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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Michiko on Fri Apr 13, 2007 5:22 pm

Name: Michiko Solderini
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Age: 1000
Birthdate: Feb 20,
Height: 5’3
Beliefs/Religion: spiritual life
Hobbies: Riding horses,
Basic Description: Michiko is a thin and very tall. Her long black hair is sleek back. She often wear long dress liked gloves. She often seen wearing necklace. She is a shy vampire at times. Afraid that if she say what she thinks on a certain subject she might get in trouble. Her mind can speaked volume more than anyone else knows. She often speaks her mind too. Certain people her friends. But never to one she deems not to trust. Her skin is pale as snow that cover the grounds. She often wears makeup lipstick. But nothing else cover her face because she believed that men should liked her for her flaws that she isn't the same.

Family Background: She had mother couldn’t handle her when she reached her teen. She was curious about the opposite sex. Half sister got killed by some undead zombies. She travel the world.
History: She was human a long time ago. Enjoying her life liked always. Her half sister was Countess. She didn’t want to followed her sister footstep. But when she reached her teens her mother couldn’t handle her because she was curious of the opposite sex. She wanted to know to how they behaved around the same gender. She would go to Inn dress as a man. The men there were too drunk to tell the different if she was women. She would study them awhile. Before concluded that all men were the same but some. She enjoyed it awhile before some mysterious man in a cloak started to followed her around. He leaned over to her. “I know what you are?� She attempt to fool him as well. She laugh at him. He leaned over to her. “I can tell you more about the male sex if you come with me?� She thought okay she thought he was going be liked her mother hassle her about why she wore men clothes. And then as soon as she was outside she was bit and made into vampire. The man disappear after that leaving her with no clue as to what she was. She told her what happened in a letter. Her sister told her what she was and that she was one too a vampire. Her sister told her dream that she wouldn’t be there when she got there that she would be dead that she went with her lover to his grave as well. She told her that it was best to seek out this man name Travis and so she did. So she seek out this vampire elf and she learned a lot. And later on they got so closed that she called him her father.
Home: Paris
Possessions: Michikos Journal, Simple Cloak, Damsel's Dagger, Dream Catcher, Leather Whip, Wooden Harp, Barbed Mace

Hairstyle: Long black hair sleek back. Some time she wears in a pony tail.
Eye Color: Normal eye color is blue. Can turn black when anger.
Physical Condition: Vampire
Marks, Scars, Tattoo: None.
Clothing: She often wear leather outfit that are revealing to her body. As well as dress when she is in mood.

Likes: men, reading, music
Dislikes: People who are cruel to other people for that better part of the day.
Fears: She fears other people that might tried to hurt her and some of her other kind because she is different from them
Goal: Unknown.
Occupation: Peddler
Favorite Food: blood
Least Favorite: Garlic
Vernacular: Tend to be shy and reserved to herself. But when spoke too she answer there question
Most Prized Possession: Men clothes
Psychological Condition: None
Character Behavior: Sometimes depression because she lost her half sister
Aptitude: She can moved then any living thing. She has a keen sense of smell. She can fly and jump at great distances. She is mind reader.
Social/Pressure Problems: None,
Relationships: None
Travis (elf)

Positive Characteristics: sensitive, self -sacrificing, compassionate, imaginative, impressionable, passive, receptive
Negative Characteristics: slippery, confused, acquiescent, overemotional, escapist
Fighting Style: She fight dirty when fighting for her life.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KooriTheSneak on Fri Apr 13, 2007 8:13 pm

Would you like to do an RPG with me? I think we could make a very interesting one. My character is Alastor Williams. See the character profile, it you'd like.
Get back to me.

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