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[Multiverse] Michael O'Hara

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[Multiverse] Michael O'Hara

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:50 pm

Name: Michael O’Hara
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 320 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey

Physical Description:
Michael presents a very physically imposing figure, as his large brawny frame towers at 6’ 10�, unusually large for an Irishman. At the same time, this mass of muscle tips the scales at 320 pounds. His strapping upper body boasts massive, curved pectorals, bulging, ripped arms, and a washboard stomach. The width of his shoulders broadens to just over 30 inches. Medium-length, mousy-brown hair covers his head. His legs are equally as thick, with bulging quad and ham-string muscles in his upper leg that rival those of the Hulk, the same with his calf muscles. At the same time, he’s strived very hard throughout his career to keep his muscles loose, as he used to be a track and wrestling star when he was in high school.

Normally he’s dressed in a brown leather jacket which he keeps open for easy access to his shoulder holsters while still concealing them. Loose khaki cargo pants match the jacket. Normally the cargo pockets contain extra shells for the sawed-offs at his shoulders (holstered much like a pair of swords would be, jutting out just slightly from underneath the jacket). Underneath his leather jacket is a tight black shirt (much like Under Armour) with a specially made steel chest plate riveted onto it with another plate inside of the shirt and reinforced with metal bands that fasten around his body as well inside of the tee to secure it on his body. Covering his hands is a pair of black spectra gloves that allow for the wielding of sharp objects as well as defense against edged weapons. Finally, covering his eyes he has a pair of dark mirrored sunglasses that have been revamped by the same person who made his BFG, giving them the ability to switch to infa-red.

…And just for precaution’s sake, he also wears a bullet-proof steel nut-cup.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality Description: Michael is a rather jovial, easy-going fellow. He likes to drink, he likes to smoke, and he likes to curse, but he’s very serious about his religious beliefs. He is not a perfect Christian, however he has a strong amount of faith in God and goes nowhere without his Celtic Rosary around his neck, though it’s usually tucked under his shirt. He’s an incredibly kind and charitable individual towards those who need kindness and charity. But he strongly believes in swift punishment of evil; murderers, rapists, drug dealers, those who cause misery and ruin to others. He values friends and family only under his faith in God. Loyalty is his strongest virtue.

Character Powers:

God’s Sword: Michael O’Hara is unique as far as most religious people go. He is what some would call an “Urban Paladin�. He and his sister, Katherine, were chosen by God to be His Sword of Justice, to seek out and smite the evil in the world. Thus they have been granted the ability to kill. This works even more so against particular creatures such as Demons, Vampires, and other such unholy beings, as he is a holy weapon of God, thus his instruments are as well, able to deal amazing amounts of damage to those who tread on the other side of the Lord. In the same effect, he cannot be harmed by holy or evil-killing weapons.

His Judgment: God also grants Michael and Katherine His judgment and simply pushes them in the right direction to do their Lord’s bidding, sending those greater forms of evil to be judged in the afterlife.

Celestial Luck: They have also been graced with what can only be defined as Divine Luck. Miraculous events will often turn in their favor to aid them when they need it most.

Divine Intervention: Since Michael is not particularly outfitted to be defensive, at any time during battle he may call upon the intervention of God to defend him. These gifts are exhaustible however, and while they don’t take anything out of Michael to use them, he cannot call on many of them within one minute of each other, and he can not use more than one at a time. This takes form in several different ways.

Heavenly Gauntlets: These are a pair of gauntlet and bracer combos that cover Michael’s hands and forearms. They are nearly indestructible, and allow Michael to defend against blades and bullets during combat. They also attract magical and elemental attacks hurled at Michael and anyone in the immediate surrounding area, absorbing the effects without Michael needing to jump in the way. They’re made out of pure celestial energy, and weigh absolutely nothing, though if they strike an opponent, they feel as if they’re made of lead.

Holy Adrenaline: This sudden surge in Michael’s body grants him temporary uncanny physical abilities. His strength, senses, focus, speed, reflexes, and agility all increase twelve-fold.

Hand of God: Twice a day, God can use his hand to protect Michael during his most dire moments of need. In this case, God will in effect teleport Michael and another being of his choosing out of one area and anywhere within twenty feet of his original position

Character equipment: Michael is armed with several weapons. Much more than the normal soldier would carry into battle. However, he is to wage a war against the forces of evil on Earth alongside his sister, so he must be prepared to take on the masses.

2x Para Ordnances-
.45 ACP
14-round clip

Two Para Ordnances are holstered at his lower back, tilted with the barrels down facing each other for a swift draw. The holsters they are in are connected to a belt running through his cargo pants and also contain two extra clips each for the weapons.

2x .Desert Eagles-
.50 AE
7-round clip

Two Desert Eagles are holstered at his thighs. The holsters themselves wrap around each thigh and also attach to the belt around his waist, securing them tightly to his leg. These holsters also contain two extra clips each.

2x Beretta M92FS Elite II’s-
.40 SW
11-round clip

Two black .40 SW Beretta M92FS Elites are holstered at his shoulders. These are secured through a dual vertical holster shoulder harness. Each holster itself contains the gun and two extra clips.

1x 7� Tanto
5� hilt

In case of emergencies, Michael has strapped a single tanto combat knife to his right calf under his pants. The knife measures 12� total, with a 7 inch blade and a five inch hilt. It’s also perfectly balanced for throwing should the need arise.

2x LC Smith Shotguns
10 Gauge

Strapped to his back with the same harness as the shoulder holsters is a pair of custom holsters made to house his dual sawed-off shotguns. Two 10 gauge LC Smith sawed-off double barrel shotguns are housed across his shoulders. Extra rounds for these guns are contained within specially tailored elastic loops inside the pockets of his cargo pants.

1x BFG (custom machine gun)
500-round box
Alternating FMJ slugs and explosive rounds

Normally carried, but also attached to his shoulder by a strap, is what Michael has dubbed his Big Fuckin’ Gun, or BFG. The BFG looks like an M60 except it’s slightly larger to accommodate the larger caliber with a larger box containing the ammunition below the chamber. It operates as a machinegun chambered for a .50 round. The source of ammunition is a 500-round belt fed from a box attached under the gun’s loading chamber. It carries titanium full-metal jacket slugs every other shot and explosive rounds that detonate on impact between those. Each round leaves the barrel at over 3,500 feet per second. The rate of fire for the gun itself is over 1,000 rounds per minute, kept at that level during a burst of fire or while sustained. Weight and inertia compensators have been attached to the gun, allowing it to be easier controlled during combat, but even then only by someone of Michael’s strength.

4x Custom Frag Grenades

Attached to his belt are four frag grenades, equivalent to the power and lethality of a 40mm HEDP grenade. These however are encased in a super-thin coat of glass, soaked in a chemical similar to an industrial strength adhesive that allows them to bond VERY strongly to whatever they happen to come into contact with first after the glass casing around them shatters. After the glass case is broken, the detonator is triggered. With a shortened fuse, the hand-bomb explodes within .5 seconds.

Character History:

Michael was raised with his mother and twin sister in Ireland until he turned 15, when his family came to the United States in search of the twins’ father. He became accustomed to the American lifestyle then, while still maintaining a strong and proud hold to his Irish roots. Michael and his sister were very close, even as youth. When he and Katherine moved out of the home they didn’t have a lot of luck finding work, and so they lived together in a small, shabby apartment, going from job to job.

One early morning the twins were waking up to go to another day of work. As they were dressing the sound of automatic gun-fire ripped through the air. Hearing the sounds coming from an apartment a few floors below them, Michael and Katherine flew down the stairs, rushing to see what was going on. What they found was the door of one of their neighbor’s apartments kicked in and bullet holes surrounding the room. There was a lot of shouting and more gun-fire. When Michael went in to investigate he discovered a child on the floor, a 5-year-old boy, his eyes closed and blood soaking his pajamas. Enraged at seeing the body of an innocent slain, he strained to find where the shouts were coming from.

It was a mere second or two before he heard the noises again muffled through the wall of the bedroom of the apartment. Without thinking and still only in his sweat pants, he rammed his massive body through the wall of the bedroom in front of him, startling one of the gunmen who was hiding behind the bed that had been flipped over for cover. Michael reached forward and grabbed the man’s head in one hand and his body in the other, lifting him off the floor and snapping his neck. Catherine had come in through the door of the bedroom and caught the other gunman by surprise, wrapping an arm around his throat and tugging him to the ground. There she discovered a shard of glass from a broken window and picked it up, cutting her hands before she shoved it into the drug-pusher’s right side, into his liver. The body went limp and died of internal bleeding. The twins then fled the scene.

After the encounter, the twins stayed with a friend, hiding out from the gang that the two men they’d killed had belonged to. It was during their stay there that God christened them to be His Sword of Justice on Earth.

Since then Michael and his sister worked together to bring down drug lords, crime bosses, disrupt crime syndicates, and save countless lives. They discovered God had granted them even more amazing abilities than they’d originally thought, and had found several occasions that would have been their death had they not resorted to them.

One day though… The worst struck. Confronting a brutal serial killer, Katherine and Michael realized almost too late that they were dealing with something far worse than they could have possibly imagined. This killer possessed power far beyond that of any man alive. Despite their best efforts, they found themselves unable to topple the metahuman. Katherine, enraged, threw her best efforts at their foe in a reckless attempt to end the fight. Her assault put her into harm’s way, earning her a vicious blow dealt in response, but her own attack was too far along, the inevitable strike seriously damaged their enemy. Before he could regroup, Michael finished him in his weakened state before seeing to Katherine. He was barely able to bring her to the hospital in time.

Ever since then, Katherine has lain in a hospital bed, unable to wake from her comatose state. Michael, after sitting by her side for nearly three weeks straight, realized that while he mourned her injury, evil was growing stronger. He left her bed-side and re-armed himself with new technology provided by a genius inventor they had rescued a few months earlier. After that he set about the world, hunting down the evil super powers that plague the world, hoping to make a difference against that which he has little experience. One day, perhaps Katherine would awaken, and then she could join him in the fight.

God, gazing down on his favored servant, vowed to bestow new abilities on him to aid him during his plight, but thought to unveil those abilities as things unfolded.

Whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed. For in the image of god, may deem a man.

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