bubbly young girl with high spirits and a beautiful personality to match!

Character Portrait: Jia Li MingXia

Jia Li MingXia, located in Storybrooke, Maine,Earth/The Enchanted Forest

as part of Forgotten Fairytales Reboot

Just a typical girl running her parents beauty shop out of Stroybrooke......nothing more, right?

Character Portrait: Cyla K. Jones

Cyla K. Jones, located in Frankfort City, USA

as part of The Hooded Vigilante

A sweet carefree girl attempting to fit the mold of a fierce party-loving socialite.

Character Portrait: Rainn Lovett

Rainn Lovett, located in 1960s America

as part of When You're A Stranger

A kind free-spirit, wanting to not only see the world, but embrace it....

Character Portrait: Tiffany Swan

Tiffany Swan, located in Cartwright Falls

as part of Cartwright Falls A Psychological Horror Story

A cunning young thief who has turned a new leaf, and now uses her sneakiness to catch major stories for the local paper.....and perhaps even a killer!

Character Portrait: Dominika Solo

Dominika Solo, located in Elk River, Louisiana

as part of The Town of Elk River

An Alpha with the ability to manipulate Water.

Character Portrait: Eboni Song

Eboni Song, located in Avalon

as part of Avalon Awakened

Player 6: Tank

Character Portrait: Maxine Vida

Maxine Vida, located in 3014 Earth

as part of The Dark Prince Rises

The Crossbreed

Character Portrait: Hana'lusia Oimikado

Hana'lusia Oimikado, located in Camden

as part of All that was Lost

One of many survivors, alone, barely surviving.

Character Portrait: Orlando D'Aliahari-Romano

Orlando D'Aliahari-Romano, located in Manhattan, New York

as part of Christmas With Friends

The Laid Back Skateboarding Musician.

Character Portrait: Valerie Kay Bush

Valerie Kay Bush, located in Earth, circa 2017

as part of Hidden Identities

The eldest Daughter of President Barack Bush.

Character Portrait: Amelia Valentina Grimm

Amelia Valentina Grimm, located in Dystopian Earth

as part of A Grimm Fate

The larger-than-life 19yo Grimm Sister.

Character Portrait: Kara Leeon

Kara Leeon, located in All.

as part of The 77th Annual Hunger Games

A loner suddenly thrown into the lime-light, all in the name of a sick form of entertainment.

Character Portrait: Alyssandra White Cloud

Alyssandra White Cloud, located in California

as part of Beverly Hills High School

The Popular Loner everyone knows but few have the guts to approach.

Character Portrait: Fialynn Jillvanas

Fialynn Jillvanas, located in Fallon

as part of Inside Castle Walls

Mercenary Mage and Member of the Royal Guard

Character Portrait: So Young Gangjeon

So Young Gangjeon, located in South Korea

as part of YG Entertainment

A powerhouse with quite the fun/dorky side.

Character Portrait: Vivian Seo

Vivian Seo, located in US

as part of The Last Mission

Soldier/Fighter from the Green Gang.

Character Portrait: Hayli Nicolas

Hayli Nicolas, located in U.S.A <3

as part of I Need You, & You Need Me...

A rich party girl from LA trying to break free of the scene she's spent her whole life in.

Character Portrait: Valorie Hwang

Valorie Hwang, located in Sleepy Hollow, New York

as part of Crossroads

A girl who's constantly struggling to control her own emotions.

Character Portrait: Eun Bi

Eun Bi, located in Brentwood, California

as part of Brentwood School

Personal Performing Artist who's a total social butterfly and academic perfectionist.

Character Portrait: Kassie "Kitty" Taylor

Kassie "Kitty" Taylor, located in West Hanover High School

as part of Bad Teacher

AP US History Teacher

Character Portrait: Umi Theodorou

Umi Theodorou, located in Earth, 2135 AD

as part of Defiance: Rise of The Templar

A quiet young woman with the spirit of a raging warrior on the battlefield.

Character Portrait: Fiona Ushakov

Fiona Ushakov, located in New York City

as part of Royalty and Love

A girl who's visage of an sassy confident woman happy with her life couldn't be further from the truth.