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Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

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Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Saarai on Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:36 am

People, share some quotes from your characters or another person's characters from a chat or forum RP or dialogue shared between characters in the chat or forums. They don't all have to be humorous, but people do like to laugh sometimes. To give you an example of what to do, I'll start.

"My penis was in your wife, just accept that fact." - Kazen Horne from a chat RP earlier today.

"I find it funny that Izumi is a guy, but he's a pretty. I mean, I ain't gay or anything, but men are supposed to be handsome. But Izumi is pretty, in the right light and maybe with enough drinks in me system I'd probably try to hit that." - Kazen Horne from a few weeks ago.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tæfarós on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:21 am

I lack memorable quotes, but this thread is bitchin'.

"I hear you're a demigod."
"I hear you ain't legal."
- A character exchange of mine from The Multiverse.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lord Saladin on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:01 am

I'll always remember Arthur Maze, from the Almost Modern Fantasy. This particular quote sticks in my head:

"Burned tea will do, I suppose. But, please, son, take a bath. You stink."

Please tell me now what life is, Please tell me now what love is... Again, tell me what life is.

Tiko says: Saladin: Damn it, leave my hole alone.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Saarai on Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:17 pm

"The reasons are all unclear to me. I am now currently unemployed and without a job. Who would have thought the idea that the Department of Redundancy Department and the Redundancy Department of Redundancy would have to stop and pause for a moment .. " - Sato as Taylor Tailor just a little while ago. Very redundant that post was.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gawain on Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:06 am

My main character is a Lich, and his friend was writhing in pain for a reason he didn't know of he accused the assailent and the assailent replied:

"Lich, please, you obviously have no idea what you are doing. Allow me,"

I laughed for ten minutes.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Skornful on Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:36 pm

"Fletcher doesn't work here anymore." The vampire said with wide-eyed earnestness. He was too good at lying, "Kept slacking off. Did you know he actually stacked all the shot glasses into a pyramid - ALL of 'em, mind - and then timed it so that they'd fall the SECOND the next shift started? Out the door, he was. Not a nice guy. If you find him, give him a few knuckle sandwiches for me."

The vampire held up a finger, "No. Seriously." He dove behind the bar, and procured a white sack with a red cartoony fist on it, "I stopped at Knuckles today, I figured I owe him that much."

He thrust the bag into Jimmie's hands. It smelled like cheap fast food - greasy, hot with oil, yet delicious.

"Lives in Jersey, though. Newark, to be more specific. I could give you his address if you like."

Fletcher, Sato's character, was hiding from a guy (one of many, I'm sure) who are out to kill him.

The knuckle sandwich line made me laugh out loud. :)

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ghost_x1000 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:47 am

"Do you know why we are doing this? Sure, we've all heard the propaganda about how we are the future of the world. Supposedly, these chemicals we test are going to rid the world of all evil, and usher in a new age of Utopia. Blah, blah, blah. Do you know the real reason they've collected all the best scientists in the world together? It's because they're scared. If we were free, some of us might be creating things that would harm the government. Some of us would be creating things that would give people more freedom. Some of us would even go as far as to create weapons for America's enemies. You see, the truth is, we're not here because of what we can do for this project. We're here so that we don't get wrapped up in any other projects. And the way we're treated isn't exactly the best. The government is so afraid of this research getting out, that they've re-inforced our bars. As you've probably noticed at the facility, we aren't allowed to leave. Even when we come out here, there are military personel everywhere, with orders to aprehend us if we try to escape. You see, we're in for a life sentence. And between us and the animals... sometimes, I wonder who is really in the cage."
Blinking in surprise, May realized that she had been going on for some time.
"Oh, but where are my manners. I didn't introduce myself. I am Dr. May Connors, but my friends call me May. And you are?"

This sometimes happens to me in real life as well. Rant first, meet person you've ranted to second.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kouketsu on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:46 am

Some pretty awesome quotes came out of quite a few roleplays I've been in during my years here, but these are the ones that have been awesome enough to keep noted:

Nottori was basically nothing but us steamrolling the fourth wall and abusing every narrative perspective under the sun, then obliterating any remaining pieces of it, a few such such moment evidenced here:

Well, that was until the 'beautiful distressed damsel whose angelic wonder could only be matched by goddesses fabricated in ancient myths because nobody that beautiful has ever existed except for that one girl' actually, no lie, ACCIDENTALLY BRUSHED HER HAND AGAINST HIS WHILE THEY WERE WALKING OUT OF THE ROOM. OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! HOLY SH--! DID YOU SEE THAT? I AM LIKE, FREAKING OUT HERE! THEY TOUCHED! THAT'S LIKE KISSING WITH YOUR HANDS!

And this, dear viewers, is where you all come in with your collective "OOOOOOOOOOH!"

Do it yet? If so, take a deep breath. Calm yourself. Good again? Okay, let us move on..

Kat observed her boobs with curiosity. They were a decent size for a girl her age. She stared at them for several moments before lifting both of her arms up simultaneously to feel them. She prodded at them, jiggled them and squeezed them, emanating squeaks of curiosity and thrill each time.

So this is what they feel like...

Ghalerion had some wonderful dialogue in its earlier days, including these particular pieces, at least in context:

"The only certainty of incidents from our past is that we, as scholars and as citizens, are given two choices with them. We may take from such mistakes and lend the knowledge they have provided to improve ourselves and our society, or we may simply ignore them, leaving chance to find ourselves repeating the disastrous errors of antiquity once more."

"Ghale. My country, my father land. What sorrows are they bringing on you? Have they forced you to this end? To war and terror and bloodshed? If my end should befall me on this ridge, in this valley, on this day or the next, I leave you with my most sincere apologies. You did not deserve this. Nobody did."

All the 20's and 30's slang tossed around in this one roleplay me and a girl here did was pretty memorable just because it was so much fun to do, even if there was nothing particularly special to it. A few samples:

"You're a keen little jane. How 'bout you get me something that will get me corked, mm, Doll? And get a wiggle on it." She winked slyly, sucking away at the last of her ciggy. The butt she put out into an ashtray atop none other than Mr. Beniamo's table. "You Sheiks having a grand time, I hope?"

"Shoot that one to Russel, doll. The tricks are there, and I got the moxie, but it's all politics." Luck didn't know if it was good fortune that done it or the fact that one of the Beniamo family was ordering hooch at his table that suddenly drew the attention of a few of the prettier dolls in the place. Stacia was at it again, always one to brighten the sordid nightlife with only the best bootleg liquor and smile or two for a lucky sap.

Turning his attention back to that other table occupied by that dame with the legs, even more surprise would come when suddenly he found her no longer there. But before he'd get a chance to curse his fortune for another beautiful bunny lost, there were those eyes right before him in full. For a moment there, he couldn't speak, couldn't think, couldn't manage a damn thought. That broad was stunning, a true doll, and that was somethin' special in the Chicago underground, where every Jane had herself a million dollar smile and standin' out was next to impossible.

Musterin' up the courage though and calmin' down his soul with a bit of that jazz mistress' siren song, he managed to focus enough to produce an actually coherent response.

"A grand time, no doubt, but an even better time in the presence of such a genuine starlet. How's the night been, dollface?"

Finally, a few choice quotes from old tournaments:



Chnk. Chank. Click. went the shotgun.

Chhk-click. said Loyalty.

And with that, both the guns were alongside each other, pointed straight down towards the center of the arena.

Let's open some fuckin' windows.

”You know, this kinda brings back a bit of nostalgia. I plugged some dude just like this a while ago way early on in this contest.” Ichi-gou thought to himself, a tiny bit of warm and fuzzy feeling spreading through his stomach at the pleasant image, a sensation that was more memory inspired than an actual physiological response. ”Cept this time I get to say something cool after the fact.” Ichi’s grip tightened, and the nerves in his palm sync’d with the receptors in the grip of the triggerless pistol. ”Think I’ll yell something original, like ‘BOOM, HEADSHAAAARGH!”

And suddenly, a giant, extremely high pitched, extremely fast, and slightly more than unexpected wave of oscillating sonics dealt a bitchslap to the sadistic ruminations and cheesy meme proliferation the android had been preparing to unleash.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Killa on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:20 am

Ghost_x1000 wrote:
"Do you know why we are doing this? Sure, we've all heard the propaganda about how we are the future of the world. Supposedly, these chemicals we test are going to rid the world of all evil, and usher in a new age of Utopia. Blah, blah, blah. Do you know the real reason they've collected all the best scientists in the world together? It's because they're scared. If we were free, some of us might be creating things that would harm the government. Some of us would be creating things that would give people more freedom. Some of us would even go as far as to create weapons for America's enemies. You see, the truth is, we're not here because of what we can do for this project. We're here so that we don't get wrapped up in any other projects. And the way we're treated isn't exactly the best. The government is so afraid of this research getting out, that they've re-inforced our bars. As you've probably noticed at the facility, we aren't allowed to leave. Even when we come out here, there are military personel everywhere, with orders to aprehend us if we try to escape. You see, we're in for a life sentence. And between us and the animals... sometimes, I wonder who is really in the cage."
Blinking in surprise, May realized that she had been going on for some time.
"Oh, but where are my manners. I didn't introduce myself. I am Dr. May Connors, but my friends call me May. And you are?"

This sometimes happens to me in real life as well. Rant first, meet person you've ranted to second.

Oh this is nice. For every epic win I wish I could just stuff in into my little bag of keepsakes. Little stuff like this is what makes life living. Again, after seeing this I was struck with the case of the giggles. This is just great.
Help me make a difference in the videogame industry:

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Re: RPG Chat roleplays: The funnies.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ViceVersus on Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:26 pm

What happens when Liesha Kennicot (overworked and no-nonsense sorceress) and Lyra Dannavar (zombie chick slayer with an attitude) meet up in the bar?

More accurately, what happens when Para and myself decide to write an RP with annoying alphabetized assonance?



Liesha Kennicot absolutely abstained from attempting to acknowledge Lyra's 'afterlife' appearance by airily aiming her attention to another area.

Lyra Dannavar was quite baffled at the backwards and boggling lack of benevolence bursting from Liesha's body. Bitch.

Liesha couldn't continue. She craned her cranium creepily at Lyra's cadaver, but still couldn't collect the courage to speak.

Lyra Dannavar didn't deign to direct her dainty digits or her deadly gaze at the dope, who couldn't differentiate between definitively 'dead' and decidedly 'dastardly'.

Liesha, ever the even-keeled, eased her eyes from the east edge of the bar to near the entryway.

Lyra frankly found it frivolous that the frigid, frosty female simply couldn't form even a furtive glance at her 'funky' form, obviously far too fastidious to even feign a faintly familiar smile, instead, firmly frowning.

Liesha graciously did not gripe about her grumbly leg's gnawing pain, but it was growing and the good woman gave a little groan.

Lyra heavily huffed, horribly hurt that her horrific guise hastily harried potential friends away, hiding a highly pleasant, happy human.

Liesha immediately inclined her head. She inferred ingeniously that Lyra's inane attempts to instigate interaction were impossible. Liesha had not intended to injure, but her isolation was imminent.

Lyra jarringly jumped, juggling her juice as she was jostled by a passing joker of a man, before judging his jarring judicious jackass behaviour, and jerking up at the jerk her middle finger.

Liesha kneaded her brow, knowing Lyra's killer kicking kraze would soon be kaput.

Lyra lolled languidly back into her leaning loiter, longing for a long lost life of less loss and a lack of livid Lieshas.

Liesha murmured mutinously, massaging her migraine before it might move with a more malignant mission.

Lyra never now would name the nasty necromancer that netted her normality and neutered it, not needing to due to not nattering with 'normals' and their needless nitpicking nuances.

Liesha openly orchestrated another over-the-shoulder op, obviously observing Lyra as though obtaining obtuse amounts of odd facts over the woman.

Lyra poignantly pointed her purplish person at this peering pleb, prevailing over her passive panic of being perused by such a perversely personified pest.

Liesha quickly and quietly kept any questionable comments to herself - they made her queasy, like questing after a quarter in a sewer pipe.

Lyra raised her ragged rear in a rambunctious display of rage, readying her rending weapons, but rapidly reconsidering and rowdily returning to her rankled inward rant.

Liesha silently sniggered. So serious this all seemed! She'd sooner slice the slut than say some words, but that was something secret she'd never say aloud.

Lyra was totally torn between tantalizing visions of tearing the trollop from her throne of tenacious taunting, and teases of thoughtful tranquility.

Unfortunately, Liesha unashamedly understood how uncomfortable she made the undead girl. Useless, it was. Liesha was unceasingly like a ubiquitous ulcer.

Lyra had vanquished vicious foes of varying vivaciousness, but was very seldom as vexed as this villainous vixen had her.

Liesha wondered when the wench would wind her whining to a stop. She would whisper words, but it worked wrongly with the woman. Why worry a wound when it was well on its way to wasting?

Lyra was angered by the xenophobia of xylophone playing xenophobes like this, it worsened her xerostomia and forced her to retreat to her pet xenosauridae eating xenarthra!

Liesha yielded, yanking her yellow hair, near yelling now. "Yeah, you want something?" Spoke the Yankee. "Yeesh .. "

Lyra's zany patience had zig-zagged to the end of its zip-line, and with a zealous cry of "Zounds!" the zombie zoomed from the zone, her zen at zero, zapped by Liesha's zeal of disdain.


Ta-da! Who do you think won?

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Re: RPG Chat roleplays: The funnies.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Script on Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:13 pm

So, what do you get with an empty bar after a bug-crash, inspiration, and a bunch of giant lizards?

You get Gambit's, all roleplaying together, taking note of an event as a whole. WIN.

My apologies for the sheer length of this post.

Doryn Soulscar kicked open the door.

(21:21:14): Liesha Kennicot limped into the bar, nursing her usual foul temper. Ti padded along quietly at her heels. His ears perked up as Doryn made his volatile entrance -

Liesha did not make a motion, but continued to hobble over to the counter.

(21:22:12): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) flits her way back into the bar, off work this time as she takes a customers seat at an empty table instead of her post behind the bar. Having replaced the empty glass she had earlier with a small pebble, she sets it on the table in front of her, to resume her exercises and attempts to project her shield onto an inanimate object.

To any observers she looks most peculiar sitting there. Short white hair, blue eyes, pale skin and small stature leave her looking extremely frail, and the white dress she's been sporting today only makes her look more ethereal than usual. She's also occasionally pushing a pebble on the table a few inches.

(21:22:21): Katy Lockhart shoved open the door of the as of the moment almost empty bar, the wooden portal clunking against the wall forcefully "Everyone inside! Now!" the woman yelled, hustling in a detachment of heavily armed officers, each with a harried expression upon their faces.

"Set up defensive positions! Faster! Anderson, get me those fucking sensor mines!"

Just what the officers were preparing for was as of yet unclear, but whatever it is, it was probably bad...

(21:23:00): Doryn Soulscar raised an eyebrow as he settled in beside Liesha. "Drama seems imminent."

(21:23:53): Liesha Kennicot turned at once, hearing Katy's strident voice. The witch's first instincts were to cover her ears, but she just lifted a lip instead.

"Lockhart, what's all this?" Liesha's voice cracked like a whip. The hackles on Ti's back rose slowly ..

(21:24:58): Star Winter teleportedd in the bar and on a stool with leaves in her fur shaking it off while her wolf form

(21:25:59): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) startled out of her concentration at Katy Lockhart's rather loud and abrupt entrance followed by several heavily armed soldiers. She quickly pockets the pebble as she sincerely hopes the bar isn't about to be trashed again, she still hasn't figured out how to shield something other than herself.

(21:26:35): Liesha Kennicot had her wand out already. She slipped off the stool, lurched to the ground. Hiding the pain in her leg, Liesha made her way to where the two WCPD officers stood.

(21:27:08): Doryn Soulscar "What's all this?"

(21:27:10): Jacey Dizzario
Jacey glanced up from her seat at the bar and raised an eyebrow. "Really? Can't a girl enjoy her coke in peace?" She rolled her eyes and stood up. It wasn't very impressive seeing as she was only five feet high. Anyways, she stood and stared at the random person who had came running in. "What the hell happened this time?"

(21:27:53): Liesha Kennicot "Don't know yet." Ti grunted at Jacey, lifting his head off his paws. He seemed to know her even if she didn't know him - and he seemed to forget that it wasn't every day that great wolfhounds sat up and spoke to humans. "Wing City business, no doubt. Liesha will keep you safe."

(21:27:57): Paul Chartreuse enters the bar and heads for the counter taking a look around

(21:29:27): Katy Lockhart slammed shut the front door of the bar, and with the help of several officers, dragged several tables to block it. Any further entrances would be by the back door, whether the patron knew it or not - the bar was clever like that.

"More than I fucking bargained for, that's what." she swore, checking her weapon. "I would advise you get yourself into cover, we may have a firefight on our hands soon." she instructed.

Turning from the woman without a further word, she approached the centurion bar-guards. "Input control code, 7498263, identification Katy Lockhart, local police force commander." she intoned, and the machines began to clunk into life.

Turning back to Liesha, Katy scowled "We've got a small group of apparently hostile alien creatures closing on our position fast - they've taken out three of my officers already and blocked our communications. They're tough, we haven't taken out even one yet."

(21:30:19): Doryn Soulscar raised an eyebrow at the whatnot.

(21:31:24): Liesha Kennicot cricked her neck. She shook out her arms, and raised her wand in the air. "I can call in the rest of my team, if you think we'll need the backup."

Ti raised himself up onto all fours. He gave his shaggy coat a shake, blinking almond-shaped eyes. "Officer Lockhart. We're at your service."

(21:31:39): Cadaver Kindler looked over to The group of what appeared to be police scrambling to get into a defensive position, with a woman leading them. He wasn't quite sure what was up, but he was always interested in entertainment. He got from his position, setting the whiskey down. A drink before a fight was a bad idea unless you used drunken boxing. He reached to his right hip, taking the obviously custom, exessively well made shotgun from the resting place. It couldn't have been mass-produced item, as it was too overhauled with modifications, from a ragged edge on the tip of the barrel to padding on the butt of the stock, it was tricked. "Looks like you've got a bit of fun on your hands, Officer." He said to Lockhart. "I could use some entertainment, and nothing entertains quite so well as the proposition of iminent death. So, I'll toss you a freebie. Is killing on the menu?"

(21:31:39): Jacey Dizzario Jacey stared at Ti and hardly looked surprised. After all, this was Gambits. She had lived through a Zombie fight and many other things around here. "Well... Thanks. Where is Liesha?" She focused in on her and grined. "Well Liesha, looks like you have to 'protect my ass' again. Going to be fun." She walked closer to where she was currently standng.

(21:33:32): Liesha Kennicot turned at once, saw Jacey sitting there. "No." She said tersely. "Change of plans. You're my priority, now." The agent glanced back at Katy. "Whatever I have to do to get you out of here safe, I'll do it."

Ti padded over to where Jacey sat. He curled his tail around his back paws and lifted his head. A faint growl could be heard in the back of his throat ..

"They're coming." Was all the wolf said.

(21:34:39): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) sighs softly as the realization that the bar is unfortunately going to be trashed again and resigns to that fact. Sliding smoothly out of her seat she purposefully walks her way to one of the windows and peers out curiously. At 5 feet tall and 80 pounds, she looks like she would fold under a strong wind, let alone a gun fight, but none the less, she doesn't seem too terribly concerned yet, as she retains her ever present serene expression with perhaps just a touch of curiosity.

(21:35:09): Star Winter turned her head smelled another wolf as she sniffed around with her white wolf ears up and looking around more

(21:35:15): Paul Chartreuse sighs seeing no-one of importance

(21:35:19): Jacey DizzarioJacey looked worried for a moment. "What? Why am I so important? Don't worry about me, Liesha. I'm just a little sore from that fight." She winced. "I don't want to slow you down." She glanced down at Ti. "Well lets show them what Gambits has got, eh?"

(21:36:19): Liesha Kennicot "You're a citizen of the United States - and I took this little oath to serve and protect when I became an agent." Liesha muttered. "Not to mention I'm in enough hot water with you running around here anyways .. "

(21:37:17): Katy Lockhart nodded to both Liesha and Ti "Any backup will be needed, whatever you can get, we want. These are big motherfuckers, and they carry big guns." she said, casting a nervous glance at the door. If one listened very carefully, the sound of inhuman grunts could be heard just over the wind.

Katy glanced at Cadaver, raising an eyebrow at his large amount of weaponry "On any other day I'm pretty sure we'd be shooting at each other, but right now every gun, sword, wand or whatever fucked up weaponry you other people have is more chance of us all surviving this."

A loud crash suddenly echoed in from outside, as well as several car alarms beginning to wail. The things were in the street. "Positions!" Katy yelled, taking cover behind one of the booths herself and once more checking her gun. The tension amongst the officers was like a thick, soupy fog hanging over them.

(21:37:42): Star Winter turned her attentions to where Ti is at tilted her head as she went back to wolf form as she jumped down from her stool

(21:39:27): Ze'Ger had woken up when the first of the loud noise had began but he hadn't done anything. Now that things were getting just a little more hectic he was starting to move. He uncurled from his position in the rafters and started looking down at the rest of the bar. Things seemed to be getting exciting. Bouncing his way to the middle of the rafter he continued to watch, and listen

(21:40:18): Liesha Kennicot "Wards." Ti grunted, and Liesha moved her wand. There were barely perceptible flashes of blue light around the wolf. He sat a little straighter. "I hate that feeling."

"I'd rather you be uncomfortable than dead." Liesha glanced over at Jacey. "I don't have time to give the official rant, but I need your permission to cast wards around you. Stuff that'll prevent you from getting killed instantly. Mostly class C stuff, depends how much firepower these brutes have .. "

Liesha licked her lips, turned back to the front door. Her grip on the wand tightened. Odd that a woman just standing there with a strip of wood could feel so confident.

"Let's do this."

(21:41:21): Star Winter <that is defently a differant wolf >she thought sniffing

(21:41:36): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) moves herself back away from the window pausing to pass near Katy Lockhart to murmur softly, "I'll help with the wounded." as she moves away to take position near one of the side walls. While appearing serene and calm as ever, she's hardly foolish enough to stand directly in the line of gun fire.

(21:41:48): Paul Chartreuse hears Katy and shifts to his Alphyn form

(21:43:46): Katy Lockhart A rumble shook the bar, dust showering down from the ceiling onto the patrons below. The barricaded door jerked, the tables being shoved backwards an inch. Katy nodded silently to Whisper, and leveled her gun at the door.

Thump. It buckled inwards again, the furniture scraping against the floor with a groan.

Thump. One of the chairs near the top of the pile rolled to the floor, hitting it with a crash. Then nothing, a lull. The quiet, before the inevitable storm.

(21:43:48): Jacey Dizzario Jacey sighed once and nodded. "Alright. Ward me up." She paused for a minute before the fire in her eyes glowed bright. "Don't mention that you put wards on me to Liam, ok? Little jerk..." She began muttering under her breath and waited for Liesha to cast her spells or whatever it was she did.

She glanced down at Ti. "Nice to meet you, I'm Jacey. This is going to get interesting." She talked as if she was simply commenting on the weather. Then again, she couldn't very well show her fears. That would be weak and foolish.

(21:44:07): Star Winter turned her head to and Alpyn as she stood there in her wolf form standing there by herself a small howl came from her in confusion on which to go to. Made a whining noise a little

(21:44:52): Paul Chartreuse turns his head to the wolf "I will not harm you"

(21:45:46): Ze'Ger sneezed as dust showered him. His sneeze consisted of a flame shooting out of his nose which left him a little dazed. He was now very interested in the scene below though he wouldn't be able to do anything to help. He was just to small.

(21:46:09): Liesha Kennicot lifted her arm, turned it to Jacey. There was no perceptible movement, but Jacey would have felt her breath hitching a little bit. Liesha lifted her wand, lowered her eyes, and seemed to trade some sort of meaningful glance with the wolf at the girl's feet.

"That should do it. But don't star thinking of yourself as a hero now." She licked her lips again, grinning, thinking of the rest of her team back in the office. "That's MY job."

Cadaver Kindler looked down to the shotgun in his hand. He had chosen to make the two new shotguns as lever action so that they could be used in unison... Still, thinking about it, it was much more fun to start small and end big. Cad swung the shotgun in his hand to cock it by its lever, and took a step back to be a good 40 feet from the door. He pointed the shotgun for the door. Whatever was going down, this would be fun, and he would get blood. He called out to Katy Lockhart “Just what do you know about these things? Knowledge is power, and I’d like to know just how to kill them… Killin is fun” He leveled the shotgun for the door, waiting for the inevitable dance of destruction to begin. His body turned so that his right side was facing the door with his chest turned perpendicular. He leaned forward at a 45 degree angle from the hip, and bent his knees a bit. Yes, he was ready.

(21:48:23) Paul Chartreuse shook his head to disslodge the dust, then gets into a crouch ready to pounce

(21:49:10): Liesha Kennicot "Watch the bullets." Liesha raised her voice to Cadaver. "Things might get close contact in here. I'm not saying you're just to just shut your eyes and start spraying, but when it comes to ricochets, I can only block so much." She lifted her wand, rested the tip against her temple.

(21:49:31): Star Winter looking around more and more with her head low and ears flat and teleport out of this thing and to where the couch and fire is at

(21:49:41): Jacey Dizzario A grin settled on her face. "Gotcha boss. You are the hero, I'm a stupid know-nothing. I shall run and dodge the freaky aliens." She saluted Liesha and quickly walked behind the bar. She wasn't going to deny it. She would be killed if she tried to fight these things. She could kill humans easy, but this was different. She wondered if she shoudl call Ti back here.

(21:50:07): Joker was on his way towards Gambit’s, full boar on the double decker bus. It would be a flash of red, and Joker glanced back at the pounds and pounds of c4 and other means of explosives packed tight into the speeding car. The bus rocked and bobbed as Joker took tight turns, eventually navigating his way onto Main Street. A thick, deep smell of burning rubber would fill the air as the tires tore across the concrete, only for a yard before Joker took note of the large…lizard…things attacking the bar. ’ Hey! No, no, no, no, no.’ Joker frowned slightly, Gambit’s was -his- place to destroy. His. Gripping the speaker mic, Joker spoke out to the lizard aliens: ’ Oi! Fuckheads! Get the fuck off of my bar! ‘ and Just as the further out of the group turned to look at him, Joker’s bus plowed through them, the bumps and shakes knocking the explosives into the air. -c-

(21:50:09): Joker ‘Ohshi-’ Joker got out, before shooting out of the side of the still-moving bus. As the explosives collided, a very, very large explosion. The force would knock Joker back into the bar, and most likely a good chunk of the aliens off their feet, along with blowing up the two he had…run into. Glancing up, Joker took this moment to run and grip on of the large guns, hoisting it up. ‘Now, Let’s play a game.’-e-

(21:50:47): Liesha Kennicot Ti loped behind the bar. He curled up on the ground, eyes burning. "It's alright to be scared, pup. I am, too .. "

(21:52:32): Liesha Kennicot When the explosion wracked Gambit's and the surrounding area, Liesha hardly batted an eye. Figuratively, that is. She ducked her head and squeezed her eyes shut as dust filled the bar. "SHIT."

Her wand was held aloft - the dust cleared. Her leg was no longer bothering her anymore, it seemed just as excited as she was to be in the fray again. This was better than a footchase. Her wards glittered, flashed, and so did her eyes.

"Katy!" Liesha barked. "What's the word?"

(21:52:54): Paul Chartreuse turns his head from the blast

(21:54:11): Jacey Dizzario She sat down next to him and crossed her legs. "Well... This just isn't my thing. I'm a fighter, but not against some other-worldly thing. I'm a stupid human. And now Liesha is fighting and I can't help." She gave a frustrated sigh. "Whatever, lets focus on staying alive." A boom shook the bar and Jacey flinched as dust shot over the bar counter and landed on Jacey and Ti. "Fucking awesome..." She muttered.

(21:54:35): Ze'Ger nearly fell from his perch at the explosion...nearly. It was quite a surprise and had gotten his heart racing. Re-balancing himself quickly, he scurried along his rafter closer to the doorway so he could watch the events unfold better.

(21:54:52): Star Winter watching the fight the female wolf demon stayed in her spot just incase really like she would be scared though she is a little anything wronge she might try to fight back

(21:55:38): Liesha Kennicot Ti gave his head a vigorous shake. "If you're a stupid human, then I'm a stupid wolf."

(21:55:48): Katy Lockhart "Apparently bullet-proof, fire-proof, squad-car proof, blade-proof and pretty much everything we could throw at them with twenty fully armed officers proof. Probably about ten foot tall, lizard things, nasty jaws, nasty claws. They carry guns, big ones, their shells are the size of a fist or thereabouts. Less penetrating power, more tear out the entire stomach than pierce the armor." Katy replied to Cadaver, as the door began to shake once more.

Even as she recited off the list of things the lizards were proof to, Katy grimaced. Abruptly, a huge explosion rocked the bar, the outer windows smashing inwards and filling the room with a fiery light. The thumping stopped.

One, two...

Without warning, the entire barricade of furniture burst inwards, collapsing in a clattering of impacts and splintering wood. Ducking through the empty doorway, the door off of its hinges and somewhere in the mess, was a nasty sight. -c-

(21:55:55): Katy Lockhart yelled at the top of her voice “Open fire!” as the lizard-thing straightened up, barely fitting in despite the high roof of the bar, and her officers fired. Bullets spat towards it, a torrent of high powered rounds that would have dropped near anything else in their line of fire. But, no such luck today. The creature snarled, levelling a monstrosity of technological engineering, all moving parts and barrels and spikes, at the cover of some of the men.

When it fired, the cover might as well have not been there. A spray of blood clouded out from where the officers had stood, but very little else remained to show that they’d ever crouched there.

“Fuck.” Katy cursed. –e-

Tao RavenFire smirked as she came down the establishments stairs. A definite spring in her step as she slid into a booth. It had been a good night. Very good night actually. She kicked her feet onto the table and crossed them at the ankles.

(21:56:43): Paul Chartreuse hangs back he is better and close range fights

Katy Lockhart "Get into cover you imbecile!" Katy yelled at Tao, as a shell smashed through the table at which the girl sat, splintering the wood and very nearly hitting her.

(21:57:41): Cadaver Kindler immediately pulled the trigger on the shotgun and swung it down to cock it. He brought the shotgun level again, stepped back, and leaned back at another 45 angle from the hip in the opposite direction, all in the same movement. He pulled the trigger again, the first shot having done little-to-nothing to damage the new intruder. This time a special round flew from the shotgun, rather than 10 guage, it was an explosive flechette, better armor piercing than rifle-bound armorpeircing rounds, and completely illegal in every sense of the word. It should imbed itself into the creature at its abdominal area and blow a hole right through it, potentially splattering gew all around the bar. He swung the shotgun to cock it once more, and shouted out. “Killin’ is my business, ladies! And business is good!”

Jacey Dizzario The grin on her face slowly vansihed after the gun fire. "Oh my. Well this should be a bloodbath." She sat back and shut her eyes tightly, her wounds hurting from the other night. She needed a distraction. "So, what's your name?"

(21:59:24): Liesha Kennicot The noise was hard to imagine. There were so many bullets flying, so many shouts. What Liesha did catch was the complete eradication of Katy's men. So. That's how it was, eh?

She whirled her wand through the air, sweeping it down and pointing it at the blind side of the group of lizards. There was a blinding flash of light and a sound like rushing wings - the curse flew through the air and slammed into -

Without waiting to see if it connected, Liesha whirled. She charged behind the bar where Ti and Jacey were crouched.

"This firepower is fucking insane." Her eyes gleamed. She normally didn't curse this vividly, but the terror of the moment had gripped her. "It'll rip through the bar like tissue paper. Jacey. We have to go."

She held out a hand to her.

(21:59:40): Ty D Anusib

tugs Tao to safety and gives her an annoyed look. "Stay out of the fighter's way if your not going to help out. I'm back here to help with the healing, but I'm not gonna heal an idiot!" He grumbles at her.

(21:59:42): Tao RavenFire "What the actualy fuck?"She frowned, raising an eyebrow, slipping into the stairwell, crouching down and looking very feline,"Man...This might put a cloud over ym day"

(22:00:16) Tao RavenFire glared at Ty. "Remove your hand, or heal your own broken fingers."She said,"And I can fight."She snhapped bitterly."Tsch.."

(22:01:07) Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) let's out a slow breath, as the explosions reverberate through the bar. Distractions and lack of focus will just weaken her ability to shield, and she pushes all negative thoughts out of mind, and worries more on dealing with things as they come. As the gun fire opens up a shimmering shield of energy fills the air around her granting her some cover from physical attacks. though she's never tried to stop a bullet with her shield before. At the sight of the slain soldiers her thoughts begin waring and conflicting with each other, if only she could extend her shield, even for a moment.. and with that thought a shimmering field of energy floods the room, wavering and shuddering under the onslaught of gunfire, but it's a one way shield giving the patrons perhaps just a second to ready their counter attacks.

(22:01:14): Star Winter both her ears down "why is it everytime I am in this bar something bad happends ?"she asked herself

(22:01:15): Barbara enters through a window and goes to Ty "Will you need help healing?" the small tiger asks

(22:01:42): Liesha Kennicot Explosions, and flashes of light. Liesha hurled hex after hex from her position behind the bar.

(22:01:58): Jacey Dizzario Jacey glanced up, startled. She took the hand offered to her. "Alright. Where are we going?" She kept her voice from shaking with some willpower and thoughts of getting out of here. She just wasn't used to this kind of thing. She usually killed in the night when her victims were sleeping. This was different shit.

(22:02:37): Katy Lockhart The creature which Cadaver Kindler had shot reeled back, the explosive round wounding it, but leaving it very much alive. The thing roared a cry of challenge and turned its weapon on the man, even as another emerged into the bar behind it, just in time... be hit by Liesha Kennicot's curse, which sent it reeling back into the wall, where it created a large indent in the wood. The thing cast about for the source of the hit, but finding nothing, settled for unleashing rounds toward Whisper, inaccurate in its blinding rage.

Ty D Anusib gives Tao a nasty look, annoyed. Then turns to Barbara. "I might. It depends on who gets badly injured. Can you do long range healing, or just short?" He asks. He had woken up from his nap when the barricade broke, but was more than able to heal. If it came down to it he could fight, but he didn't have the experience to fight well.

(22:04:10): Star Winter teleported from her spot to the rafters in her human form eyes flaring a bit when turned firey red watching below the rafters

(22:04:13): Paul Chartreuse launches himself onto one of the creatures and starts trying to tear it apart with his teeth

Tao RavenFire stuck her tongue out, demonic fangs showing slightly as she hissed at Ty. "Eejit."She said and then proceeded to watch. Marco wouldn't be overly happy if she got involved in a fight.

(22:05:07): Star Winter brought out her fire sword just incase

(22:05:17) Joker glanced at the aliens glowering at him. Counting in his head, Joker took in five. Not to mention the one shooting into the bar. Leveling the gun, Joker fired off three rounds, the kickback from the gun skidding him back a few feet. By this time, the other reptilians would have noticed someone picking them off, and weren’t happy about it. A spray of bullets shot out towards him, which Joker lifted and deflected with the gun. Leaping back, Joker leveled the gun once more, firing off another three rounds. Landing and falling onto his ass, Joker blinked. ‘ Sonovabitch, This thing’s got kick.’ Hoisting the gun up, Joker took aim and continued to fire, gunfire filling the air. Ah, war. Always a way to cheer someone up.

(22:05:40): Ze'Ger watched with increased enthusiasm. The battle was getting bloody which was incredibly entertaining. The gunfire hurt his ears which was probably the only thing that bothered him. As he thought about it he realized that perhaps he could, no he couldn't. He'd get torn to shreds.

(22:06:03): Liesha Kennicot yanked Jacey closer to her, holding her wand in the air. The witch was muttering things from the side of her mouth, if they were incantations or more vulgarities, no one could really tell.

Strongest magic is often the least visible - if Jacey felt unprotected dodging most of the firefight, they weren't. Defensive magic was part of the Academy's training program. She felt her wards getting picked away at, though. There was no longer a really viable door, not after Joker's entrance.

Liesha loosed hex after hex - they were all of bright color, and all flew with rushing wings. It was a sort of concussive spell that seemed to work against the brutes - she focused on the wounded bastard, and her eyes suddenly narrowed.

When the spell left her lips, everyone's hair stood up. There was no blast, no jet of light - just a sort of flicker from the end of her wand, as though it had winked at the lizard-thing it intended to completely eradicate.

(22:06:18): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) shudders and drops to one knee as the rounds strike her shield, leaving her barely conscious at the mental power it's taking her to sustain it through the gunfire, as it shimmers and blinks back out of existance the heavy weight on her mind is relieved but she looks a bit haggard. Hopefully it gave the patrons enough time to return some attacks of their own.

(22:07:10) Ty D Anusib nods. "I'm good with long and short, but I specialize in long. So far, it seems as if our help isn't quite needed. But we should be needed after the battle if nothing else." He admits. He then returns to scanning the room to make certain none of their fighters were injured badly.

(22:07:37): Barbara nods and joins hi in looking around

(22:08:26): Katy Lockhart began to hastily twist and muck about with the workings of her gun, her officers still launching round after round at the two lizards within the bar. If she could just get the setting just right...

The lizard being attacked by Paul Chartreuse began to flail about, the shots it was firing at Whisper ceasing as it lashed with its claws at the biting wolf, that was causing it discomfort if no real lasting damage.

As Joker tore into the rear of the beasts with their own weaponry, two turned to face him with identical weapons, their bodies pockmarked and bleeding from the shots. They opened fire.

The result of Liesha's curse was quickly evident, as the wound in the creature's side began to blacken, the black spreading outwards from the gash and into the thing's skin. It began to scream, a sickening inhuman cry as it began to tear gashes in its own flesh in an attempt to stop the rotting that was occurring, from the inside out.

Cadaver Kindler had been movin, the bending, the stepping, it was all to keep him out of traditional line of fire. He pulled the trigger on the shotgun, releasing the hellblast of 10guage buckshot into the open wound of the alien. Without it’s thick skin to protect it, the lead should rip the creature in two. “Eat hot lead, motherfucker!” Cad roared to the creature, ducking forward and stepping in a semicircle to round-about the firepatern. He needed no cover, for the air was his cover. The small amount of time it takes a bullet to reach its point is greatly lengthened when the shot is greatly larger. Cad noted that these were easy to dodge compared to the common .45 round. He swung the shotgun to cock it, and leveled it for the second of the bohemian lizardians, firing off another explosive shot for it, this time aimed right between the creatures eyes.

Star Winter heard a noise on the roof she growled looking up just incase

(22:11:08): Paul Chartreuse snarls savagely at the lizard and the Alphyn continues to try and rip it apart

(22:11:21): Liesha Kennicot 's forehead creased with disgust for a brief moment when she saw the results of her curse - she had never performed that spell before, and it was a grisly sight. It was the sort of high tier curse with a restricted use - she'd have to write up a report on it once she made it out of here alive.


That one was the operative word.

(22:12:26): Barbara watches the Alphyn with wide eyes and roars "Grandpa no"

(22:12:55): Paul Chartreuse hears Barbara's call and turns his head

(22:14:05): Katy Lockhart The rotting creature finally gave up the ghost as Cadaver Kindler's shot tore into its weakened wound, and with a last cry of alien agony, it fell to the ground, falling to pieces even as it did, a gruesome mess of rotten flesh and black blood.

There was now one creature in the bar, and it swung its arm around in an attempt to send Paul Chartreuse crashing to the floor, firing off random shots even as it did, one of which began to fly towards Ti's location.

Two were outside, in combat with Joker - but that left one unaccounted for.

The ceiling creaked. Then the ceiling groaned, and finally, it crashed, and through it came the final creature, landing well behind the cover of most of the patrons, practically nose to nose with Ty and Barbara. With a roar, it lashed out with its spiked tail, aiming to knock Ty from his feet, and subsequently impale him.

(22:16:27) Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) staggering back to her feet, ignoring the rush of nausea and dizzyness as she focuses her attention to individuals rather than the group. Seeing Ty engaged with one in melee, decides he could use her aid the most at the moment, and she closes her eyes for a moment, letting her shield shimmer into being once more, this time surrounding Ty. Weakened as she was though, all it accomplished was slowing the attack, as the shield buckled and blinked back out of existence under the force of the blow. Ty would be on his own to actually avoid the attack, but perhaps if it hit, it wouldn't prove fatal.

(22:16:57): Katy Lockhart Even as Paul Chartreuse was being thrown about on the creature near the door's arm, it grunted, as an explosive round tore into its shoulder, the flailing of the creature spoiling Cadaver's aim. It roared, and flicked its tail out, flinging a collection of tables and chairs toward the man.

Paul Chartreuse flies off said arm and into the counter

(22:18:33): Ty D Anusib jumps back and glares at it, jumping about the tail as Whisper's shield appears around him and hissing at the creature. "God dammit! I don't want to fucking deal with being attacked. I'm a healer!" He conjures fire in a ball form larger than him and launches it at the creature that attacked him. "Hey lady. Run for it!" He orders Barbara.

Glancing at the woman who shielded him he scowls and moves in front of her. "What are you doing lady. You can't let yourself pass out here. You make too nice a glass of strawberry milk to get hurt in this fight!"

(22:18:47): Ze'Ger was dislodged from his place in the rafters after the ceiling caved in. He opened his wings as he fell and glided closer to a wall where he then landed on the floor. This was right beside the wall where most of the fire wasn't going on. His gaze turned to the new monstrosity and its destructive prowess. The creature scared him so he backed even farther away from it.

(22:18:52): Joker decided that the two shooting at him, had to go. Now. Hoisting the gun onto his back, via the large strap, Joker vaulted over the charred remains of the bus, and shot off towards the two. Bullets seared past him, easily avoided. Joker had an easy enough time staying out of the line of fire from normal bullets, much less horribly aimed, very big, very loud rounds. Bobbing and weaving, Joker leapt from a yard away, letting loose the strap, the gun rotating around towards his front, on which he gripped the handle, hit his back, rolled, and fired a round directly under the creature’s chin. Arching up, Joker smacked his hand onto the cold metal, knocking the gun from it’s hand. Opening his palm, and rotating it around to the handle, Joker gripped the second gun as something crashed through the roof. ‘ I told you to st-’ Joker was rudely interrupted by the sudden movement, a flash of green. Hitting the ground, Joker avoided the arm, opening fire with the two, large, and annoyingly clunky guns.

(22:18:59): Barbara nods and runs back out of the window and home

(22:19:07): Liesha Kennicot Tiberius fell back and the shot slammed into the ground. Splinters went flying everywhere, the least of which clattered uselessly against the wards.

Liesha stepped forward, waving her wand. She sent a few of the tables on a new trajectory, straight into the ground instead of at their intended target. She could not stop all of them however. She was more interested in the guns. The lizards and the guns.

She sent another spell - this time a sort of coil of consciousness - it and it grabbed hold of the creature's tail. It yanked hard to the side, hopefully knocking it off balance.

With the creature off balance, she (or anyone) would be able to finally hit another blow home.

(22:19:50): Katy Lockhart finally clicked the gun's calibration in place, and leaned out from her cover, leveling the weapon at the wounded creature and opened fire. Buzzing rounds burst from the barrel, glowing white hot. They cut through the air with a trail of residual energy, impacting with the creature and bursting into balls of fiery death. The thing dropped, charred holes in its side slowly killing it as it lay on the floor spasming.

Paul Chartreuse is out cold from crashing through and effectively distroying the bar counter

Star Winter making a huge fire ball looking down at the strange lizards ready to throw it down

(22:22:13): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) looks up at Ty with a haggard look, but all she says is "I'll be fine, just keep me standing if you can." she murmurs, as she calms her thoughts to be ready to shield anyone again if she needs to.

(22:24:13): Katy Lockhart The creature shot under the chin by Joker fell to the ground, dead before it hit the concrete, but unfortunately for Joker, its weapon had been damaged by shoddy workmanship combined with overuse, and it jammed up, several parts flying off in pieces of sharp shrapnel.

Ty's fireball hit the innermost lizard square in the chest, but besides staggering back slightly, it seemed unaffected. Just angry. With a roar, the creature - that seemed to be lacking the guns of its counterparts - lashed out, and promptly demonstrated why it was unarmed. It didn't need a gun. This creature was more agile, more precise, and its claws scythed through a police officer where he stood, his companion ducking away only to be sent crashing into the wall by a flick of the thing's tail.

Katy's gun was screwed, the settings had been a one burst wonder, and the barrel was smoking and buckled outwards. This was not good.

Ty D Anusib nods to her. "I will. Lean on me if you have too." He touches her gently, giving her a little extra energy as he heals the exhaustion away, keeping on his guard. A quick glance and he takes in the other fighters, seeing if anybody else needs an extra burst of energy as well.

He curses as he watches the creature cut through a police officer and injure his friend. "Stay close." He warns whisper. If his fire ball had pretty much no effect on it, he could always try something else. Conjuring a light but deadly sword, he mentally kicked himself for not studying guns enough to be able to conjure one. He didn't want to get close enough for a sword fight.

(22:26:52): Star Winter using her firesword she wacked her own but very large fireball down to the lizards

(22:26:56): Liesha Kennicot stepped back, giving a strangled yell. The officer who had been thrown into the wall had nearly crashed into HER. She ducked down, eased him into a proper sitting position. His skull looked to be mush, and he was babbling softly.

"Katy .. KATY!" Liesha straightened, saw the officer just standing there without a gun. "DUCK!"

She lashed her arm through the air again, another spell - this one just a concussive blast, enough to stop the creature for a few seconds - enough to give Katy time to step back, regroup.

Her aim was a bit off, it would hit the creature in the shoulder and not in the center of its chest. That is, if it connected. Liesha bit her lip, feeling her wards starting to fade.

If it came at her, her defenses alone might not hold it. She gritted her teeth. She had taken hits before. Chronic nerve pain, that did it for you.

Mr. Sexypants walks into the bar

(22:29:14): Cadaver Kindler heaved off of his feet, vaulting into the air and pressing a hand onto one of the highest tables that was flying his way. He knocked it down, onto the rest of them, to bring all the tables to a stop, with him crouched ontop of them all. He swung the shotgun to cock it, and leaped off of the table to fire a 10-gauge buckshot round into the creature he had damaged prior, aimed for the shoulder. The shot wouldn’t get through the skin, so he was going to be backing up the explosive round with the buckshot. He swung the shotgun as he fell, to cock it, and rolled on the ground to land, only to take a knee and level to fire another shot for the head of the lizard which had come in through the ceiling.

(22:29:26) Cadaver Kindler leaped from his kneeling position, backflipping and tossing his shotgun away to draw a much smaller weapon: his .44 calibur LeMat revolver. With it, he darted, weaving and bobbing, for the fallen-in-through-the-roof alien, trying to get in close. Shots would be harder to dodge at close range, but his plan would be more fun up close and personal. Through the mass hysteria, he actually began to sing. “Totaaal slaughteer… Totaaaal slaughteer… I won’t leave…” the people here should know the lyrics by now

(22:30:28): Mr. Sexypants "Oh, thanks. Sorry, I don't know how to whisper" he yelled, ducking promptly

(22:31:12): Star Winter seeing some large amount of lizards on fire "at lease its not people I am not attacking "she sighed

(22:31:49): Katy Lockhart The combined assault of Star Winter's fireball, and Liesha Kennicot's concussive blast, sent the powerful beast spiralling, disoriented and discombobulated by the attacks. It recovered swiftly, however, just in time to be met by Cadaver Kindler's close up attack, the first assault having hit the ceiling after the lizard was shoved aside.

Katy ran for the cover of the remnants of the bar counter, leaping behind it and cursing that she only had her tiny little pistol remaining to her. That wouldn't be any use, at all. Ever.

The remaining creature indoors shrugged off Cadaver's shots, the smaller weapon barely damaging it, and it lashed out up close, spines and claws slashing at the agile man, its tail darting in behind him to try and trip him up.

Liesha Kennicot "Katy." Liesha unclipped her sidearm. It was a decent caliber pistol, would pack more punch than what the officer currently had. "Here."

The two women stared at each other. They had their differences when it came to departments, when it came to organizations. In fact, after this settled they'd probably go back to being at each others throats.

"Don't take this opportunity to shoot me, okay?" Liesha cracked a grin, and the tension was broken.

She raised her wand, sliding the handgun over.

"On your call, Officer.'

(22:34:15): Star Winter jumped down slide apart a few more of the lizards with the fire sword in her hands

(22:34:40): Mr. Sexypants Ducks under a table, avoiding the massive hail of bullets and whatnot "Is it still possible that I purchase a drink?" He shouted, hoping that despite the onslaught of murderous weapons, hey might have still been able to purchase a beer.

(22:34:58): Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) gathers up all of her reserves into one last shimmering shield, this time centered between the alien and Cadaver. As the alien strikes against the shield, the energy flares violently as it shudders beneath the massive blows but stronger than her previous shields, it actually holds this time.

Whisper however does not as she quietly sags against Ty, the mental strain of trying to repel attacks of this magnitude taking it's toll, there would be no more shielding from her. And with that, the shield blips back out of existence for the last time.

(22:35:49): Joker growled in annoyance as the gun exploded in his palm, shrapnel leaving their marks on his chest. Small, black droplet’s formed from the cuts, sliding down his skin. ‘ I’m…bleeding?’ Joker stared, awe struck as his own blood dripped down his torso. Joker’s features automatically darkened, his eyes hiding in the shadow of his brow. A sudden, quick, sweeping burst of energy would rock the already crumbling walls of the bar. The air began to buzz, molecules in the air filling with electricity. A frown formed across Joker’s features, Nobody made him bleed. Nobody! Joker’s head shot up, little sparks of black electricity sparking from his form, dancing a few inches into the air, only to disperse into the air. Leveling the gun, Joker took aim, lightning dancing from his palm, onto the gun, and into the nozzle. The rounds would no gain a certain….kick. ‘ DIE!’ Joker exclamined, opening fire, firing round after round at the beast. Joker was mad. All hell was about to break loose.

(22:35:56): Cara Rose Cara walked into the bar with a smile on her face. Her footsteps were silent and she reached the bar counter. She came to a silent stop. She tapped her fingers against the wood, debating. Should see turn and talk to the people she doesn't now or face the wall and be alone? The thoughts and voices inside her fought over these decisions. Still, she remained undecided. So instead, she clutched the cross on her neck as her other hand tapped the wood. She wondered if it annoyed anyone.

(22:36:20): Katy Lockhart managed a grin at Liesha, "Wouldn't dream of it. Well, actually, maybe a couple of times... but you know what stress can do to your dreams."

Taking the handgun, Katy glanced at where the lizard was attacking Cadaver. A shield appeared to shimmer into being, blocking its attacks, and Katy took that moment to signal. "Now!" she yelled, ducking out of cover and firing a shot at the creature's head. The shot hit, knocking the thing's skull forwards and turning it about angrily. Just in time to meet whatever spell Liesha was throwing at it, right in the face.

Mr. Sexypants Grabbed Cara Rose, yanking her under the bar with him. "Can't you see that there's an enormous fight going on???" He said, shuffling closer too the safety of the bar

(22:38:09): Katy Lockhart The creature outside's last thought, ever to pass through its limited brain was something along the lines of 'Grawgh?!'

Then, it was dead, leaving only the beast in the center of the bar to be dealt with.

...only, perhaps being the wrong word.

Cadaver Kindler leaped up and leaned back, taking a hit from the tail on his back instead, and useing it to make him flip the rest of the way. He took his LeMat to meet the blow from the claws and spikes, and in effect, landed in a demi-kneeling position, with his LeMat aimed up for the creature. He pulled the hammer back. "Good night, Sunshine. See you in your nightmares." Another cliché out of the... now 4 that he had used. Cad pulled the trigger, firing off a .44 hollowpoint for what he believed would be the beasts softspot, the very center of its left eye, and if it were to hit home, it should follow through and leave lead to scramble the aliens brain. He got up, dusting himself off and looking about to count the remaining critters. “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.”

(22:38:49): Ty D Anusib glances back at Whisper concerned, and takes her weight carefully. He sees Joker's injury however mild and sends a healing spell at the man, mild enoguh it wouldn't distract him from the fight. The fact that he had been injured at all, the infamous Joker was astounding. This wasn't a good fight for Ty to be in, not at all.

(22:38:50): Liesha Kennicot Power burst from the tip of her wand - so much so that the narrow thing nearly shook from the energy. It coiled through the air, just coils of raw hurt. They slammed into the lizard thing, and in a trick of the light they appeared solid.

The creature slammed into the earth, all bodily functions slowly shutting down. It was not a violent death or an entirely bloody one. The shafts of light faded. Liesha licked her lips.

"Damn that bastard." She huffed a few breaths. "He looks peaceful."

Star Winter growling still looking around for anymore lizards to fight off looking around

(22:39:54): Cara Rose Cara gasped as she was pulled downwards. "Yes, I saw." She rolled her eyes. The daily combats in the bar didn't concern her. "Can't you see it's rude to yank people bar counters?" She brushed off her black dress, and then remained her crouch. She wondered if she had sounded rude, but she didn't think it mattered.

(22:40:15): Doryn Soulscar idly wondered if he should help.

(22:41:14): Katy Lockhart Distracted by its now bleeding eye, the creature had no defences against Liesha's magic. And it died, somewhat horribly.

An odd silence settled over the bar, as the dust began to settle. It seemed unreal, were they really gone?

Mr. Sexypants laughed, sort of nervously. "You don't mind all of... THIS?" he said to Cara, gesturing to the fling bullets and magical spells.

(22:42:20): Star Winter eyes gone normal as she she made her firesword disapeared looking at every dead lizard some that were scorched

(22:42:30): Liesha Kennicot lowered her wand. "Well." She said in the ringing silence. "That wen well."

(22:42:55): Ty D Anusib

stares around the bar tensely, ready fro another attack. "Are there any more coming?" He asks, his voice loud in the sudden silence. "And does anyone need any healing?" He asks, offering up his abilities to do such.

(22:43:23): Katy Lockhart struggled to her feet, glancing around. Only three of the twelve officers that had come with her into the bar were alive, the rest were either vaporised, sliced, or crushed. The bar was in a shambles, tables overturned, the entire counter destroyed in several spots, and the wall dented and cracked. Not to mention the gaping hole in the ceiling.

"Went well? Went, well?" she muttered "Liesha Kennicot, I bloody well hope that was sarcasm." she said, sighing.

Cara Rose ”No," the girl grinned mischievously. Her blue eyes shining with a cruel expression gracing her features. "Is it suppose to?" She inquired, a dark sculpted brow rising.

She sighed, "More importantly, does it bother you?" She pointed a slender pale finger at him. She was commenting on his obvious nervousness.

Liesha Kennicot "Of course it was sarcasm .. " Liesha hissed. She crossed the bar to where the officer lay, the one who had flown across the bar and nearly slammed into her. The witch knelt down, stared at him. He had been shot in the chest, no doubt by a stray bullet. "Shit."

Star Winter seeing the fire in the bar "um I think we should put the fire "she said out loud

(22:44:57): Cadaver Kindler dropped his LeMat from its position, satiated that they weren't here at the present moment. He went outside, shrugging his shoulders to gain his puntgun out from under his shoulders. He cocked the 13 foot AA guage shotgun, intent on blowing whatever transportation vehicle that had brought the creatures there straight to hell. Finding the craft, he brought the barrel to point down to it, and blew it into fucknuts. He cocked it agian, and placed another round into the other side for good measure. That was one hell of a shotgun... He returned the puntgun with a swing to get it back under his cloat, and returned inside. "Lockeart!!" He exclaimed rather shrewdly. "Where are you?!"

(22:45:21): Liesha Kennicot was unscathed - thanks to her wards. Even if she had been caught by a bullet, it would have healed. She enjoyed a fight now and then, but she often had to remind herself that other people were much more expendable than she was.

The witch tested her weight on her bad leg. There was no pain, for the moment.

"She's behind the counter." The agent replied to Cadaver rather icily.

(22:45:27): Jokercalmed down slightly; but only slightly, lowering the gun, finally dropping it to the ground. Reaching down, Joker slid his hand into the gaping maw of the beast, dragging it the few yards towards the bar. Arching his arm back, Joker hurled the corpse into the wall, breaking it down, and bruising the form. Climbing through the hole, Joker stomped on the body. Repeatedly. ‘ No.’ Stomp ‘One.’ Stomp ‘Makes.’ Stomp ‘Me’ Stomp ‘Bleed!!’ A final Stomp, and Joker’s foot would break through it’s chest, a sickening crack filling the bar. Yanking his foot out, Joker scowled down at the corpse, ’ And stay out.

Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) blinks wearily, and even in her exhausted state manages her ever so familiar motion of brushing a few strands of white hair from her eyes. She's trying very very hard not to think about the damages to the bar, and the cleaning she's going to be doing later. For now she just wants to rest, and thinking that she's ok to hold herself up now, she politely thanks Ty as she moves away, moving a hand to her head as she has a momentary rush of dizzyness, but it passes and she was right, she was able to stay standing on her own.

Mr. Sexypants "I'm obviously not a warrior/gunslinger or whatever," He said, looking at her. "I'm liable to be murdered by all of this," He laughed, stating the obvious.

(22:47:14): Doryn Soulscar "Totally helped."

(22:47:50): Katy Lockhart groaned wearily, raising a hand to greet Cadaver. Her other hand went for her radio, and she brought it to her lips with a heavy heart "HQ, this is Katy Lockhart. We've had a serious conflict around Gambit's Bar, we have nine officers dead in the bar, another four out in the surrounding streets. Requesting a lot of cleanup help."

(22:47:54): Ty D Anusib glances at Joker concerned and nods absently at Whisper's thanks. He glances around the bar and sighs, picking his way through the rubble to the hole Joker had exited through. "Hey Mr. I healed you a little bit during the fight, but do you need anything else?" He offers, knowing that his minor healing wouldn't do much.

Liesha Kennicot felt her heart finally coming back to normal. She looked around at all the destruction .. her wand was still gripped with white knuckles.

She came back over to Katy.

"I can get help in here, too." She said in a lowvoice.

Katy Lockhart nodded to the woman, not quite forming words as she stared at the corpses of men who had once been her friends, allies, companions. Her eyes were slightly blank, and she shook her head.

Her silence in itself, spoke volumes.

(22:50:11): Star Winter ears down looking at the flames and went to get the fire extinquisher to put out the fire

(22:50:13): Cadaver Kindler

headed dead for Lockheart, standing firmly infront of the woman. He extended his hand to her in a rather 'gettin done' way, then said to her. "Your firearm. It jammed." that was all he said, but he knew that the woman should be able to get the message of 'fork it' if she was indeed inteligent enough to lead a squad.

Cara Rose "Yes," Cara said, scanning his body. "Obviously." She pulled herself from under the bar counter and brushed herself off again. She, finally, got a good look at the bar. She opened her mouth slowly. She had never seen the bar like this before, and it utterly mortified her.

"No way," she whispered because that was all she could think off. She glanced around at all the people. ""

Doryn Soulscar very quickly and stealthily tore one of the men's fingers off. A snack.

(22:51:34): Liesha Kennicot ran her hand through her hair. Katy was still holding tight to her pistol - but Liesha didn't want to ask for it back.

The witch fished her phone from her pocket. "Kennicot. If you haven't gotten wind already, there's been major chaos at Gambits. Yes, she's here with me." The agent looked up, took in Katy. "No, she's not in the mood to talk right now. Get that task force out here, please. The Erasers. Yes."

Katy Lockhart shook Cadaver's hand tentatively, barely registering his words, whatever their intent. She was ever so slightly zoned out right now. She'd seen men die before, but never quite so quickly. That, and the fact that someone she'd been bickering with for the last month had saved her life - that was a punch to anyone's pride.

Ty D Anusib shrugs and glances around the bar, ignoring the man beating up the stupid dead lizard thing. He glances up at the hole in the ceiling, and picks his way over to Whisper. "Hey. Do you want me to fix that. I can build you a new one real fast, it you want." He offers, glancing at it curiously. He should be able to manipulate everything well enough to fix it, if nothing else.

(22:54:34): Mr. Sexypants stood, smiling. "So I suppose you have some sort of fantastic magical reason for not being afraid of bullets and fire?" He asked Cara. "Beer please," He said to the bartender, sitting on a dusty stool, in front of a somewhat intact portion of the bar. He slapped his coat over a small flame kindling at the side, smothering it instantly.

Doryn Soulscar shrugged, turning back to the bar. Like a boss.

Liesha Kennicot The Erasers arrived within minutes. They were men and women of different sizes, different shapes. Some of them wore suits, some of them were street clothes, and there was even one who seemed to be wearing swimming trunks. They were from all different walks of life, the Erasers - but they had no faces.

Their faces had no features - no eyes, ears, mouths, noses - anything. They stood eerily at the front of the bar, taking in all the carnage.

Like one unit, they looked up. It was hard to tell who they were staring at, the Erasers.

"Glad you could make it." Liesha said in a thick voice. She licked her lips again, ran her fingers through her hair, glanced over at Katy. "You'll be answering to Office Lockhart. She says what to do with the bodies."

Pale and tanned circles of flesh stared back. They were motionless. Waiting.

"They're not so good for conversation. But they're quick with reversal magic." Liesha muttered.

Cara Rose Cara shrugged, "No, I just don't see the reasons to fear bullets and fire." She shrugged, releasing the curl she was fiddling with before. "If I were mean to b killed, then I shall be killed." Sh said this as if everyone thought like her.

Cara stared at the faceless people who stood at the front of the bar. She frowned, who were they? What was wrong with them? Why did she care?

Whisper (Jacquelyn Rose) makes her way through the bar carefully and slowly, her usual energy lost to her for the moment. Though even in her exhausted state she still seems to move with grace. She nods wearily to Ty as he approaches and asks her something, not really caring what he worked on repairing at the moment, she needed to go lie down.

(22:59:27): Joker sighs, leaning back against the remains of the counter. He literally, had nothing to do. Unless someone from the government people recognized him, of course. ' Bugger.' He muttered.

(23:00:28): Mr. Sexypants He laughed "but where is the fun in not caring about anything?"

(23:00:29): Cadaver Kindler let go of Lockhart's hand. She was obviously in her own little world. He walked away from her, Liesha Kennicot, scooping up his LeMat on the way. "Thanks for the assist with the tables." He was never one to leave a due unpayed.

(23:00:47): Star Winter watching the two a bit as she sat down looking at the Erasers wolf ears down a little

(23:01:17): Katy Lockhart nodded to Liesha in thanks "My units should be here soon, just have them put the bodies in the ambulances that get here, the system will get them where they belong. Anything else they can do, to fix this place up, is a bonus. That's Tech Con's problem, not mine." Katy said.

"Personally, I need to move. Keep moving, standing still for too long after something like this doesn't work for me, I'm going to just go for a walk." she said, shaking her head.

With one last appreciative nod, she left.
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(03:04:15) Lialore says: I wanted to be the poo.

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Re: RPG Chat roleplays: The funnies.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Din on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:18 pm

The alliteration thing is absolute, straight up and down, left, right, side to side, nasty, crazy, stupid sickness. Mad props homies. Mad props.
Tell me a story.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

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This isn't from one of my characters, but actually Para's, specifically Namira.

"You know what? I quit. I quit sanity. I'm handing in my notice of resignation, and ordering my strait jacket from Amazon. Fuck this.

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Re: Memorable Character Quotes And Dialogue

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"Life becomes stagnant and boring when interesting things don't happen."

From a Harry Potter RP I was in a long time ago. Some random Death Eater talking to his girlfriend, whom I was piloting. For the sake of confidentiality, let's just call him Captain Obvious.
Want to know more? Read the book to find out.

There's a strange man sitting on the sofa munchiwunching on lomticks of toast!

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