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Midnight Vs. Gundam Gears

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Midnight Vs. Gundam Gears

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gundam Gears on Sun Nov 12, 2006 2:02 pm

I'll do the intro first.

-=-Gears slowly walked out of a door, slamming it behind him as he walked towards a giant mech hanging on the wall. He raised his head slowly looking at it. He then raised his right hand towards the wall, flicking a switch. As the switch went up, lights turned on, and mist was being sucked out of the room through vents on the floor. Gears then began to walk towards another door, right beside the giant mech. He stepped, his steps clanking on the ground, each sound vibrating through the metal hanger. He reached the door on the north wall and raised his left hand towards the wall. As he did, a green light began to glow around his left hand. A door slid open quickly, as a long tunnel made of spiralling stairs was seen. Gears began to walk up the stairs. As he stepped on the first step, the door that had just opened, slid closed, locking behind Gears. Gears began to jog up the stairs, his steps vibrating here from steel wall, to steel wall. Gears got to the top, looking out at the ground from the room he was now in. He began to press a few keys and pull a few levers. As he did, red lights began to flash about, loud sirens being heard as a voice was heard from speakers in the roof of the hanger. The voices spoke, "SMS-EVA-066, readying for launch. The glass casing that covored it began to unfreeze as it opened. Gears watch the ice melt to the ground as steam poured out from the bottom of it , covering the flood and the feet of the gundam. Gears then walked into a door to the left of his and began to slip into his Bio-Chamber suit. Placing his left foot in, then his right, till his was fully dressed. He then stood there, in a black suit. He slowly walked out of the door, back into the room with the buttons and levers once again. He laughed a bit as he placed his helmet on his head. He began to latch the clips from the helmet to the suit, so it wouldn't come off. Each one clicking. He got the clips latched as he grabbed a tube from the front of his helmet, around his mouth piece as he took the other end of the tube and placed it over his heart. Gears then began to walk towards his gundam. He got next to the head, but turned left, looking at a long tube. It read, "Bio-Tech Eva-000" Gears ran over to it and jumped in it. As he did, a steel wall covored the space he jumped in through. The tube then began to fill with a blue liquid as a pressurizing sound was heard from the outside. The tube let off one loud sound and quickly shot into the back of the Gundam. Sliding into the neck and into the skull. Where the tube had just entered, Three plates of Vibranium covored the hole. Finally he was ready to launch. The Gundams eye's began to glow dark red, as did the outlining of the black vibranium armor, the gundam was made of. Gears began to move around, making sure everythign was fine. He clenched his fists and as he did, the gundam did. Gears began to get a serious look on his face as he said, "Ready to launch, all systems go." As he said that, a screened room, across from the gundam, was filled with people as they began to count, "Three, Two, One, Launch." As the people said Launch, a spring loaded platform, quickly shot off, launching the gundam into space. Smoke following Gears, he laughed a bit. He then began to cut through the atmosphere, his armor heating up, but not really affecting him. Gears finally reached space, breaking the atmosphere. As he hit space, he did a complete 360' turn. As he hit eighty degrees, a green beam shot from SMS-EVA-0666 right hand. Once he stopped he looked at his opponent as he held a long green, sword and his Acceleration gears ready to move his about as small flames emitted from them. Gears lifted his hand to the roof of the Bio-Tech chamber he was in, and as he did, a image of a Eva-000 was seen. It would glow green as it looked around for a bit and then dissapeared. This green orb began to just spiral in the center of SMS-EVA-0666's chest armor. He then quietly waited for his opponent.-=-
Though my right hand is made of metals, I am still a normal man.. For the normality is always there, you just don't know it..(I build Gundams)

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